Wish.com Vs. Retail Cost (GAME)

  • Published on Mar 14, 2019
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    Wish.com deals, a wishing well, troll, and pond scum… Just another day in the office! GMM #1503
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Comments • 6 692

  • Local Dreamer
    Local Dreamer 17 hours ago

    Yes give link a sword, thanks rhett

  • WBHippo
    WBHippo 18 hours ago

    Only thing is, you gotta wait 3 months for your product to come in.

    • WBHippo
      WBHippo 18 hours ago

      Plus, wish increased the retail price on their site so they're discount % is higher

  • David Plank
    David Plank 18 hours ago

    You can buy meth pipes on Wish.com.

  • aapelinaattori gaming
    aapelinaattori gaming 18 hours ago

    Was :it real when rhett raged about the chair i stulla dont know ???

  • Ham Man
    Ham Man 18 hours ago

    Don’t do videos with wish they rip people off and sell fakes

  • unknownn
    unknownn 19 hours ago

    If you look up items sold on wish on other sites as: ebay,aliexpress,etc,... You will find out that 80% of items on wish are overpriced.

  • Zero nas
    Zero nas 19 hours ago

    i thought it gonna be a funny video, until i see the sponsorship o.O Are you serious ?

  • Howell Dinner Time
    Howell Dinner Time 19 hours ago

    Wish is bull I ordered 4 things 2 months ago and non of them have arrived they where soposed to arrive in 3 days

  • Yannic Krug
    Yannic Krug 19 hours ago

    QTF why are you partnering with wish?! are you that desperat?

  • TheMightyMika
    TheMightyMika 19 hours ago

    8:49 ummmmmm... Link?

  • Fares Dayem
    Fares Dayem 19 hours ago

    First time I disliked a GMM video

  • Luis Javier Tudela Ghersi
    Luis Javier Tudela Ghersi 20 hours ago +1

    Lmao wish just sells counterfeit shit that costs no more than 10$ lmao

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan 20 hours ago

    I feel this sponsorship had a bad influence on the video. It made you biased to the Wish items. A lot of items of wish are straight-up scams

  • TagAll
    TagAll 20 hours ago

    At least they didn't support Souljaconsole

  • NinjaGamerUSA
    NinjaGamerUSA 21 hour ago

    I would not trust a gas mask from wish. Just saying.

    Also, $18 for a sword? Must be a pretty garbage sword. If you want a well made sword then you're looking at upwards of $200, minimum.

  • Sylvain Francoeur
    Sylvain Francoeur 21 hour ago

    Il seems that everyone have a price.

  • Moartle
    Moartle 21 hour ago

    haha this is the most disliked GMM vid

  • Dr.Gopnik
    Dr.Gopnik 22 hours ago


  • Munđo
    Munđo 22 hours ago

    Gas mask 999 no way hahah i can buy a military one for 40 hahah

  • ItzCharl
    ItzCharl 22 hours ago

    8:51 cmon guys, kids watch this....🤣🤣

  • Julieta Guri
    Julieta Guri 23 hours ago

    Wish's low prices comes from slavery work....

  • Joao Rodrigues
    Joao Rodrigues 23 hours ago

    Everytime a blade shows up on set I stop watching becasue I don't want to see Link loose a finger. Can anyone fill me up on what happened after that?? :D

  • Henry Garcia
    Henry Garcia 23 hours ago

    That moment when ripped shorts costs more than a ninja sword

  • Lizzieliz Cosplay

    Y'all do understand that they're only this positive because Wish is sponsoring?..

  • garg0v
    garg0v Day ago

    Never saw a more disliked video on GMM

  • Ramona
    Ramona Day ago

    Brett looked the the Brawny paper towel guy with those teeth lol

  • MicahFoReel
    MicahFoReel Day ago

    This is false advertising... How did everybody agree on this sponsorship... They must've given sooooo much money

  • MicahFoReel
    MicahFoReel Day ago

    Wish probably gave them higher quality stuff just for this vid

  • nuno damas
    nuno damas Day ago


  • Danielle Mahdal
    Danielle Mahdal Day ago +1

    I usually love your videos but a wish sponsorship just seems phony. I'm all for getting that coin but maybe not from shady companies?

  • DirtFish 23
    DirtFish 23 Day ago

    that was a long commercial

  • Semi Sinister
    Semi Sinister Day ago

    The tanto blade machete i actually have. It's sharp and it's really good quality considering i only paid 15 bucks for it.

  • Caleb Clifton
    Caleb Clifton Day ago +1

    the ratio of likes to dislikes... wow
    29K Likes - 18.5K Dislikes

  • Roshane Frazier
    Roshane Frazier Day ago

    Holy, why does this have so many dislikes

  • EloSiphon
    EloSiphon Day ago

    8:50 you're welcome

  • LukeSider
    LukeSider Day ago +2

    Oh, btw the retail price is so high because its high quality and wont break the moment you use the item aka the polar opposite to wish, just a btw

  • Sterling Griffin

    last time I used wish I didn't get my item

  • Argonile
    Argonile Day ago

    I’m very 50/50 with Wish on how a lot of stuff can be really sketchy quality or not even show up at times to be honest. Great idea anyways man

  • LukeSider
    LukeSider Day ago

    They scoped out the good stuff tbh

  • Ericbuyslunch
    Ericbuyslunch Day ago

    This is just an advertisement guys. not cool.

  • RosieWeasley
    RosieWeasley Day ago

    I ended up letting the whole video play while I read the comments

  • Cringe Nation
    Cringe Nation Day ago

    8:50 guess these guys are taking friends to a different level

  • KenzieBenzieee
    KenzieBenzieee Day ago

    It’s gotta be slim pickins sponsorship wise for them to take a Wish sponsor...

  • ツPlumy
    ツPlumy Day ago

    Dollar store still costs less

  • Mario Garcia
    Mario Garcia Day ago

    This episode was awkward

  • HungryGamer78
    HungryGamer78 Day ago

    11:35 got me dying

  • Lisa King
    Lisa King Day ago

    Wish???? Really guys?

  • Milner Technologies

    So glad everyone agrees with how crappy wish is.

  • NicKVenTs
    NicKVenTs Day ago

    Don’t buy wish products

  • Ella Camville
    Ella Camville Day ago

    This is just embarrassing.

  • fuckjesusidontwantto

    DEATHWISH Buying a gas mask from WISH!

  • Chuchinskie Babinskie

    I can’t believe how quickly 2019 is already going...

  • Aiden Kovacs
    Aiden Kovacs Day ago

    I'm in Cabo right now

  • my67falcon
    my67falcon Day ago

    So, just an add.

  • ragnarocking
    ragnarocking Day ago

    08:50 - 08:53 : please make a gif of that.

  • I am BORED
    I am BORED Day ago

    When Rhett says ish but you realize that’s illegal 😳

  • The Bauer Brothers


  • Saby Morales
    Saby Morales Day ago

    8:50 watch with no context

  • Brooke Marie
    Brooke Marie Day ago +1

    Think of how little the factory workers making your wish items are making if you are only paying them $1, and the company is still making a profit. It's not discounted items, it's low-quality, labor-shop counterfeits.

  • TroubledMonkey -
    TroubledMonkey - Day ago +1

    8:50 your welcome

  • chickolat
    chickolat Day ago

    Wow I am shocked you guys would accept sponsorship from such a shitty scammer site...this is sad

  • VeryUnemployed
    VeryUnemployed Day ago +3

    Don't actually use wish. This is a bad sponsorship deal bois. Should pull the video down and return that money. Integrity is important yo

  • jeffreym131313
    jeffreym131313 Day ago

    Incrediby disappointing sponsorship

  • Chuck Sawdy
    Chuck Sawdy Day ago

    I miss the old GMM :(

  • Sebastian Morales
    Sebastian Morales Day ago +3

    They 👏are 👏over👏reacting 👏for 👏the spon👏sor

  • Matthew Schultz
    Matthew Schultz Day ago +4

    Hope you got paid well because this one cost you a lot, guys. Disappointed.

  • Danny F
    Danny F Day ago +2

    so disappointed in this video and sponsorship.

  • Lang Mariner
    Lang Mariner Day ago +2

    sell out the game

  • Asher DeMell
    Asher DeMell Day ago +5

    Just looked up the exact same facail steamer on amazon $50 and it has a discount coupon for %10.

  • Deadpool 772
    Deadpool 772 Day ago

    10 hours later 12:20

  • Jackson Holderman

    sword on knife box was $80

  • Narcoleptic Axolotl

    I am 3% surprised that both of their first thoughts was to have Rhett wear the shorts.

  • Brick Thunder
    Brick Thunder Day ago

    Is that intro music made by a otomatone!?😂🤣

  • i7887
    i7887 Day ago

    That beth girl graduated with a BA in writing? Thats seriously a real degree?

  • Sebastian Eiselt

    the "real price" WTF.

  • Jayjoj peepee
    Jayjoj peepee Day ago

    I can buy the mask for 80

  • Peter parkers ass

    Bless them they accepted a wish sponsorship even though wish sells knock off gmm merch

  • Leon Reiswaffel
    Leon Reiswaffel Day ago

    i've been searching so much but i did not find Link in the description😮
    I hope he is well😌

  • Jonathan Oster Dano

    This is so sad to watch... Not wish products in the slightest, just for the ad :)

  • Medo Mathkour
    Medo Mathkour Day ago

    When they were dissing wish in another video now they are obviously faking the retail prices

  • DaFlaminUnicorn
    DaFlaminUnicorn Day ago

    That troll reminds me of Cotton Candy Randy. I miss that guy.

  • Tanner Nielsen
    Tanner Nielsen Day ago

    It’s gotta be illegal somehow

  • Justin Correa
    Justin Correa Day ago

    who saw when rhett rage over the chair

  • Adam B
    Adam B Day ago

    22 dollaz for the weeb set? Must be made out of the cheapest materials lol.

  • Adam Frazier
    Adam Frazier Day ago +1

    Really? You had WISH sponsor this video???

  • Josh Troutman
    Josh Troutman Day ago

    *can I do it?* _i don’t know_ *-huh-*

  • Anais Mitropoulos
    Anais Mitropoulos Day ago +1

    Rhett getting a bumming at 8:50

  • Jonathan Creamer

    uuuh i dont see *link* in the description xD

  • Aj Brandt
    Aj Brandt Day ago

    The suggested retail price from wish is probably 1000% of the actual retail price.

  • Crazydog 618000
    Crazydog 618000 Day ago +1

    I’m so disappointed this is the first episode I’ve ever had to dislike. ☹️

  • Bear Asmr
    Bear Asmr Day ago +2

    I luv wish because it takes the price and that's how many years it takes to deliver

  • Sibran Meeuw
    Sibran Meeuw Day ago +2

    The troll guy is so anoying

  • TheDoubleg94
    TheDoubleg94 Day ago +2

    Where's the skip ad button? This isn't even an episode

  • DubGod GT
    DubGod GT Day ago

    theyre getting the retail price based off of what wish says the retail price is not what it actually is

  • Aj Brandt
    Aj Brandt Day ago

    Random dig at Santa Fe

  • Enmøbiøus Fantabbles

    1:40 take turns tossing a token towards the target

  • DamienDarksideBlog

    This is probably the most disliked video I have seen on GMM.

  • whutzat
    whutzat Day ago +2

    Balthazar is the GOAT

  • Abrohamo 5280
    Abrohamo 5280 Day ago

    8:50 tho hyahahaahha