Donald Trump Blasts Late Night Shows

  • Published on Mar 14, 2019
  • Donald Trump was up early on Twitter weighing in on late night comedy shows. He mentioned how boring and one-sided they are and he called them 'unwatchable.' Jimmy doesn't want to talk about Donald Trump every night, but Trump gives him no choice. If he sat in the White House all day quietly working on things, Jimmy would almost never mention him because it's not interesting. Unfortunately, that isn't the case.
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    Now in its seventeenth season, Kimmel's guests have included: Johnny Depp, Meryl Streep, Tom Cruise, Halle Berry, Harrison Ford, Jennifer Aniston, Will Ferrell, Katy Perry, Tom Hanks, Scarlett Johansson, Channing Tatum, George Clooney, Larry David, Charlize Theron, Mark Wahlberg, Kobe Bryant, Steve Carell, Hugh Jackman, Kristen Wiig, Jeff Bridges, Jennifer Garner, Ryan Gosling, Bryan Cranston, Jamie Foxx, Amy Poehler, Ben Affleck, Robert Downey Jr., Jake Gyllenhaal, Oprah, and unfortunately Matt Damon.
    Donald Trump Blasts Late Night Shows
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Comments • 2 448

  • CNN News ToDay
    CNN News ToDay Day ago

    "You stop being terrible and we will stop talking about it."

  • Kit Richardson
    Kit Richardson Day ago

    Trump is absolutely correct - there’s nothing funny on the show. It does look absolutely like he gets together with people from the Democratic national committee and they talk about what angle they can use to try to humiliate a man whose popularity keeps rising.
    It’s nice to know that with all of the hate spew from Oliver and Kimmel and the Ilk- that the majority of Americans can see right through it and ignore it

  • Alpha Wolf
    Alpha Wolf Day ago

    Jimmy is the smoothest host on the airways!!! He looks like that comforting feeling of 2 shots of José Cuervo at the beginning of a spectacular social event!!!

  • Arthur Radtke
    Arthur Radtke Day ago +3

    Jimmy Kimmel I tune in every night for the first 15 minutes of his show. His monologues about the latest trump odd ball actions are outstanding. All the late night shows are great at exposing this goofus we have for potus....

  • Mark Colley
    Mark Colley Day ago

    Still a DOTARD

  • Jon Krueger
    Jon Krueger Day ago +2

    1:41 "I don't want to talk about Donald Trump every night." I call BS. There are an infinite amount of other joke worthy topics. South Park's last season is great, and it has hardly any president references. Last Week Tonight is great, and most of John Oliver's main segments are _not_ about the president. If you don't want to joke about the president, then pick any other topic.

  • Huawei Apple
    Huawei Apple Day ago +3

    Can Twitter just for one full day be down to irritate Trump

  • wes s
    wes s Day ago

    People are fools! Why is no one demanding to see the college application and transcripts of this moron in the WH? It is so obvious when he berates Obama's education and now McCain's that it is HIS education that is bogus and lacking any substance.

  • Oscar Lavista
    Oscar Lavista Day ago +1

    Trump is the most ridiculed man in history because he is an absolute idiot.

  • Annamarie Sieberns

    I took a nap and didn’t even notice that they were down! I’m proud of myself!

  • Wayne Davies
    Wayne Davies Day ago

    Donald Trump... Quit being an arse hole, and people will stop making fun of your stupid actions. I'm all for these comedy shows. They speak more truth than the president himself.

  • mohawk 47
    mohawk 47 Day ago

    No brain matter was harmed in the comments below. None was even used

  • SavvyDrifter
    SavvyDrifter Day ago

    Look up what Bill Hicks said about the shill Jay Leno.

  • James Crane
    James Crane Day ago +1

    and the donut trump show makes me laugh. be brave America.

  • Patchuchan
    Patchuchan Day ago

    Trump is such a cry baby he knew before he decided to run for president that making fun of government officials especially when they screw up is a tradition in late night comedy.
    If he can't handle the heat than he needs to get out of the kitchen.

  • Tyler Chatham
    Tyler Chatham Day ago

    I’m so sick of this crap.

  • Stephen Ethredge

    Trump is right the late night shows aren't funny. Maybe the tonight show. Carson an Leno where 10 times better. Even their political jokes where better they never heated . they only made fun if they did something funny or embarrassing

  • TheDman216
    TheDman216 2 days ago

    Trump is exposing every treasonus commie progressive media agency and the people that agree with it.. I love it keep it up Mr president

  • Jerry K
    Jerry K 2 days ago

    The noble chicken

  • Insidious Crypt
    Insidious Crypt 2 days ago

    We wouldn’t watch these crappy talk shows in England, pure trash tv

  • Frank Winkhorst
    Frank Winkhorst 2 days ago

    Thin skinned narcissist.

  • Tango Bango
    Tango Bango 2 days ago +1

    “WHAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” Poor little Baby Donny needs his bottle!

  • Gary Lewis
    Gary Lewis 2 days ago

    Jimmy kümmel is no Johnny Carson! Johnny used his platform for comedy,not high heels! Kimmel will eventually be eaten away by haters and he’ll be just any other zealous cry baby that will hopefully fall over dead in front of the audience. That would be great comedy there!

  • SamanthaAngelyn Forress

    In my opinion This show sucks..... Just one's good for you guys .....think how many billions and billions of dollars America owes before Trump got into his position as president.

  • Bill White
    Bill White 2 days ago

    If Trump can't take it, he's got the money of his own, to get the hell out this country! Or else hurray for all ppl who trash trump; which get so well deserves! But it sure is funny; must see tv!

  • David Pearsall
    David Pearsall 2 days ago

    Kimmel is a blithering idiot who's gone off the deep end because it's the popular thing to do. He's like the school nerd who's identifying with the bullies in order to be accepted by them, and thereby insuring his own safety. Because now that he's proven himself to be "One of them" he can now go about his nerdy business unmolested.

  • One World
    One World 2 days ago +1

    25 karat gold was created at 2:25 : "you stop being terrible, we'll stop pointing it out"........ Jimmy Kimmel, absotively posilutely excellent and appropriate!!!! :)
    I regularly reality-check my disdain for the subject...... am I joining in with pack behavior, or is his defective character all it appears to be? One definite inherited trait from my family is compassion for the underdog........ and nothing about an individual that sprays malice like a gangsta tagging an entire city with paint rates as "underdog". To the contrary, he is and always has been at the OTHER end of it...... not just lack of compassion, but the only thing better to him than his impressions of disabled and less fortunate persons is one near enough to insult and point at.
    And......."unwatchable" late night shows? When does he adjourn from watching his voluminous library of "ME-dia"....... the pre-juvenile malice in his stand-up routines at rallies, rerunning the Helsinki linebacker leap for the camera that caught him in the act of realizing he was caught in the act (lies don't necessarily have to be spoken nor written), the exoneration of the Russian dude that said "no"...... the pumelling of reporters, allegations of fake news that's actually rock-solid fact-checking........

  • magic cheeseball
    magic cheeseball 2 days ago

    late night shows where always my favorite back in the day now they all suck accept for Conan

  • HeyZeus667
    HeyZeus667 2 days ago +44

    Donald Trump, the laughing stock of an entire planet.

  • Joseph Nicholas
    Joseph Nicholas 2 days ago +1

    Jimmy Kimmel for pres. Howard Stern for attorney general.

  • youil moradian
    youil moradian 2 days ago

    Jimmi, this is asking for it, so go for it.

  • Saje Williams
    Saje Williams 2 days ago

    Just when you think he can’t get any worse. This is a barrel with no bottom.

  • Ezra Chapple
    Ezra Chapple 2 days ago

    Jimmy kimmel is a retard. Enough said

    • drcb 18
      drcb 18 2 days ago

      I wish I was as "retarded" and earned a salary like his... wait a minute there's one earning a nice salary working as president.

  • racist.conman.cheat drump2020

    Trump smokes meth lets push for a urine screen !

  • Salvatore Saccoccio
    Salvatore Saccoccio 2 days ago

    You presented a false narrative and continue to do so. Much like the communist party does.

  • Amalgamated Potato Packing Pocatello

    Comedy Emergency
    Late night shows were better when Trump was just a loudmouth New York City billionaire.
    So was the country....

  • Ed Pardy
    Ed Pardy 2 days ago +1

    Listen , this may be all good and funny , but in 2020 you all have a responsibility to go out and vote and get rid of Trump

  • Wino Joe
    Wino Joe 2 days ago

    Trump need to just gave the fact that a lot of people just don't like him for good reason.

    • drcb 18
      drcb 18 2 days ago

      There are other affairs more important for a president than worrying about what comedians have to say about him, specially when that president spent his time criticizing the previous one in the same way when he was a private citizen.

  • Ed Pardy
    Ed Pardy 2 days ago

    You know that x ray of Homer Simpson’s Head where they show a small brain . I’d love for someone to do a similar x ray of Donald .

  • xVOLTx
    xVOLTx 2 days ago +8

    Trump can dish it out but he can't take it.

  • rico cumming
    rico cumming 2 days ago


  • Carol Ring
    Carol Ring 2 days ago

    "You stop being terrible and we'll stop pointing it out. Okay?"
    Trump doesn't realize how terrible he is. Trump Tweet, "...theTrump Administration has accomplished more in its first two years than any other Administration. " Tax break for the wealthy. Children separated from their parents and put in cages. Troops at the border who have nothing to do. National Disaster at the southern border when none exists. Jared who will 'fix' all problems in the Middle East. Yep. Great stuff. "Where are your tax returns?"

  • The Resistance
    The Resistance 2 days ago

    To be horny a man has to have something to work with -- small mushroom t-rump has nothing to work with.

  • Roberta Hubert
    Roberta Hubert 2 days ago

    Looks like Paul Manafort is toast

  • molly cruz
    molly cruz 2 days ago

    Funny thing; I wonder how he hasn't imploded from the non-stop scathing criticism? I think of him all alone, watching what people are saying, and how they're getting applause for it, how he must feel.....and I feel sorry for him; somehow. There's a photo of him hugging his son, who is cringing and turning away, talk about Sad!

  • Declan O'Cuidighthigh

    The same group of writers write all your and every other hosts jokes, and take their talking points directly from the DNC. This goes beyond "comedy" and is an attempt at mass manipulation of cultural and political discourse by the left wing media/political establishment. You couldn't be any more dishonest and out of touch with reality.

    • drcb 18
      drcb 18 2 days ago

      And I would imagine you've noticed the media from the right has been doing the very same thing for much longer, the last time I checked the republicans were also part of the establishment; and besides, what politician throughout this whole world hasn't participated in some form of mass manipulation of cultural and political discourse, dishonesty or has been out of touch with reality at one point or another in this day and age? I'm still trying to find one who hasn't.

  • TeachLearner
    TeachLearner 2 days ago +2

    Jimmy Kimmel keep up the good work. You are the best!

  • Zawn Kostean
    Zawn Kostean 2 days ago +2

    Trump may be not the best president but he sure is the funniest lmao. What a clown

  • Stevie Marks
    Stevie Marks 2 days ago

    This is getting so old now that's why I don't watch the s*** anymore 👎👎👎👎

    • von 50
      von 50 2 days ago

      Eiether your a robot or a complete MORON!!!

  • Lumby1
    Lumby1 2 days ago

    Trump is the loudest empty barrel in the world, how could any comedian ignore this already-written tragicomedy?

  • non yo business
    non yo business 2 days ago


  • John Gotti Jr
    John Gotti Jr 3 days ago

    If I had to go to Alabama I would use a body double.

  • MrWaz411
    MrWaz411 3 days ago

    Jimmy Kibble is an assehole

  • FacheChanteDeux
    FacheChanteDeux 3 days ago

    That really is not Melania, and if it is she had a stroke!

  • Marin Cericov
    Marin Cericov 3 days ago

    Have some respect.. he’s your president

    • drcb 18
      drcb 18 Day ago

      +Marin Cericov You gtfo, you don't own jack of youtube to be trying to order me around telling me to get out from a place that isn't even your property. I may be worst in your point of view because I have an opinion for every single thing you say, but it's funny you call me a big mouth when all you do is counter point with criticism and name calling; but at least I'm not using power to try to trample on people's rights while claiming to be doing big fake things like a certain dictator wanna be does.

    • drcb 18
      drcb 18 2 days ago +1

      +Marin Cericov Just to be clear, I'd need to be f*cking first in order to becoming a parent, and the puberty part was meant as a joke, so it would be the last straw if you can't even lighten up and recognize it as what it is.

    • Marin Cericov
      Marin Cericov 2 days ago

      drcb 18 and ur a fkn parent??? Now I even feel more bad for ur kids.. And don’t worry ur kids will have to go through puberty too☺️

    • Marin Cericov
      Marin Cericov 2 days ago

      drcb 18 dayum u smooth.. u may be worst then Donald trump.. and gtfo with yo big mouth..

    • drcb 18
      drcb 18 2 days ago

      +Marin Cericov What you just said brought a smile to my face because I just realized the joke was on me because I used parenting as a metaphor without realizing you looked like you're just going through puberty in that picture of yours.

  • 0cupado
    0cupado 3 days ago

    What if a Mexican night show host hired a white man with a strong redneck accent named Jimmy that acted like he was dumb and was always used to make fun of? As a Mexican I am not offended but really annoyed to watch Guillermo. Especially because he is being used as a prop by a hard leftist.

  • uti cerebrum
    uti cerebrum 3 days ago

    Manaford's birthday ??? > >> April fools day !!!

  • Stacey6988
    Stacey6988 3 days ago

    This thin skinned bag of dirt doesn’t realize that every time he cries about people making fun of him, it only gets worse. Yes Jimmy, English is his second language.

  • Jason Holmes
    Jason Holmes 3 days ago

    Huckabee. Uckabbee. Trump always tells the best truths.

  • Samuel Sotunde
    Samuel Sotunde 3 days ago

    Only because they are not praising the fool to high heavens

  • Tom Underwood
    Tom Underwood 3 days ago +10

    You can a.ways tell the fake Melania she holds Trump's hand 🤣😂🤣

  • Cristian Seitz
    Cristian Seitz 3 days ago +3

    If trump thinks the shows are so unwatchable how does he know what they talk about.

  • Dorene Cotuand
    Dorene Cotuand 3 days ago


  • betty griffin
    betty griffin 3 days ago

    Guess who's the snow flake and it's not the president

    • drcb 18
      drcb 18 2 days ago

      If I wanted to guess about things I would rather watch Jeopardy.

  • Love Y’all Tarot
    Love Y’all Tarot 3 days ago

    The pictures of her in the black pea coat do not look like her! Look at the hair around her face.

  • Jeff Higgs
    Jeff Higgs 3 days ago

    Kimmel,you're a cross-eyed traitor to America

    • drcb 18
      drcb 18 2 days ago

      Just because you don't agree with him? If it was up to trump everyone who didn't vote for him would be considered a traitor.

  • Christa Woods
    Christa Woods 3 days ago

    they have to throw out material because there is too much. don't give them material, man!

  • Michael Tuffin
    Michael Tuffin 3 days ago

    Man that melania got the sour that botox.

  • anonymous Indiana
    anonymous Indiana 3 days ago

    Comedy loses something when it appears to be an agenda. I agree with Jay make fun of both sides.

    • drcb 18
      drcb 18 2 days ago

      Yes, why take it all to heart, even kings used to allow buffoons to criticize and make fun of them in the past without incident.

  • Franklin MacGillacuddy

    Trump is awful.

  • YeOldeScience
    YeOldeScience 3 days ago

    Well Jimmy just proved Trump right... again.

    • drcb 18
      drcb 18 2 days ago

      He did, let's see, right; R-I-G-H-T = righteous individuals generally hate trump.

  • The vaping Polisher
    The vaping Polisher 3 days ago

    Tic toc pedowood will fall

  • andrew marks
    andrew marks 3 days ago

    4 more years fake malania

  • Frequency Outdoors
    Frequency Outdoors 3 days ago

    Honestly I can’t stand jimmy kimmel he is so stupid

    • drcb 18
      drcb 18 2 days ago

      I can't stand some people either, that is why one is supposed not to visit their channel when one feels that way.

  • James Miner
    James Miner 3 days ago

    Jimmy rules

  • Karl Schroeder
    Karl Schroeder 3 days ago

    And... he’ll win again in 2020.

    • drcb 18
      drcb 18 2 days ago

      If he has the guts to face candidates off without insulting them, belittling them, blaming and using others as scapegoats and just talked about real issues without making things up he might not only gain my respect, but I might be inclined to give him my vote; again, if he has the guts.

  • Justin Lupo
    Justin Lupo 3 days ago

    Divide & conquer. Same as it ever was

  • S3ZZY Payote
    S3ZZY Payote 3 days ago

    Hilarious 😴

  • Jay
    Jay 3 days ago

    This show is just like SNL all they do is bash on Trump. Like it or not he is our president and while I don't like him at least he is doing more then a lot of other presidents. To think we don't need a wall is retarded. Even Chuck and Dumb Nancy voted to have triple the size wall Trump asked for. Nancy also has a wall around her house. Everyone even people that are on the left such as my self are just sick of this day in and day out. It is just fu*king annoying. Just get over it Jimmy and stick to comedy. You are not a politician you bone head.

    • Saint Vincent
      Saint Vincent 3 days ago

      Trump isn't a politician either. He is a bonehead though 😁

    • utscav
      utscav 3 days ago

      lol.....on the left such as my self.???? first of all goofball, myself is one word. and secondly, NOBODY believes you're on the left. you're writing skills show you're on the right... the far right.... right where you belong.

  • Josh Raymond
    Josh Raymond 3 days ago +1

    This show sucks now. It is all one sided and is so political now. Trump is an idiot but even he don't deserve this. Obviously Jimmy has an agenda. Same with SNL. That is why nobody watches anymore. After awhile people see through it. Hopefully Sanders wins in 2020.

  • Jason Reese
    Jason Reese 3 days ago

    Obama was the worst president yet you all wouldn't insult a black man because you have no balls!! Plain and simple

  • Naheim Googolla
    Naheim Googolla 3 days ago

    First time I ever seen Jimmy not crying. I'm in awe, how does he keep it together so well?

  • Thomas Lloyd
    Thomas Lloyd 3 days ago

    Jay Leno is one of the least funny comedians I've ever seen.

    JOE DARKWAVE 3 days ago

    Worst president ever.

  • dave d
    dave d 3 days ago +1

    I will never watch late night TV again until they stop the anti-Republican *BIGOTRY* . They don't really hate Trump -- They hate the 63 million of us who voted to end the crooked Deep State and the Democrat-Media-Complex that Kimmel and Letterman and Colbert are spokesmodels for.

  • kostakosg
    kostakosg 3 days ago

    Nah you just take every little thing he says does and thinks and amplify it to ridiculously targetted proportions. It was funny at first and then it just got so damn exhausting. And you make it to the point where it's not even joking it is straight up hurling insults every chance you get. Enough. Mix it up.

  • Robert mcclaskey
    Robert mcclaskey 3 days ago

    So the president can't pardon manafort? Or what ever the correct spelling of his last name is!!?

  • Kevin Otto
    Kevin Otto 3 days ago

    Jimmy kimmel needs to stop commenting on trump or anything to do with politics everyone has there own opinion and he acts like there is just one. people watch the tonight shows for comedy not for some guy making fun of trump it’s a disgrace to our nation and it shows how unprofessional democrats are no wonder where the laugh of the world not because of trump but because of democrats such as jimmy kimmel

  • Lee Rothman
    Lee Rothman 3 days ago

    The Late Night hosts of today are just another bunch of the Libtards that are permeating our society with their crap socialistic garbage along with the major media in general (along with Hollywood). It's a sad world these schmucks exist. Let's hope we just get past it......and in the end Trump ain't wrong.......they are all dung.

  • Wilbur Jenkins
    Wilbur Jenkins 3 days ago

    Reality is one sided.

  • Selena Chan
    Selena Chan 3 days ago

    trump is horny n dumb at the same time -so true

  • VanDu
    VanDu 3 days ago

    more unoriginal, uninspired, left wing material

  • oil9vinergar
    oil9vinergar 3 days ago

    SNL??? oh, yeah... that show was pulled off the air in the late 70's when all their talent left.... go figure, eh....

  • The Flea
    The Flea 3 days ago

    so people jump on Trump all the time for every little thing he does, what do they want from a president? From what I have seen, people are upset that we did got a president that didn't repeal the first and second amendment, didn't remove all border security, did not abolish the police force and is a white man. did I miss anything?

  • Im Blessed
    Im Blessed 3 days ago

    These talk shows don't even be funny I bet it's people from the 50s and 60s thats recorded laughing cause these show are trash

  • Ambient Infinite Video AIV

    It's so pathetic when grown adults whine. When the privileged get in power -- it's disgraceful. We need a competent leader in 2020.

  • •
     3 days ago +30

    Declares national emergency
    Tweets about comedy shows

    • Jon Dunmore
      Jon Dunmore Day ago

      Declares national emergency.
      Went golfing over the weekend.

  • xF4T4Lx xG4M1NGx
    xF4T4Lx xG4M1NGx 3 days ago

    How about a LATE-NITE HOST stops trying to pretend he knows better than a PRESIDENT?

  • Thomas Panto
    Thomas Panto 3 days ago

    Late shows have all day to think and are given permission to speak while the slaves are sleeping.

  • 08182015 I’m
    08182015 I’m 3 days ago

    Jimmy Kimmel has NEVER been funny. Only the slow liberal challenged watch him and laugh. They are the same people who laugh at movie theatres when there’s nothing funny to laugh at.

    • Chris Frank
      Chris Frank 3 days ago

      I vote conservative AND find Kimmel (and the others) clever and funny.