MPs Reject a No Deal Brexit - Brexit Explained

  • Published on Mar 14, 2019
  • Yesterday evening (13th March) MPs voted on whether or not they supported a no deal Brexit. But things weren't that simple with Yvette Cooper putting forward the Spelman Amendment. Ultimately the house voted against no deal, saying they wouldn't want to see a hard brexit in any situation; going further than the original vote May set out.
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Comments • 3 821

  • ElMagnifico0709
    ElMagnifico0709 Day ago

    Whatever happened to "we british are better than the rest of the world" ? Stalling, not for the betterment of the actual commons of their nation but for the uncommon commons' power. Looks like the "great" british are basal afterall 🤣

  • Majora
    Majora 2 days ago

    This is what happens when you elect a weak woman. May is beta and can't command.

  • Peter Kazandjiev
    Peter Kazandjiev 2 days ago

    What a circus this government ...

  • Mattx
    Mattx 2 days ago

    the conservitives will let you down. im reminded of trump failure to replace obamacare, all he managed to do is take 41 million people who needed it off health insurance. sounds like UK is getting no deal brexit. all the EU has to do is shut the door and Uk is forced into a no deal.

  • anastasiagirl1342
    anastasiagirl1342 2 days ago

    I can’t take that guy seriously with his: “ORrrrr DER!”

  • gojitmal1978
    gojitmal1978 2 days ago

    Try STFU next time instead of ODOR!

  • Luca // Mc
    Luca // Mc 3 days ago

    This Parlament really feels like a mess. Well it sounds like it, always people talking and the speaker allways shouting ORDER...

  • George Andrews
    George Andrews 3 days ago

    I guess Britain wanting to leave the European Union is nothing like Ireland wanting to leave the British empire for the last 800 years? Hypocrites....

  • guitoo
    guitoo 3 days ago

    Damn! Is there something more British than the speaker of the House of Commons?

  • GorillaZillas
    GorillaZillas 3 days ago

    Did they just put themselves between a Hippo and the water?! They done fucked up. Looks like we're getting a new govenment sooner than I thought.

  • toren hartog
    toren hartog 3 days ago

    Watching British government debate/argue is much more
    Interesting than American politics

  • Faith
    Faith 3 days ago

    I actually do not blame May for anything because she did the best she could with the flaming pile of shit she was handed

  • Joves Bahobs
    Joves Bahobs 3 days ago

    It's crazy to see how much isolationism and racism can fuck up a country.

  • a i t o r
    a i t o r 3 days ago

    idk how i feel about her politically but theresa may seems like a cool aunt with all her dancing and stuff

  • Cryptonian
    Cryptonian 3 days ago

    What is the queen her opinion? If she is for brexit couldnt she just order it to happen and thats it? She is the absolute authority in the Brittain

  • Kijana Robinson
    Kijana Robinson 3 days ago +1

    I need a more basic explanation. I have no idea what that man that he cutting to is saying and I don’t know what whipping is. What does no deal mean? Would they stay in the EU

    • Grudo Yugin
      Grudo Yugin Day ago

      +Kijana Robinson Maybe in the age of information, you could have a thick skin and google what each term means. We have Wikipedia but dumbos like you will still drool over twitter.

    • Kijana Robinson
      Kijana Robinson Day ago

      Grudo Yugin Could you just not resist a chance of being the asshole or something? There was literally no reason for you to respond.

    • Grudo Yugin
      Grudo Yugin 3 days ago

      Maybe google it? Is it so hard to find it on yourself?

  • Frans Adiwinata
    Frans Adiwinata 3 days ago

    so when britain will exit?

  • Oroberus
    Oroberus 3 days ago


  • bandie9101
    bandie9101 3 days ago

    a member is called by his name. is not it unusual in Parliament?

  • P O
    P O 3 days ago

    Brexit is a disaster for the country

  • cFatoss
    cFatoss 3 days ago

    I have to admit, that the british Parlament is very entertaining 🤣 our Parlament is boring (I'm talking about the german Parlament).

  • Clarity
    Clarity 4 days ago

    My two favourite things in the world: watching the debate between Trump and Hillary, and this.

  • Marjorie Schreurs
    Marjorie Schreurs 4 days ago

    The British House of Commons is a mess ... From the way they sit, to the annoying talking and sounds they make... Its like a class of 13 year olds. Absolutely not how politics should be done.

  • Slim Dog
    Slim Dog 4 days ago

    The most scariest thing is that these cackling children talking over each other are people that are supposed to be running our country... god help us

  • Wenli the Bro
    Wenli the Bro 4 days ago

    It seems strange to me that the only British governmental organization to be called "the circus" is the MI6. Judging by this, The Parliament also qualifies.

  • Catowar Meowson
    Catowar Meowson 4 days ago

    Still a bit confused. So are the British safe from Muslim invaders yet or not?

  • Prateek Kolhe
    Prateek Kolhe 4 days ago

    Free Scotland like below👇

  • FluffyCake
    FluffyCake 4 days ago

    We will have breakfast- brexit

  • Kuulpb
    Kuulpb 4 days ago

    There should never be a “not under any circumstances” because its full of flaws as a premise. In my opinion those who voted for are silly

  • James Robsonza
    James Robsonza 4 days ago

    I mean they DO call parliament the mad house for a reason

  • StarSeeker
    StarSeeker 4 days ago

    The comments on this video are gold.

  • Charles Gancarz
    Charles Gancarz 4 days ago

    Bercow is having so much fun 😂

  • Edward Perez
    Edward Perez 4 days ago

    British congress is live

  • ThePatUltra
    ThePatUltra 4 days ago

    They're probably going to pull some crazy stupid Nancy Pelosi style stunt to ram it through; anyone remember when the ACA was "passed"? The nays outnumbered the yeas and she declared "The Bill is passed."; and everyone in the room that voted "no"; knew that she was lying but somehow they managed to ram it through. A dangerous precedent was set that day that we Americans have been fighting ever since. I feel sorry for you Brits; I have a feeling, that you're next.....

  • Astref
    Astref 4 days ago

    British Pirates

  • bill Smyth
    bill Smyth 4 days ago

    LOl you think this was great you should watch Morneau trying to pass his budget in Canadian parliament.

  • BunnyOfDeath !
    BunnyOfDeath ! 4 days ago

    “that would risk no brexit at all”

  • Jaypee Cataylo
    Jaypee Cataylo 4 days ago

    My only question is.....soooo you brits are leaving or what?

  • Brendan Bergmann
    Brendan Bergmann 4 days ago

    From an uneducated American. Here’s an idea: stay

  • sinnexz
    sinnexz 4 days ago

    they all seem so cheerful...

  • Ross in Ontario
    Ross in Ontario 4 days ago

    And I thought math was complicated !

  • tonnentonie
    tonnentonie 4 days ago

    Why are they talking over one another? Didnt they go to elementary? I have observed the brexit disaster and didnt get why they cant come up with any deal, but this... This is better then election in america, quiet entertaining!

  • José Correia
    José Correia 4 days ago

    Wait???? Are these voices real???? And the people saying aahhhhhhhh after a vote? No way.

  • john's shed
    john's shed 4 days ago

    I don't know about ''exciting'' maybe sicking would be a better word.

  • phil durre
    phil durre 4 days ago

    Honestly, be europeans or get the f... out. And that also means accept euro and all other rules that apply to eu.

  • phil durre
    phil durre 4 days ago

    only a red clown nose

  • ryan tadjou
    ryan tadjou 4 days ago

    Good attempt to explain Brexit, but it’s not well explained my dear friend. C for effort.

  • *db*
    *db* 4 days ago

    Is that Jeremy corbin just realising what their jobs are.... Fml

  • rgderen88
    rgderen88 4 days ago

    I wish CSPAN was this entertaining

  • rgderen88
    rgderen88 4 days ago +1

    There's a Douglas Adams line I just now understood about the British doing something nobody understands and having trouble recalling what it was.
    One character replies with parliamentary procedure.
    Now I understand.

  • David Parks
    David Parks 4 days ago

    Deal no Deal, can some one explain. Does no deal mean that the EU gets to keep the Dog and your Bryan Ferry CDs.

  • Daniel Santorski
    Daniel Santorski 4 days ago

    Man, I'd lose my temper and my voice in that room. They act like little kids. It's exactly like a classroom of misbehaved children. My reaction would be to scream all of them down, you can even hear some MP doing that by shouting 'listen!'. I have great respect for the Speaker. He's extraordinarily calm when it comes to the situation.

  • Jonathan King
    Jonathan King 4 days ago

    Bercow the babysitter. I'm still amazed he can keep order in all that chaos.

  • Ryan Marx
    Ryan Marx 4 days ago

    Way more entertaining than US congress lol

  • owen c.
    owen c. 4 days ago

    so youre telling me this guy screaming order deliriously with a rainbow checkered tie has actual authority of any kind? that mere concept is alarming me so much i cant pay attention to the rest of the video

  • Tryte
    Tryte 4 days ago

    An issue we're faced with is No Deal has been taken off the table which means we have to bend to the whims of the EU, as they're freely able to reject any deals we now put forward because if you're not prepared to walk away from a negotiation, you've got no leverage. I don't want a no deal brexit, nor do I want May's deal, but we've now just cut off our only leverage at reaching a viable conclusion to this whole mess that meets the demands of the British public.

  • Peter Smith
    Peter Smith 4 days ago

    Is that Blackmail.

  • Peter Smith
    Peter Smith 4 days ago

    This has been going on for centuries, now we know how they control the country, and the people.

  • Vlican
    Vlican 4 days ago

    Like a kindergarten classroom... I wonder if politics elsewhere is like this...

  • Darkclaw00
    Darkclaw00 4 days ago

    die spinnen die Briten.

  • Hsin Chen
    Hsin Chen 4 days ago +1

    Democracy at its finest and worst.

    • Wenli the Bro
      Wenli the Bro 4 days ago

      The finest : The fact that all options from the various parties are striving to reach a common solution
      The worst : The fact that they are going to absolute nowhere

  • Andreas Delleske
    Andreas Delleske 4 days ago

    Still a beautiful tie.
    They will go on until someone cries.

  • Stonecake
    Stonecake 4 days ago +1

    that “orduuuuuuuhhhhhhhh” is killing me

  • JkLime
    JkLime 4 days ago

    When your sick of your country’s news so you watch brexit

  • CaptainAlliance
    CaptainAlliance 4 days ago

    *Wow, and I thought the U.S. Government was a joke. This makes american politicians look like Victorian-age aristrocrats.*

  • Cvic98
    Cvic98 4 days ago

    Im British but parliament seems like a freak show torn straight from the Victorian era.

  • Jacob Gadzella
    Jacob Gadzella 4 days ago +1

    7:37 "But that would *risk* no Brexit at all"!?

  • Nanof Urbiznis
    Nanof Urbiznis 4 days ago

    I like the tie on the OUDAAAAAH guy. Very stylish.

  • Slippy Penguin
    Slippy Penguin 4 days ago

    Is it only me or does UK parlament seem to be a joke, like I know that my country's parlament has some insults thrown in and other shiet in it from time to time aswell, but this disorder seems to be extraordinary for an advanced country such as UK, even most african country's have more serious parlaments.

  • asdfghyter
    asdfghyter 4 days ago

    They sound like a bunch of fighting children.

  • rosti channel
    rosti channel 4 days ago

    are the drunk?

  • Marcus Eaton
    Marcus Eaton 4 days ago

    Osswald mosley could have solved Brexit smh

  • gamer waymer
    gamer waymer 4 days ago +1

    Jesus that lady sounds like she smokes 3 packs of Newport’s a day.

  • gamer waymer
    gamer waymer 4 days ago

    These people are so bizarre. Order!!! Head bow! Lol wtf 😂

  • Marcus Eaton
    Marcus Eaton 4 days ago

    They should just no deal

  • Marponsa
    Marponsa 4 days ago +1

    why does may's voice sound like she has attempted to break the world record of the most ciggarettes smoked in one minute 5 times the day before

  • Khashon Haselrig
    Khashon Haselrig 4 days ago

    Our legislature sucks compared to the U.K. No one is around to shout because they're on the phone with donors.

  • dexcover99
    dexcover99 4 days ago

    is this a parody?

  • Jack Mana
    Jack Mana 4 days ago

    Is this how British politics works and sounds like? A bunch of monkeys screaming in a room? By now i say keep the brexit. I would be ashamed to have you in EU

  • Ben MacKay
    Ben MacKay 4 days ago +2

    When they talk about the eyes and nose but never the ears :(

  • Mortyfier
    Mortyfier 4 days ago

    Watching parliament makes me cringe so hard xD

  • Jace Purdy
    Jace Purdy 4 days ago +2

    Im American and I thought our congressional procedures were rowdy but holy shit what is this?

    • ThePatUltra
      ThePatUltra 4 days ago

      Our congressional procedures have nothing on the rest of the world. Try looking up some of these other parliaments from other foreign countries; some of them break out into fist-fights; it's quite the show.....

  • Norwegian nightmare
    Norwegian nightmare 4 days ago

    The British people: “we voted to leave the EU so the government is going to get us out of the EU right?”
    Parliament: “well yes, but actually no.”

  • CptBartRoberts
    CptBartRoberts 4 days ago

    Well shit, looks like its getting wild over at ole "Air strip 1" these days, lol.

  • tony styles
    tony styles 4 days ago

    This is all confusing....just leave for five years fix your shit then come back to it?.....or just let the Queen's/Kings take over again..slap you all silly will lmao...

  • Ser Garlan Tyrell
    Ser Garlan Tyrell 4 days ago

    Somebody please get that man a microphone before he ends up sounding like May.

  • Darren Skjoelsvold
    Darren Skjoelsvold 4 days ago

    She sounds like she has a permanent frog in her throat.

  • Fun1892
    Fun1892 4 days ago

    They act like children.

  • Faint Karma
    Faint Karma 4 days ago

    That's what happens when a women runs a country

  • epic gizmo
    epic gizmo 4 days ago

    please no brexit

  • RedVelvetPanda
    RedVelvetPanda 4 days ago

    The house... The house...
    The House...?

  • Crimson Fists
    Crimson Fists 4 days ago

    wow… british politic is INsane! OOOOORRRRRRRDDDDDDDDDDDDAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pandarah
    Pandarah 4 days ago

    Seems simple to me. You join something, hopefully knowing what you're getting into. That's your responsibility. If you then want out, and you're told to leave then, you don't have much weight to pull, and aren't really in a position to make demands or negotiate a deal imo. Take it or leave it.

  • Łukasz
    Łukasz 4 days ago

    Is this a parlament? For me it’s just circus...

  • Arno Schäfer
    Arno Schäfer 4 days ago

    The British parliament voted against the only Brexit deal that they can get with the EU, and they also voted against "no deal". While they were at it, they also voted for the sun to rise in the west... They are in denial of reality.

  • Derek Bootle
    Derek Bootle 4 days ago

    Very simple. The parliament doesn't want a Brexit, regardless of what the peasants want.

  • marta Lis
    marta Lis 4 days ago

    What they are discussing is very serious and important and yet all you see is them booing at each other and arguing like children

  • shane callaghan
    shane callaghan 4 days ago

    Sack the lot of them

  • Robin P
    Robin P 4 days ago

    Thanks for making it understandable!

  • Moonwired
    Moonwired 4 days ago

    What a bunch of infants