Men who accuse Michael Jackson of abuse speak out

  • Published on Feb 28, 2019
  • "CBS This Morning" co-host Gayle King joins CBSN to talk about her interview with the two men featured in the documentary "Leaving Neverland." Wade Robson and James Safechuck accuse Michael Jackson of abusing them when they were young boys, an allegation that Jackson always denied.
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  • Ardent Shrew
    Ardent Shrew Hour ago

    One of MJs other little boys was Sean Lennon. He never accused MJ but then watch this video by him and you'll be

  • Stefani House
    Stefani House 2 hours ago

    I don't believe you guys....what about your parents????? where have you been hiding so many years and why you've been silent ???

    • Ardent Shrew
      Ardent Shrew Hour ago

      Maybe watch the documentary where they explain?

  • Michelle Jimenez Alvarez

    I will never ever ever ever in a million years will meet my kids at no ones home , I feel is Michael did or not we never know the man is dead , and now they come out and say all this . It’s the parents fault

  • Maiyah Conley
    Maiyah Conley 2 hours ago

    This hurts me tbh cause i wish i knew the truth like a camera or something because i love micheal jackson 😩

  • Antonina Santa
    Antonina Santa 2 hours ago

    I just think if it was really about the truth and sharing their traumas money wouldn’t be so important. If they know people aren’t going to believe them and say it’s for the money they shouldn’t be suing for 100$ something dollars ???

  • llollipop0
    llollipop0 2 hours ago

    This is just Sad.

  • Kellie Costello
    Kellie Costello 3 hours ago

    Godbless you guys!

  • Savage KingX
    Savage KingX 3 hours ago

    Their acting is terrible

  • unique noris
    unique noris 4 hours ago

    This two men are just not truthful. The body language says it all. Liars.

  • John sloss
    John sloss 4 hours ago

    Two liars ask wade Robinson about this

  • Marga Rita
    Marga Rita 5 hours ago

    How much money they made by telling this “truth”? And telling the story part 1 with the smile and full of love towards Michael. I didn’t know that after sexual abuse you would behave and talk this way?!.. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️😂

  • Mica M.
    Mica M. 5 hours ago +1

    What parent in their right mind leaves their kids with a stranger?

  • Kitty Vaughn
    Kitty Vaughn 5 hours ago

    Truth or not, I just find this all too convenient that they make this now when MJ cannot defend himself. just sayin

  • Danielle Roces
    Danielle Roces 6 hours ago

    If that’s the case? Why did they choose to stay?
    It’s just all about money!! Duh!

  • A Wiser Beauty
    A Wiser Beauty 6 hours ago

    It’s obvious that most lack the education and understanding of tests that detect deception.
    FYI: Polygraphs (lie detector tests) are not ineffective or “easy” to manipulate. Is a scantron ineffective? Can you manipulate it? No. The issue is the examiner who administers the test or in the scantron’s case, the computer. The test is only as sufficient as the person who created the test, asked the questions, and assist with the results. This is not an easy task and most are not equipped to even give such a test.

  • Arthur Hakhverdian
    Arthur Hakhverdian 6 hours ago

    9:13 Did she just say _Grant Avizio_ ? Who's that, the successor of Jonathan Chalonder?

  • Mari J.
    Mari J. 6 hours ago +1

    I believe them!!! At that age you don’t know sh**. You have a close relationship with a child they will believe it. Let them take a lie detector they will pass

  • Arthur Hakhverdian
    Arthur Hakhverdian 6 hours ago


  • Tania Perez
    Tania Perez 8 hours ago

    Lie ditector

  • HardCOREmoDEx
    HardCOREmoDEx 8 hours ago

    My only question is why everyone is coming out with stuff like this at this point in time? The man is already dead, and they come out with this accusations just now instead of doing it back when he was alive, when something could have been done? I get some people don’t have the strength or its difficult for them to reveal something like this but the timing makes all of this sound fishy. I feel like they just want the five minutes of fame that only michael could give

  • Its Yaya not jaja
    Its Yaya not jaja 9 hours ago

    If they are lying, I hope they know what kind of accusations they are making. I hope they know of the pain they’re pretending to have that people who this really happened to actually go through. the guilt will either catch up to them or never leave them if they are lying.

  • Aida Aston
    Aida Aston 9 hours ago +1

    Im gonna think two ways:1) giving the fact at the trial none of the kids told the truth and no evidences were found - Michael is innocent 2) these men are telling the truth now , he may have done it.I think it is also creepy to buy a place and invite someone else's kids without the parents. I also think it is too late for justice. Since I don't know personally Michael Jackson I say 50/50 he may guilty or not. I think these men need to move on , there is no point of bringing justice. After all these time why didn't they say it when Michael was life ? Were they that scared ? It doesn't matter Michael has money but there is law that could protect them. I think they should give up; it is too late for justice.I don't like jumping in to conclusion of guilty or not. I like to think two sides of the story; that's what a Good thinker do.

  • MsBtngu
    MsBtngu 10 hours ago

    Wade Robson is a known bullshitter and opportunist.

  • rahio calero
    rahio calero 10 hours ago +2

    Wade Robson- James Safechuck God bless you

  • Steve Tingley
    Steve Tingley 10 hours ago

    These freaks need cash 💰

  • Teddie
    Teddie 10 hours ago

    There were children who testified against him, then ended up admitting that their parents put them up to it. I don't believe these stories against him, so many people are getting falsely slandered because of the metoo movement. Not saying whether they are telling the truth or not, but I personally believe MJ is innocent.

  • jennifer borrett
    jennifer borrett 11 hours ago +2

    When my child was three, his dad told me that one of his work friends had asked to take our little boy to a theme park for the day, and he had said yes.
    Unlike my partner, I knew the world is not a nice place and I put my foot down and said no. I had only met this man once, for a few minutes at a barbecue.
    Well, me and my partner had a huge argument but I was not going to yield. A man I didn't know was NOT going to take my little boy out anywhere. So my partner had the embarrassing task of telling his friend that he couldn't take our little son out.
    And it caused some bad air between my partner and me, that I had embarrassed him.
    But a few months later the man was arrested for molesting a little boy. He had been looking for a small boy to abuse. He was a paedophile.
    My partner was immediately hugely thankful that I had been so stubborn and had kept our little boy safe.
    My son is an adult now and each time I look at him I am thankful that he wasn't abused. The trauma of sexual abuse is lifelong. Instead my son lives free and happy because he was safe as a child.
    I think the issue is naivety. My partner was not aware of how cruel and dangerous people can be to a child, he had not experienced such things, so he couldn't imagine such a threat. And he probably had an image of abusers as cartoon villains, not as the 'nice guy' he worked with. I knew better.
    I expect it was the same with Wade and Jimmy's parents. They had no imagining that paedophilia is real and can be close to home, or that a pleasant, polite, kind and gentle person could be a paedophile. It just didn't even cross their minds.
    I really wish with all my heart that the boys who were abused by Jackson could have been spared that and kept safe. They had their childhoods stolen and you can see in their eyes and hear in their voices how deep the wounds are.
    Readers, keep your kids safe. If any adult asks to spend alone time with your child, say no. Just in case.
    Adults should not be asking if they can hang out with your child. If they do happen to be a paedophile and you said yes, your child could be damaged and traumatised for life.

  • Sasique Musik
    Sasique Musik 11 hours ago +1

    Stop interview these attention seeking guys

  • Sasique Musik
    Sasique Musik 11 hours ago

    They are liars they need money if they say Michael was shy and afraid of woman and sex why would he abuse boys ..they trying to get rich off Michael I hope they don't appeal their case ,wicked people and their parents need money

  • PoetryYogaRadicalEcoFeminist

    100% true. No doubt. Ty Wade & James 🙏

  • Martha Licea
    Martha Licea 12 hours ago

    Michael Jackson was very socially awkward due to the fact that he was always performing as a child and never lived his childhood. But who knows either these guys just want his money now that they know he cant defend himself. Or he was a pervert.

  • Kalifa Makoma
    Kalifa Makoma 12 hours ago

    Crazy how many people have taken 2 lairs side, instead of the innocent man who died 10 years ago.

  • Rapciur Raptscha
    Rapciur Raptscha 12 hours ago

    You should sue your parents boys, apparently they were the ones that left you alone for so much time, that practically any scenario could be possible, even that you were secretly dressed up like superheroes and fly metropolis or gotham at night

  • Demgoons69
    Demgoons69 12 hours ago

    Heartbreaking but why are they called “survivors” they were never faced with death

  • Stop being evil
    Stop being evil 13 hours ago an good actor with FACTS

  • Kimberly Hamilton
    Kimberly Hamilton 13 hours ago +1

    All I see is two white men, who have a failed acting career, who are broke and want to tear down a black mans career, degrading him even after his death.
    Micheal was a gentle man, a kind-hearted soul and I don't believe either of them. The story doesn't add up.
    Nothing but liars.

  • Stop being evil
    Stop being evil 14 hours ago

    FINDY GETTING FAMOUS! and maybe money???? hopefully a bullet

  • L. H.
    L. H. 14 hours ago

    I don't know but I don't trust this guy's... It's all about the money... Plss let the dead in their world stop making shows...with his death..couse u didn't have ballssss when he was alive...

  • Elite Slayer
    Elite Slayer 15 hours ago

    The man is dead.
    Forget the past

  • ChristineFromDenmark
    ChristineFromDenmark 15 hours ago +2

    Abused children are very often feeling very ashamed of what happend to them eventhough it’s the abuser who did something wrong. It’s makes me sad to read so many comments about People questioning why they speak up now and lied before. They were too ashamed and manipulated to tell what really happend at the time - how is that so hard to understand?

  • Света Вас
    Света Вас 15 hours ago +1

    Я им верю!!!!

  • Maika Morrow
    Maika Morrow 16 hours ago

    Kinda sad how far people will go for money...

  • Samaneh B
    Samaneh B 16 hours ago

    Putting myself in their shoes and buying their story, I would all blame my parents!

  • Lyric mosley
    Lyric mosley 16 hours ago +2

    I don't think Michael ever touched either of these boys, because if it did they should have come forward when Michael was alive they had the chance to say something on the stand and yet they both said he never touched them. It's all about the money. I was sexually abused when I was little too and in some way ur little heart knows it's wrong so u do tell someone, and they never did until they were grown. It just doesn't sound right to me ..

  • Liz R
    Liz R 16 hours ago +1

    They are laying because when they are talking are looking to the right👀side no left. Right is lie and left is when they are talking and remembering something. Both are doing the same!

  • Ebony Faith
    Ebony Faith 16 hours ago

    MJ is *innocent* !

  • Diy.Manar
    Diy.Manar 16 hours ago +3

    It doesn’t matter if you believe them or not, A GROWN MAN sleeping in the same bed with A CHILD is wrong!! That right there is a red flag !

  • Ranger Don
    Ranger Don 17 hours ago

    Michael Jackson May have been abused by Hollywood break the chain.

  • Ranger Don
    Ranger Don 17 hours ago

    Michael Jackson was an outstanding performer. RIP

  • Bernadette Kilcommons
    Bernadette Kilcommons 17 hours ago

    I dont believe it at all. No offense, but he was good friends with Macaulay Culkin at the height of his Home Alone career. Theres only a handful of boys trying to exploit Michael, and this is their biggest source of income. A reason why they were willing to accept money during the trial, and they are accepting money now. Not like the R Kelly situation, were at least 50+ women can verify the same story, and he was literally parked out of highschools loading girls into his car.. teachers verified as well.

  • mercedes corral
    mercedes corral 19 hours ago +1

    Well they need to sue their parents to for letting them stay with a grown man tf

  • Ladymaryann Sou
    Ladymaryann Sou 19 hours ago

    They lie they waited till Michael die then come out wtf want his money Jackson has more money then them

  • nate jackson
    nate jackson 19 hours ago +2

    Can we please let this man rest...damn let him Rest In Peace.

  • michelle motsinger
    michelle motsinger 20 hours ago

    The FBI investigation went on for years they never found anything to link him to molestation

  • michelle motsinger
    michelle motsinger 20 hours ago

    They're both liere

  • michelle motsinger
    michelle motsinger 20 hours ago

    Your own family said he was innocent

  • michelle motsinger
    michelle motsinger 20 hours ago

    Stupid liers Michael was a epifany of a child himself

  • Omg stuff
    Omg stuff 20 hours ago

    First of all this guy's are famous now thanks to Michael, they now have a documentary movie ,
    Even if he is guilty he is already dead so what's the point if not to destroy his name.

    • Alphonse Moonflee
      Alphonse Moonflee 19 hours ago

      Yeah sure who wouldn't want to be famous for Michael Jackson abusing them. Even if he is dead they want to tell their truth to be free

  • Mommy’s World Vlogs
    Mommy’s World Vlogs 20 hours ago

    To begin with I would never leave my kids at a strangers house EVER!!!. My kids know better not to even ask me if they can stay over a friends house. Idc call me old school better be safe than sorry.

  • Mahamud Mayow
    Mahamud Mayow 20 hours ago

    I don’t believe a seven years old boy knows what jail is!

  • Ella Susa
    Ella Susa 21 hour ago

    This is sad that Michael Jackson can't even defend himself why didn't they come out with their accusations when Michael was still here why come out now saying stuff that doesn't even make sense i believe Michael is innocent well shame on them

  • shel done
    shel done Day ago

  • Nate James
    Nate James Day ago

    L I A R

  • Truth sayer
    Truth sayer Day ago +1


  • Sofa King U
    Sofa King U Day ago +2

    I think MJ was abused when he was a kid , getting into the music scene. When he was older he was confused as to why he was pushed aside , predators didn't want older MJ , he bonded with kids . He repeated the behavior that he was subjected to

  • Jamal Youssef
    Jamal Youssef Day ago +1

    No one or nothing is going to ruin Michael Jackson for me.

  • A Amier
    A Amier Day ago +1

    Its all about the$

  • Jewels Marie
    Jewels Marie Day ago +1

    No way are these two telling the truth 😂

  • um jude S
    um jude S Day ago

    I dont believe them

  • Johnnybomb1
    Johnnybomb1 Day ago +1

    It's plainly obvious that Michael Jackson was a Homosexual pedophile.

  • Maria O
    Maria O Day ago

    This "sad puppy" eyes... I don't believe them. Well.. they don't have any proof of anything.. just words.

  • Dorothy Kizziar
    Dorothy Kizziar Day ago

    He was total stranger regardless of celebrity status don’t leave kids alone with someone you hardly know this is beyond insane .and you don’t let children and adults that aren’t there family members sleep in the same bed you have no idea what there intentions are.

  • Frances Busby
    Frances Busby Day ago

    Dont buy it

  • Shaquana Jefferson

    punk broke mother fuckers lie is what the title was supposed to say

  • liz quin
    liz quin Day ago

    How about blame the perpetrator for even acting it. They all trusted him which is why they allowed them to spend time with him.

  • Jongen
    Jongen Day ago

    If you want to earn a lot of money behind the back of someone who is dead then make a docu about him with speculations. Welcome in 2019 the year people are too lazy to actually work.

  • A Peculiar Limelight

    Idgaf if this is true or fake you NEVER leave your kid alone at a strangers house. I don't care how famous they are.

  • MMAFighter38
    MMAFighter38 Day ago

    I’m not saying he molested them or didnt. No grown man(famous or not) has any business allowing small boys to sleep over. All that did was open the floodgates to allegations and speculation. Why would parents even allow this??

  • That cat productions

    Parents: okay rember to say whatbi said and we will get money

  • Lodewijk Langeweg
    Lodewijk Langeweg Day ago +2

    I think Michael Jackson was a eunuch. Because he had chosen a surrogate mother to have children for him (there are interviews she gave available for viewing in which she says he was making sure the sperm donor [not Michael] had certain character qualities) and the fact that he still spoke and sang with a very young sounding voice, even when he was already middle aged, make me believe he was an eunuch. To keep his voice from changing at puberty. He seems to never have had the voice break.

    It might be this was his greatest secret. Maybe that's why he repeatedly asked his maid Adrian McManus "What do you know?" as she recounts it on 60 Minutes. He might have worried she had discovered him being an eunuch, and that she could leak it to the outside world. He did not mention to her what he was referring to.

    Whether he himself decided to become an eunuch independently of his father, or under pressure from the latter (whom he in an interview called "very cruel", someone who had belted him when he was still a kid) I don't know. But he did not have children with his wife Lisa Marie Presley, and during an interview she gave when asked if she and Michael ever had sex she somewhat hesitantly said "Yes." But she sounded far from convincing, They were divorced then, but he was still alive. Could be she wanted to protect his secret for him.

    There is also a short video he had made of both of them shortly after they got married. It looks somewhat romantic sharing a huge luxurious bath, both half undressed, but he sure looks very shy and even distant from her. Not at all like a man who is married to a woman.

    Lastly, the during his last trial his lawyer had a private meeting with the judge, after which the latter spoke Michael free. (I don't remember the details, if Michael was together with his lawyer or not when the latter had a meeting with the judge behind closed doors. I was not a MJ fan and didn't follow the saga much.) But it seemed to me that the judge might have seen a medical record proving Michael was a eunuch. And eunuchs have no sex drive, no libido, reason they were (and might still be) employed to guard harems.

    On IEclip see "Real reason why Brooke Shields didn't marry Michael Jackson"
    It claims he confessed to her he had "fertility problems." I guess if that is true, she wanted children by him. And in his love for her he did not want her to suffer desiring to have her own children but not having them. He knew how that felt...

    • Alphonse Moonflee
      Alphonse Moonflee 19 hours ago

      His penis was described by one of children he abused including spots of pigmentation underneath it (as in could only be seen if erect) and the authorities took photographs of his penis. Eunuchs are castrated.

  • becky san
    becky san Day ago

    you would have screamed in pain if you were sodomized at 7 years old

  • karakenio
    karakenio Day ago


  • moumita moumita
    moumita moumita Day ago +1

    Why can't they take a lie detector test whereas many Hollywood actors can for IEclip videos??

    • payz hayz
      payz hayz Day ago +1

      moumita moumita lie detectors can be easily faked, the inventor agreed they should never be used in courts

  • Heaven IsHere7
    Heaven IsHere7 Day ago

    Money grab...

  • Shari’s Game
    Shari’s Game Day ago

    He’s innocent. He was a kind soul did so such for others. Honestly if y’all seen how he grew up and talked about it he was forced to go to school and sing he didn’t have what we do fun or toys. So he build never land partly for himself & partly for kids to enjoy. You say his a rapist and I say his not, just a man whole had a big heart and maybe his weakness was being a people pleaser. But he did a ton of good. No one can say he didn’t. I don’t believe this allegations, to be honest to there lies. Period. Keep y’all negative comments on your opinion to yourself.

  • Ellie Si
    Ellie Si Day ago

    I feel the truth in this documentary. Mj is a creative genius yes, but is not perfect. He too was molested but chose to inflict other kids the same pain rather than fight it and protect kids from it. That is something that should not be tolerated and should be corrected. I dont think these people wants to ruin mj’s legacy or memory but rather are just fighting for their peace and freedom. They loved him and believed in him. And we owe it to these destroyed lives to hear them and pray for them. The truth will set you free. Too bad mj chose to stay in chains until his death. We can learn a lot from this. Prayers of peace, healing and freedom for all the abused children.

  • MaryAnn Shaughnessy

    U kno this is sickening.. u had your chance, you LIED on the stand, and now that Michael is dead u feel comfortable enough to come out???? Get outta here

  • Claude Makelele
    Claude Makelele Day ago +1

    lol...FBI investigated MJ for almost a decade and found no wrong doing. Plus why wait and come out when he is no more with us? Coz now he can't defend himself and it is only their own side of the story. Lies lies lies for money.

  • Shamrock De
    Shamrock De Day ago +6

    Do lie detector prove it, they are liars....

  • Battle Royale Pro
    Battle Royale Pro Day ago +3

    Tbh there’s so many sides that I’m not sure which is true... I have my doubts but whatever

  • Traci H
    Traci H Day ago


  • J S
    J S Day ago +1

    When a dead man can't defend himself.

  • Gemma Wenceslao
    Gemma Wenceslao Day ago

    Shut up both of u.

  • Gemma Wenceslao
    Gemma Wenceslao Day ago

    They are all liar.

  • Gemma Wenceslao
    Gemma Wenceslao Day ago +1

    He is a liar...making up story to destroy Michael Jackson and he's also after the money but the question is who's behind them????

  • Victoria Zimmerman

    Wheres the proof??? Was there a rape kit done on them when it supposedly happened???

    • VegetaLover 100
      VegetaLover 100 Day ago

      Victoria Zimmerman no they were in love with Micheal it wasn’t violent rape like throwing you against the wall it was gentle comforting Micheal knew how to get em

  • Annie Siphan
    Annie Siphan Day ago

    Michael was definitely a pedophile

  • AstroLOW
    AstroLOW Day ago

    MJ is innocent!

  • A A
    A A Day ago

    Lied for money for promotion document i believe they just wanna be famouse it doenst matter what way just to sell and get some money now they speak out joke for me