Joe Rogan Experience #1255 - Alex Jones Returns!

  • Published on Feb 28, 2019
  • Alex Jones is a radio show host, filmmaker, and writer. Eddie Bravo is a jiujitsu black belt, music producer, and author.

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  • Mike Parrish
    Mike Parrish 3 hours ago

    Who the fuck remembers a dream from when they was 2 or 3 come on man

  • Abdulaziz Fareh
    Abdulaziz Fareh 3 hours ago


  • searcy mcfly
    searcy mcfly 3 hours ago

    wait not everything is a conspiracy??? I COMPLETELY DISAGREE!!! .... lol... but i bet if we knew the truth about the 33% of the stuff that really is a conspiracy?? There would be an immediate armed insurrection

  • Jacob Houser
    Jacob Houser 3 hours ago

    Rogan doesn't seem to know what schizophrenia actually is.

  • mr solo dolo
    mr solo dolo 3 hours ago

    When Alex Jones called out Bravo that he was going to fuck him up. Bravo changed up lmao 😂😂😂

  • NA7EFrame
    NA7EFrame 4 hours ago

    JR: "Let's wrap this motherf%*er up..."
    *Looking at video timeline: 1hr left* LOL!!!

  • Richard -
    Richard - 4 hours ago

    Yea, what Alex Jones didn't get is that black ops private military contractors working for people like George Soros influence these shooters to commit these shootings. The black ops groups found out they couldn't get away with actual murders or direct influence anymore so there only hope of accomplishing their mission was to try to push people over the edge who were already inclined to do something they want to happen which would bring about their end goals such as restricting firearms. Unfortunately, however sick that is, the black opps groups realized, this was the only way deep state break away government actors who fund and comission their entire business could accomplish their missions. May the patriotic members of our government catch every single one of these wack jobs

  • Eddie b
    Eddie b 4 hours ago +2

    Alex Jones is the greatest of all time

  • Myer Clarity
    Myer Clarity 4 hours ago

    hold up hold up hold up. did you guys just prove the fucking after life? is nobody going to.. what.. I.. I'm gonna go throw up now.

  • 16GBofDDR4RAM
    16GBofDDR4RAM 5 hours ago


  • Brody Howerton
    Brody Howerton 5 hours ago +2

    Time stamp to record the views.

    12,056,265 views @ 9:19PM CST, 03/23/2019

  • Pink Harmonica
    Pink Harmonica 5 hours ago

    Just cracked 12M

    CROMAAT 5 hours ago

    3:03:18 "Kwitz Kwot Le Potal" the flying whatle? That's a miss pronunciation to top them all! Quetzalcoatl would have taken pity at this point - it was either the whiskey, the 'tobacco', the dementia or that new set of teeth he's trying to break in.

  • Saldus
    Saldus 5 hours ago +1

    IM FUCKING DEAD, Cats that are knocking shit off the edge of the flat earth... Jones is a genius

    CROMAAT 5 hours ago

    Joe does passive aggressive real well - nice fella!

  • DJ RV3N
    DJ RV3N 6 hours ago +1

    total aggregate views, 250M+

  • Prolific Endangered
    Prolific Endangered 6 hours ago

    "You know what??I will tell you about Buzz Aldrin""
    Alex Jones

  • Nijluuseger
    Nijluuseger 6 hours ago

    I can only assume that to a.j. worshipers, entertainment is all and facts count for nothing. Delirious spreaders of murderous lies are not a whit better than identity politickers and jihadists. Ask yourself why Sam Harris hasn't had this crackpot messiah on yet.

    • Bernie SanderZ
      Bernie SanderZ 4 hours ago

      Nijluuseger Sam Harris is a fraud scumbag. Only betas watch that soy boy. Given everything, super Jew privilege. His mom was big in (((Hollywood))) .

    CROMAAT 6 hours ago

    *It is easier for a poor man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven than it is for Alex Jones to pass through the eye of a needle*
    2:02:39 Alex: "I'm not that rich but I do have the money" Jesus H. Christ as of 2019 Alex Jones has a net worth of $10 million *(TEN MILLION DOLLARS)* The greedy S.O.B. that he is - how much does he think the rest of you scrape by on? When he says he’s not rich he means in relation to Joe who is worth $25 million - that which is declared.

  • Matthew George
    Matthew George 6 hours ago +1

    I don't have solid proof for views being taken down but just a simple look at the activity on comments compared with the total view count just doesn't make any sense. Same with the like count!

  • Gorgeous_Scat392
    Gorgeous_Scat392 6 hours ago +3

    I "liked" this video multiple times and IEclip keeps unliking it for me...... We're under attack folks...

  • Daryl Shields
    Daryl Shields 6 hours ago

    Ive watched this whole thing, just out of sheer belief that someone can talk so much bullshit

  • kerrvax soracudi
    kerrvax soracudi 6 hours ago +1

    Long live Alex Jones

  • superturka
    superturka 6 hours ago +1

    2:04:55 , :D thank me later

  • AcidForBloodZioPatrol
    AcidForBloodZioPatrol 6 hours ago

    Alex,yes yes. George Soros here. Yes, this is why I like you as you mention here keep up the good work of not mentioning Israel and the Zionists and how they didn't do one thing bad ever. Keep up with the Germany and Hitler bad talk by citing proof from some old 60 minutes show and other old stuff like what your family and grandfather believed and not current content now available, yes yes. I will consider sending you larger checks to fund your operation as long as you keep things one sided like this. Now I must get back to drinking my fetal blood. We must make a new world together,you and I,and end these fools sufferings.

  • Luxx
    Luxx 7 hours ago +1

    historians will write about this 1000 years from now

    • Luxx
      Luxx 6 hours ago

      lul true

    • Humanoid Hybrid
      Humanoid Hybrid 6 hours ago

      The IRS will write about it even sooner,

  • jakemch
    jakemch 7 hours ago +2

    GAH. This video has been stuck at 11 million views for 18 years! what the hell youtube lizard people?! what's with this blatant censorship of free speech!!?? AHHH FREEDOM

  • KingRAB
    KingRAB 7 hours ago +1

    Oh man this channel will get taken down because of censortube.

  • Nick DeAngelis
    Nick DeAngelis 7 hours ago +1

    I'm not sure what happened with Alex but he's not being honest about sandyhook. That wasn't hate speech we have the right to expose things and question them for what they are. That story is almost bad as 9/11.

  • James Whitlock
    James Whitlock 7 hours ago

    I was able to do about 30 minutes, Alex Jones mind is on like some Nth dimension processing speed while the rest of us are running Pentium 2

    • Humanoid Hybrid
      Humanoid Hybrid 7 hours ago

      You mean an Intel 4004 don't forget most people who write even a one line sentence have to go back and edit it - too many bytes of information!

  • Messyhairgamer
    Messyhairgamer 7 hours ago +1

    This is my favorite crossover episode

  • sydneymaxitaxi
    sydneymaxitaxi 7 hours ago +1

    Jacking you with a people 1947 ... Gave them syphilis.
    US government gave a whole bunch of people STD third world countries...fact 14:30

    • Humanoid Hybrid
      Humanoid Hybrid 7 hours ago

      Do you know what the First Nations called America before the white man came?
      "Theirs" And you gave them small pox!

  • Phil Morris
    Phil Morris 8 hours ago

    If Joe is stoned and none of this is freaking him out, he's a real pro. I'm getting freaked out and I'm just listening to it.

    I think Alex's thoughts on God are dead on 3:20:52. I've thought that we're all expressions of God happening simultaneously for a long time. I haven't heard anyone else explain it exactly the way I think it until now.... I'm scared, does this mean I'm crazy?

  • Inn Coherence
    Inn Coherence 8 hours ago


  • Viking Born
    Viking Born 8 hours ago +1


  • Not Jo
    Not Jo 8 hours ago +6

    Wow it took a week for this to FINALLY get to 12M views from 11M. We see through your BS IEclip

  • Truck Access
    Truck Access 8 hours ago +2

    12,047,XXX VIEWS / 03/23/19

  • Aaron Steck
    Aaron Steck 8 hours ago

    Hes got some sort of mental illness

    • Aaron Steck
      Aaron Steck 7 hours ago

      Hes definitely grounded by joe though.

  • Estee Leurima
    Estee Leurima 8 hours ago +1

    Hahahhaha. I love them

  • Dave Nadeau
    Dave Nadeau 9 hours ago

    11 september is my favorite day ever

  • Dan Bjeffe
    Dan Bjeffe 9 hours ago +1

    Alex Jones doesnt understand this. He think that trump can rule the world economy . China is so far ahead from Alex Jones think tank. They will control the financial structure in 50 years. Alex rambling about humanoids, hybrids. This what happens when u put away education from the society. Just give it to the Kids with rich parents. U sit home broke without information. Listen to Alex Jones.

  • Veronica T
    Veronica T 9 hours ago

    3:01 it's bs. I've been there also, and first of all, it's not surrounded by woods, maybe some shrubbery here and there but not woods. Second, there's no petrified anything. You can't find any human remains except maybe wild animals or dog's but not in abundance like Jones talks about. The place has been looted so many times that the only thing left is rock and pyramids.

  • Vincenzi
    Vincenzi 9 hours ago +1

    This is wild. Not sure what to believe or take seriously. Food for thought i suppose.

    • Humanoid Hybrid
      Humanoid Hybrid 7 hours ago

      That puts you in the same position as Alex himself!

  • Scorpius Jones
    Scorpius Jones 9 hours ago +2

    Joe rogan helps normalize hate, bigotry and conspiracy theories.

    • Bernie SanderZ
      Bernie SanderZ 4 hours ago

      You’re a moron commie. No such thing as “hate speech” made up by Marxist lefty scum joooos. That push divide.

    • Jack Teasell
      Jack Teasell 8 hours ago

      timestamp one thing you see as bigoted or hateful, I understand the conspiracy part and can agree with you on that.

  • Sh*t Burning
    Sh*t Burning 9 hours ago +1

    When Alex talks about how we are a product of our ancestors, all the people that came before us, and we are connected to them- I know this to be the truth. It’s awesome to hear someone put it so beautifully. And how you can experience something in real life that you’ve seen before, fuckin amazing.

  • Door Bell
    Door Bell 9 hours ago +1

    knowing all this shit that Jones knows would drive most crazy

  • Jeffrey Jeffrey
    Jeffrey Jeffrey 9 hours ago

    GoPros film in a wide angle style, Eddie prolly doesn't care lol. But there is uncut footage of people doing HALO jumps. Trolls are insidious.

  • Dan Bjeffe
    Dan Bjeffe 9 hours ago +1

    I will try to have an open mind here. Try and listen to this guy for 4 hours. I think u never can shut down people u disagree with. I should even more listen to him to have arguments against him. But its hard listen to the conspiracy maniac. Just his voice. lol

  • snuffcarl
    snuffcarl 9 hours ago +1

    First time ever I wanted to play a vid at x 0.75 speed

  • juan then
    juan then 9 hours ago


  • dimitri c dth
    dimitri c dth 9 hours ago


  • Eric Highsmith
    Eric Highsmith 9 hours ago

    Native Americans are easier to mind control 😂

  • Kain Sanchez
    Kain Sanchez 9 hours ago +1

    This has been my gym playlist for the past week wtf

  • Dave Nadeau
    Dave Nadeau 10 hours ago

    Joe knows perfectly how to manipulate alex jones its incredible, on the other hands eddie makes everything to makes him go crazy hahahahaha perfect combo

  • enjoisk8ta4life
    enjoisk8ta4life 10 hours ago +1

    "An organ farm of scientist-gods and the high priests who have access to their inner medical sanctum, trafficking in genetically engineered, part-human pigs."

  • jason steers
    jason steers 10 hours ago +2

    would love see joe with TOMMY ROBINSON

  • Thomas Downie
    Thomas Downie 11 hours ago +1

    Edward VIII abdication the throne on 11 December 1936 and his brother George VI (the queen's father)

  • dawatchng
    dawatchng 11 hours ago +1

    I swear this had like 20 million views when I was last here.

  • Rhett Huson
    Rhett Huson 11 hours ago +1

    Simply epic...

  • remus
    remus 11 hours ago +1

    12,038,XXX MARCH 23, 2019

  • TinyMexican1011 Z
    TinyMexican1011 Z 11 hours ago

    It's at 12 mill now so people need to cakm

  • blastroise hunt
    blastroise hunt 12 hours ago +2

    This is too good trust me and I have a crippling depression

  • Nick Plays
    Nick Plays 12 hours ago +1

    1255 is the best number ever

    LIL ROKKOUT 12 hours ago +1

    alex jones doesnt smoke dmt dmt smokes him🤔

  • Jakob Johnson
    Jakob Johnson 12 hours ago

    @2:57:50--lets not be hasty, joe--im sure neuro& behavior sciences could draw some DMT conclusions

  • Paula Shin
    Paula Shin 12 hours ago

    AJ is the exame of someone who knows so much, it's got him almost crazy. Not that these theories are not true, they might be, but look at how he is living. He is about to have a heart attack.

  • Real Richmond
    Real Richmond 12 hours ago

    Everytime they went pee in pairs is to hit more coke.... look at Alex's jaw and watch Rogan being extra sensitive.

  • vermasean
    vermasean 13 hours ago +3

    Broke 12 Million!

    • vermasean
      vermasean 10 hours ago

      Humanoid Hybrid-Awwwww Snap! I just have one question; Do you know Dr. Krieger?👨‍🔬

    • vermasean
      vermasean 10 hours ago

      Default Name 😆

    • Humanoid Hybrid
      Humanoid Hybrid 11 hours ago +1

      When it gets to 25 million it's going to remind Joe how much he has in the bank!

    • Default Name
      Default Name 12 hours ago +2

      vermasean it broke 13 million two weeks ago lmao

  • Paula Shin
    Paula Shin 13 hours ago

    DOES ANYONE ELSE FINDS THIS HARD TO WATCH? Holy shit Joe had a hard time

    • Dave Nadeau
      Dave Nadeau 9 hours ago

      well joe to me is a god the way he controls alex jones always calming him giving him props so alex feels superior, what i hate is how alex try to say 100 things at the same times and its impossible to understand him.. also they goo snort cocaine look at their faces... at 3:53 when he comes back from toilet hes completely stoned

  • King Bryant
    King Bryant 13 hours ago +3

    Shoutout to when this video was at 15M views, fuck the IEclip censorship.

  • Mount0
    Mount0 13 hours ago

    We are trying to get Alex Jones back on social media that blocked him ILLEGALLY !

  • King Bryant
    King Bryant 13 hours ago +1

    We need another Alex Jones episode

    • Humanoid Hybrid
      Humanoid Hybrid 11 hours ago

      We need another Alex Jones to give the first one a rest.

  • Seth Jones
    Seth Jones 13 hours ago

    Joe Rogan is a beta male.

    • Default Name
      Default Name 12 hours ago

      Seth Jones it’s entirely possible

  • juan then
    juan then 13 hours ago


  • Kyle Weichselbaum
    Kyle Weichselbaum 14 hours ago +1

    wish eddy bravo wasnt there

  • Blueprint Walsh
    Blueprint Walsh 14 hours ago +3

    Need him back ASAP on your show.

  • CyberneTeks IT
    CyberneTeks IT 14 hours ago +2

    Hahaha I'm thirty-eight minutes in and I'm already prepared to say this is the greatest podcast I've ever seen. Jones is laying it all out there and a 'fuck yeahh' to Joe Rogan for giving him the platform to do it! This is it chief

  • James Andrew
    James Andrew 14 hours ago +2

    Actually thats a pretty valid point
    cuz Google Does fucking monitor our every single shit we did (did you know google got records of what u did with your phone -like using utorrent app, read your memo, incognito mode,,,anything>
    when and how many times? creepy stuff)
    and China,
    so called 'G2' STILL doesnt have a freedom of speech.
    and then same Alex few hours later,

  • Jack Peters
    Jack Peters 14 hours ago +2

    Conditioning = Broken

  • alex gomez
    alex gomez 15 hours ago

    The pituitary glands (anterior/posterior) does not store/make Adrinohrome

    • Humanoid Hybrid
      Humanoid Hybrid 15 hours ago

      That's a good point and Walmart doesn't store ayahuasca.

  • Borne to Cry Wolf
    Borne to Cry Wolf 15 hours ago +3

    He’s not the hero we want but he might just be the one we need.

    • Humanoid Hybrid
      Humanoid Hybrid 14 hours ago

      We might need him during the revolution if we run out of sand bags.

  • Bharatiya Renaissance
    Bharatiya Renaissance 15 hours ago

    Bring #rajiv malhotra on the experience!

  • Beverly Vacuum
    Beverly Vacuum 16 hours ago

    "The frogs are turning gay"

  • Brad James
    Brad James 16 hours ago

  • thats just like ur opinion man


    • thats just like ur opinion man
      thats just like ur opinion man 15 hours ago

      +Dave Nadeau how is this guy even listened to I think he has toxoplasmosis.

    • Dave Nadeau
      Dave Nadeau 16 hours ago +1

      ikr joe ask alex a question about a point alex just said, alex goes, well you know about some terms that nobody never heard before.. joe goes no I don't, then alex goes into another story from his childhood, man this guy is so filled with bullshit he doesnt even know how to explains how he feels

  • That Guy Shawn
    That Guy Shawn 16 hours ago +1

    IEclip employees are Elves from the 5th Dimension manipulating the IEclip View Numbers of this Podcast.

  • Gordan Lazinica
    Gordan Lazinica 16 hours ago

    3:24:48 - Gold!

  • Ed Maldonado
    Ed Maldonado 16 hours ago +1

    Eddie Bravo's stupidity hurts my brain.

  • Raul Garcia
    Raul Garcia 16 hours ago +4

    I actually think Alex Jones smoked a good ole fashion blunt and not 100% Tobacco that Joe claimed 😂

  • Christopher Cole Coffelt

    The rules have never changed. Don’t eat fruit of knowledge of good and evil. “Death and hell were given power to kill with sword, the beasts of the earth, and famine.” In the end they’re thrown into the lake of Fire with the beast, the dragon, and the false prophet. ...... just saying.

  • some guy on youtube
    some guy on youtube 17 hours ago +1

    Alex you want an 8ball for next show?

  • some guy on youtube
    some guy on youtube 17 hours ago +1

    Zionist shill podcast

  • Scott Howell
    Scott Howell 17 hours ago +2

    I could watch Alex mimicking congressman over and over 😂

  • Christopher Cole Coffelt

    God decides it. It’s not complicated unless we eat some bs and separate our selves from truth.

  • Jamie Ambrosius
    Jamie Ambrosius 17 hours ago +1

    Can see why they want to censor alex ..... he remembers everything

    • Humanoid Hybrid
      Humanoid Hybrid 15 hours ago

      He remembers everything but not necessarily in the right order.

  • Sazek Alomona
    Sazek Alomona 17 hours ago

    Can someone post time stamps ? Please

    • Humanoid Hybrid
      Humanoid Hybrid 15 hours ago +1

      The head of IEclip needs to post their resignation.

  • Christopher Cole Coffelt

    Man. These guys are third level entities. I am only one. They are a mixture of man and woman, the third being the mixture of the two. Though I hate and abhor placating. And God never came from anywhere... he is, was, and is to come. Always has been. So he does know where he came from essentially. (To hate is to make evident your opinion. Your opinion being the collection of your thoughts bound to your actions. Pity is a trap that strips you naked. There is no mystery.)

  • Teresa Karr
    Teresa Karr 17 hours ago

    Alex, alex alex. Well you saved your relationship,your family. Your beautiful wife has a likeness to you and your hard working values. I wish you both wellness.

  • SilentKillerDog1
    SilentKillerDog1 17 hours ago +1

    2 hours in it becomes amazing🤣

  • Ronald Heidelberger
    Ronald Heidelberger 17 hours ago +2

    Why is it that when Eddie bravo is on there is so much arguing

    • Humanoid Hybrid
      Humanoid Hybrid 15 hours ago

      Exactly, we don't need Eddie Bravo - Alex does a good job arguing with himself.