May struggles with voice as she stresses 'Brexit may be lost'

  • Published on Mar 12, 2019
  • The Prime Minister was supported in the Commons by her husband Philip, who was watching his wife from the public gallery, as her deal appeared on the verge of a fatal collapse despite her warning rebels that Britain may never leave the EU. Mrs May, who is losing her voice after her late night rescue mission to Strasbourg last night, said: 'A lot of focus has been on the legal changes - but if this vote does not pass Brexit could be lost'.
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Comments • 1 631

  • Fennecbutt
    Fennecbutt 6 days ago

    Lol @ everyone acting like Brexit wasn't voted in by British citizens. It's out of your hands now, but if you had voted nay on it all of this wouldn't be happening...

  • Max DragonSoul
    Max DragonSoul 8 days ago +1

    her voice is falling apart
    pretty much the same as her brexit deal

  • GreenerHill
    GreenerHill 9 days ago

    So strong... So stable... So stale.

  • violet starling
    violet starling 10 days ago

    if brexit is lost these mthrfkkrzz need to be HUNG!

  • John Davies
    John Davies 10 days ago

    The Razor May's breaking voice confirms it - she's losing her disguise - she's a Dalek! Brexterminate! Brexterminate!

  • Zander
    Zander 10 days ago

    She's smoked like 50 cigarettes before due to stress๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Bacon Crusader
    Bacon Crusader 10 days ago

    Simple go against my vote you gonna get some serious unrest!!

  • Adrian Bingham
    Adrian Bingham 10 days ago

    She may be a genius master mind in that she can now keep the UK in the EU while making a spectacle of a show of attempting to give the people what they voted for but will never get. She can blame Labour or whoever for sowing the seeds of chaos and so maintaining a firm grip on power.

  • imran raja
    imran raja 10 days ago

    Traitor threatening us with no brexit really traitor enough patriots alive yet

  • rant404
    rant404 11 days ago

    Britain -- butt fucks itself!

  • Ben Bean
    Ben Bean 11 days ago

    Go for it.and end the stage show.

  • Martin Sophroniisccus
    Martin Sophroniisccus 11 days ago +1

    Attention, Attention the Dalek-Maybot is malfunctioning and might start exterminating, please report immediately to the nearest service station for the repairs!

  • Jeffrey Adams
    Jeffrey Adams 11 days ago +1

    Guilt at her betrayal has stopped her talking. She must resign, now.

  • Resident Evil Code Veronica Best Game Ever

    This is what we been hoping and wishing to happen!!!! Ding dong the witch is dead!!!! Maybe we'll get somewhere now!!!

  • Manny XO
    Manny XO 11 days ago

    I get that as a woman she's trying to prove a point by not giving up and kudos to her but jeez! It's painful to watch. I wish she'd just rest and let somebody else push whatever agenda forward.

  • Zibbe Zabba
    Zibbe Zabba 11 days ago

    In one sentence... "do it my way or we'll cancel Brexit" Mrs May... do us all a favour and lose your traitorous voice completely so we can't hear you.

  • nyxi.
    nyxi. 11 days ago

    No sore throat she's just a trap

  • Snow Flake
    Snow Flake 11 days ago

    Sheโ€™s lost her grip on reality

  • Mike Bridges
    Mike Bridges 11 days ago

    Too many cowards, for a fleeting moment we had a Vote giving us our freedom. There is no such thing as a Democratic Vote in the UK. The liberals appear to believe that the result of a Vote should not be acted upon, until they get a ''best 2 out of 3''. Does no one fear what reprisals and punishments will be dished out to us, for even daring to think we could leave the EU? We are there Goose that lays the golden egg...we are the biggest cash cow and, they can't let us go. Oh was a nice thought, for a few years, that we would FINALLY be able to govern ourselves, with no muppet in Brussels dictating to us what we can and can't do and, how much it all will cost. Farewell....Vote to Leave....oh how you teased us you lil bugger. All that will be left to do is, for us to bend over and have our bums smacked for misbehaving. Will we still be allowed to keep our Pound? Will we still be able to not be a part of Schengen? I guess we will soon find out. We are going to be the bloody laughingstock of the World (that we once nearly ruled all of) and, will be labeled cowards. We may have to wear a crimson C on our clothing.

  • Alison McGoff
    Alison McGoff 11 days ago

    Sad rudderless England.

    OMGitsLOLPANTS 11 days ago +1

    She probably screams in private

  • Love you World
    Love you World 11 days ago

    She has sore throat only nothing else. Nothing serious with her.. lol ๐Ÿ˜‚ she is absolutely well.

  • Journey awaits
    Journey awaits 11 days ago +1

    The dictionary entry for incompetent should just be "British politicians"

  • Tony Baines
    Tony Baines 11 days ago

    she's going down with Sicilian flu

  • WingedVampireGirl
    WingedVampireGirl 11 days ago

    Gosh the woman has a sore throat ๐Ÿ˜’ shocking

  • Martin Graham
    Martin Graham 11 days ago +2

    Brexit is the worst idea ever. If it's "lost", that's a great thing!

    DEFAULTS 11 days ago

    Iโ€™m a kid.. I have no idea what brexit is.. I know what it is kinda but idk if we want it or dont

  • rodney worthington
    rodney worthington 11 days ago

    Of Course Brit Exit has been Lost!..That was Her Plan all along...Go tell it to the Fairies May.We are Now Awake!

  • Diego General
    Diego General 11 days ago

    Silly woman just pack it in and go home and spend the rest of your days with your husband . Since you came into power you just divided the country .

  • EVAE
    EVAE 11 days ago

    I feel sorry for her

  • gail green
    gail green 11 days ago

    We must leave the EU because we voted to leave. The MPs voting against it time and again deserve to be sacked. They are in Parliamen to do the will of the people and we can vote them out very quickly.

  • Susan Harrison Music
    Susan Harrison Music 11 days ago

    Itโ€™s all the chemtrails sheโ€™s breathing in

  • daveysimmo
    daveysimmo 11 days ago

    What else could be lost is the consent and cooperation of the British public for these traitors to govern us . To put it mildly

  • Joelle h
    Joelle h 11 days ago

    Why do we have these old, disconnected, white people running our country?

  • Betty Swallox
    Betty Swallox 11 days ago

    mergret thatcher 2.0

  • Ping Pong Il
    Ping Pong Il 11 days ago

    She did her job well, the uk will probably ultimately remain. Because that was her instructions from the beginning.
    Im a foreigner living here, and im a lot more concerned about the aftermath of a government deliberately ignoring 17 million justifiably angry people than i am of britain leaving the EU. you have a huge voting bloc that none of the major parties represent, its there for the taking and history has shown us that its the perfect receipe for more extemist views to take hold.
    The established parties, the dispicable media, arrogant university culture and destructive migration policy is leading to a catastrophic balls up. And even when a johnny foreigner like myself can see that, its time to worry.

  • Dave Bennett
    Dave Bennett 11 days ago

    I only want to leave. What a waste of 2 years. Time to stand up Jacob Rees-Mogg. No backstop. No deal. No money to the EU.

  • George Grimwood
    George Grimwood 11 days ago +1

    Fantastic, Brexit needs stopping now.

  • Lord Debrick
    Lord Debrick 11 days ago

    Just remember one and all that if they screw with democracy and we don't get to Leave then we don't have to do anything legal or otherwise again! So if they take the No Deal vote away then we can do as we please and just think if war comes and I'm sure they'll sign us up to another don't worry about it you don't have to go! If the old bill comes knocking at your door don't worry they're mostly cowards anyway don't go!

  • Avidcomp
    Avidcomp 11 days ago

    What does she mean "Brexit could be lost" ? No deal is still Brexit...unless she has treasonous plans?

    • GammaSouljah
      GammaSouljah 11 days ago

      they are voting tomorrow if we will leave with no deal or not... if No deal loses then we wont leave with no deal and then brexit could be lost.........

  • Hello World
    Hello World 11 days ago +1

    So. Is the UK leaving Europe or no??

    • DrMcMoist
      DrMcMoist 11 days ago

      Nah not anymore. They've decided to stay after all.

  • adzyko draw
    adzyko draw 11 days ago

    Who want brexit

  • Here Now
    Here Now 11 days ago

    It better f****n not be.

  • Neil McGuffie
    Neil McGuffie 11 days ago +1

    You haven't got an Empire anymore. Hilarious!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    FORS4TAN 11 days ago +2

    haha. I actually predicted it won't flipping happen lol

  • spanishescapes
    spanishescapes 11 days ago +2

    Sounds like sheโ€™s got a frog in her throat. Still blowing Macron??

  • ravenwood06
    ravenwood06 11 days ago

    Schoowpid cow

  • gsxrjeff
    gsxrjeff 11 days ago

    do as you have been told by the British public and LEAVE

  • Snotty Blunderbuss
    Snotty Blunderbuss 11 days ago

    We better get Brexit

  • Sounds English
    Sounds English 11 days ago


  • Pepe Dimarco
    Pepe Dimarco 11 days ago

    Hang that hoe like micro macron the filthy leftist cunts ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  • DRIVEN projector
    DRIVEN projector 11 days ago +2

    Shes such a weak prime minister even boris would do a better job of things lmao

  • Logan McIntyre
    Logan McIntyre 11 days ago

    Can I just say how much she impresses me she still carry's on even when her voice has gone she has tried her absolute best throughout her time of being prime minister and all the politicians can do is say no thank you for trying so hard and all you need to know is that Jeremy Corbyn couldn't do any better!!!

  • J. K
    J. K 11 days ago +2

    She is ready to destroy our country.

    • Stacie Meier
      Stacie Meier 11 days ago

      Worse, she's taking down many in Government. If she fails, elections be hell for those wanting to be re-elected.

  • Chris B
    Chris B 11 days ago +1

    "Strong and Stable"? .... We're an international laughing stock.

    • Jon Seymour
      Jon Seymour 11 days ago

      Remainers are a laughing stock, for continually believing Project Fear.

  • Forza223 Bowe
    Forza223 Bowe 11 days ago

    If Brexit is lost, then that is unforgivable I will never vote conservative again

    • TheFoxFan
      TheFoxFan 11 days ago

      Forza223 Bowe never should have anyway

  • Akula971
    Akula971 11 days ago +1

    It has been engineered so that the UK can never leave the EU. They don't care about a popular vote. What do the plebs know about anything? Cameron never expected Leave to win. Things were set in motion immediately to ensure it was not going to happen. They will have another referendum, and this time they will ensure they get the answer they want. Like they did in Ireland.

  • finn
    finn 11 days ago

    Is she wearing bells? Come now may you've humiliated yourself enough

  • Jake 69
    Jake 69 11 days ago

    Like conservative
    Comment labour

  • Engineering & Science Guy

    Mays Not Daft!
    Mays Not Silly!
    May Just sucks!
    Junkers Willy!

  • Realist
    Realist 11 days ago

    NPCs (((breexiters)))

  • Anonymous Anonymous
    Anonymous Anonymous 11 days ago +3

    The media has lost it, they actually have headlines that's got to do with a sore throat and not the main focus.

  • Ellie Redfern
    Ellie Redfern 11 days ago +1

    Why is this is always in my recommend?

  • hugh graeme
    hugh graeme 11 days ago

    Brexit may be lost? does she not mean the conservative party will be lost?

  • ivan schafeldt
    ivan schafeldt 11 days ago

    NO excuse to scupper brexit, a deal was not part of the referendum therefore it cannot be a kingpin to exit implementation.
    shes going all out to blackmail the british but giving the soft card to the EU

  • Joe Blows
    Joe Blows 11 days ago

    She has a cold dipshit

  • Aerobie Pro Dog
    Aerobie Pro Dog 11 days ago

    Itโ€™s all osama bin ladin fault

  • weyeyeman
    weyeyeman 11 days ago

    they never had any intention of letting brexit happen, the delay was so they could plan and orchestrate not leaving

  • manchester United Fan
    manchester United Fan 11 days ago +1

    Ive been there then

  • rick Woods
    rick Woods 11 days ago +3

    Listen to Farage about article 24 for goodness sake you incompetant traitorious woman

  • pak man
    pak man 11 days ago

    Must be all the fellatio she was participating in, in europe..

  • Paul Smith
    Paul Smith 11 days ago +5

    Does anybody out there trust Treason May to deliver Brexit, nope.

    • Constance Hardman
      Constance Hardman 10 days ago

      Paul Smith did you think it was going to be that easy just to walk away and the EU just to smile and shake hands to the agreements she trying to make !! I'd hate to be in her shoes.

  • Alex Core
    Alex Core 11 days ago


  • Leon Reaper
    Leon Reaper 11 days ago

    We voted to leave completely! why is that so difficult for her? ah whatever, we have to leave in March by law. Anything less is treason. Then the government will be the enemies of the UK Public.

  • John Stocker
    John Stocker 11 days ago +1

    They should do an advert on television where it has this clip and somebody passes her some Lemsip cough medicine or something.
    With the words 'Negotiations taking their toll? Try lemsip extra strength sore throat medicine'.

  • Naz Senoglu
    Naz Senoglu 11 days ago


  • Adrian Collins
    Adrian Collins 11 days ago

    Hard border in ireland aye alryt

  • SoulGnosis
    SoulGnosis 11 days ago +3

    Obviously been previously screaming at the top of her voice
    But about what? and to whom? ๐Ÿค”

  • Kane Whitehead
    Kane Whitehead 11 days ago

    I don't get why so many comments are roasting May, it's the Europhile MPs who care more about political point scoring than leaving the EU

    • Jon Seymour
      Jon Seymour 11 days ago

      She's a Remainer, through and through.

  • world learner
    world learner 11 days ago

    Oh dear she sounds sick maybe got flu

  • Paul Tudor
    Paul Tudor 11 days ago

    If Theresa May was a snake she would eat her own tail.

  • Andrew Thomas
    Andrew Thomas 11 days ago +1

    Mays brexit deal wasnโ€™t brexit.....brexit happens on the 29th when the electorate leaves .๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

    • Mark Franks
      Mark Franks 11 days ago

      Andrew Thomas Wishful thinking Andy boy.

  • HyperMangi
    HyperMangi 11 days ago


  • GravityBoy72
    GravityBoy72 11 days ago

    "Brexit will be lost"... of course it will Theresa because that's what you always wanted.

  • Bule British
    Bule British 11 days ago

    None of these people had any plans to leave the EU this is all a big show to overturn the vote. They do not serve us they serve corporate masters always have done always will do.

  • Curry and a Pint
    Curry and a Pint 11 days ago +1

    I've just ordered some fireworks..... can't wait to *LEAVE*

  • Stop The World I Wanna Get Off!

    OI! Give Wilma Flintstone her neckless back!

  • Mike Riley
    Mike Riley 11 days ago

    Great - so Brexit could be lost. Now we might get common sense and hopefully keep some of the industry about to leave the country. Mrs May has worked so hard but for what? A nation with a fair percentage of mindless lemmings following muppets who would lead them over the cliff no matter what. Mr Mogg and Mr Johnson should hold hands and jump first.

    • Mike Riley
      Mike Riley 11 days ago

      Jon Seymour yup - you sure sound like an ignorant Brexiteer using typical Union style name calling. Youโ€™re in the wrong decade mate - go back to the bankrupt 1970โ€™s where clearly you belong - on the picket lines with Union mobsters.

    • Jon Seymour
      Jon Seymour 11 days ago

      It's the Remainers who should go first, the scum.

    BABATUNDE 11 days ago

    Itโ€™s a metaphor for her leadership: weak

  • ุทุฒููŠูƒู… ูŠุงู‚ูˆูƒู„

    How many unwell, disabled and voiceless people have suffered under your government?

    • TheFoxFan
      TheFoxFan 11 days ago +1

      I am one of them. Seven attempted suicides 3 in large part because of benefit reviews etc. Evil scum the lot of them.

  • MrPowerKid11
    MrPowerKid11 11 days ago


  • Sam Kitchen
    Sam Kitchen 11 days ago

    Is this what our country has come down too

  • Swabby Shreds
    Swabby Shreds 11 days ago

    Sad what theyโ€™ve done to democracy in our country. I might just convert to Islam now, raise my kids as Muslims. Seems like the safest bet for their future. Freedom is slavery, war is peace etc.

  • Garry Gruby
    Garry Gruby 11 days ago

    I'm angry towards MPs who voted against the deal but when it comes to the election people should should vote those MPs who went against it and about the matter Parliament because there are only out for themselves and that was for Jeremy Corbyn is always space

  • William Buchanan
    William Buchanan 11 days ago


  • Denis Melvin
    Denis Melvin 11 days ago

    Poor sausage ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

  • Alex Core
    Alex Core 11 days ago

    She sabotaged Brexit the woman is slimeball

  • martin lynn
    martin lynn 11 days ago

    Shes the brick thats tide to England dragging it down to oblivion

  • steamtrain27 9
    steamtrain27 9 11 days ago +1

    She "may" be loosing it

  • Stuart Menzies Farrant

    WTO DEAL LEAVE now and respect the British people!

    • TheFoxFan
      TheFoxFan 11 days ago

      Stuart Menzies Farrant 49% of the people voted remain, and many leave voters have since changed their minds. Plus the people who didnโ€™t vote were obviously not counted so itโ€™s not even the majority of Britain. A lot of leave voters are primarily racist little scrotes who just wanted a way to try and guarantee anyone who isnโ€™t white or is an immigrant especially Muslims has to leave.