Theresa May's Brexit deal is rejected

  • Published on Mar 12, 2019
  • The Prime Minister's Brexit deal has been rejected for a second time after MPs voted against her proposed agreement.
    MPs voted 391 to 242 against Theresa May's agreement.
    Mrs May says MPs must choose between revoking article 50, holding a second referendum, or #Brexit with a different deal.
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Comments • 4 001

  • Thomas Feerick
    Thomas Feerick Day ago

    They're not v honourable.

  • Thomas Feerick
    Thomas Feerick Day ago

    They have too many mps, that's the prob! Ha ha.

  • anfeild8
    anfeild8 3 days ago

    I think she made the mistake of saying it was personal,now they no they have got to her,they will reject everything with this deal of her,she should,of from the start,asked the people again.because it was David Cameron policy not hers..then she would no if they wanted yes or no..and going to the people and making a broadcast,out of the blue,so unexpected

  • Martin O'BRIEN
    Martin O'BRIEN 3 days ago


  • God knows the Heart
    God knows the Heart 4 days ago +1

    Yours eyes need poking out

  • Louise Martin
    Louise Martin 4 days ago +1

    May is turning into Darth Vader and Hammond is evolving into a sith lord, the deal will be back time and again dup will be bought off once again

  • Peter Pan
    Peter Pan 6 days ago +1

    This is the most coercive, deceitful, duplicitous, disgraceful, disingenuous, disrespectful and undemocratic PM our country has ever had. Theresa May is the most despised PM the UK has ever seen. Good riddance cannot come a moment too soon

  • Ali Khan
    Ali Khan 6 days ago +1

    The lunch snatcher MAY!

  • The drummerboy 121
    The drummerboy 121 6 days ago

    This was NOT may's deal.This ''deal'' was devised and written by the EU according to a Professor of European Legislation lawyer on the BBC Question time tonight.

  • Just IBRAHH with 2 HS

    dose she have an invisible deep throat

  • Kbear lly
    Kbear lly 7 days ago

    i feel sympathetic to PM

    • Nemon Bettshaft
      Nemon Bettshaft 4 days ago

      I don’t really care about her, I care more about the future of our country if she can’t sort it out, she should go immediately

  • Reza Khan
    Reza Khan 8 days ago

    Zionist puppet

  • David Barnett
    David Barnett 8 days ago

    Another nation divided! Meanwhile Putin, Xi Jinping, Kim, and the Ayatollah of rock 'n rolla vigorously rub their hands together and laugh gleefully. The western world is toast.

    • Роман Кузнецов
      Роман Кузнецов 2 days ago

      Putin works for Trump.. but yes.. all that things make USA stronge.
      If EU (Germany) will lead all those devided countries as one fist then EU could be strongest thing ever.. but it's not because England is working against EU.. and there are no suc power which cold uion all in one.
      Russia can't cause we just a colony of USA

  • Torvic
    Torvic 9 days ago

    Poor Old May.... let me be clear

  • Misan
    Misan 9 days ago

    what is her deal, ive been looking for and answer to that question for ages, someone just answer me

  • abc abc
    abc abc 9 days ago

    Get the UK out of this demonic club. The EU is designed to destroy the fabric of societies through the continent. Besides, a nation-state can't take pride in its economy, the authenticity of autonomy if it has to get help from a bunch of other countries within a club. Great countries do things for themselves. Even Bank of England Governor who was instructed to scaremonger has retreated and is now saying there will very minimal damage to the UK economy from a no deal. The UK must get out if it is to save it itself from a catastrophic future. The EU has held it back a long time now. The UK has done better than all the Eurozone countries over the last decade or two because we stayed out of the Euro. It's fortunate we stayed out of the common currency. It was more luck than judgement, however.

  • abc abc
    abc abc 9 days ago

    Get the UK out of this demonic club. The EU is designed to destroy the fabric of societies through the continent. Besides, a nation-state can't take proud of its economy, the authenticity of autonomy if it has to get help from a bunch of other countries within a club. Great countries do things for themselves. Even Bank of England Governor who was instructed to scaremonger has retreated and is now saying there will very minimal damage to the UK economy from a no deal. The UK must get out if it is to save it itself from a catastrophic future. The EU has held it back a long time now. The UK has done better than all the Eurozone countries over the last decade or two because we stayed out of the Euro. It's fortunate we stayed out of the common currency. It was more luck than judgement, however.

  • abc abc
    abc abc 9 days ago

    Get the UK out of the EU as quickly as possible. Membership of the EU is destroying the UK. Another 20 years and the UK will be all but gone as we know it even now.

    MONICA COLACO 9 days ago +1

    The whole speech it looked like she needed to spit a massive tsunami mucus.... this parliament
    would be flooded with filth as it is already.

  • Anna Hunt
    Anna Hunt 9 days ago


  • Anna Hunt
    Anna Hunt 9 days ago


  • Vernon Hedge
    Vernon Hedge 9 days ago

    May passionate? All I see is weakness.

  • Bobby A
    Bobby A 9 days ago

    what are we as a species on this tiny plant.... as life forms... look up to the skies and see a universe.. so vast it makes.. us as life forms microscopic.... there is so much to learn..

  • Craig Tomkinson
    Craig Tomkinson 9 days ago

    Blame Republic of Ireland for the backstop, Now they are trying to alienate us with the EU.
    The sooner Ireland sinks into the sea the better.

  • David Ofosu-Appiah
    David Ofosu-Appiah 9 days ago +1

    #Brexit the British Tragedy,regrets and ruination springtime of Brexit UK hell 29th March 2019 to come, #UK will leave #EU with #NoDeal with #HardBrexit ,it is coming springtime rough rugged ride roadshow of Brexit UK hell big time,...

  • User 11
    User 11 9 days ago

    Theresa May's voice has now officially become Gollum's voice!

  • aidan mcnally
    aidan mcnally 10 days ago +1

    Reminds me of University. Waiting til the night before it's due to start my coursework 😂

  • JSYK
    JSYK 10 days ago

    What the ... Cant hear Brexit anymore!

  • Sandwich Breath
    Sandwich Breath 10 days ago

    Why lizard voice?

  • Boom Boom Khan
    Boom Boom Khan 10 days ago

    No more referent stop drama no DEAL 🙅‍♂️ ✋️

  • Boom Boom Khan
    Boom Boom Khan 10 days ago

    Poor Theresa n her chicken voice 🐓 😂

  • Sergio Lopez
    Sergio Lopez 10 days ago

    My precioouuussss!!

  • del boy
    del boy 10 days ago

    She's losing her voice due to clogged bullshit

  • Simple Gameplay
    Simple Gameplay 10 days ago

    UK sucks

  • D Jaay Belovely
    D Jaay Belovely 10 days ago

    If it was African parliament, so called UK would make noise about us being disorganized.
    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 keep showing your true characters

  • David N
    David N 10 days ago

    second referendum please!

  • Ralph Renner-Bloder
    Ralph Renner-Bloder 10 days ago +1

    No state wants to be in a second chamber of the EU with or without a social insurance. To say 'No' to the EU is good.

  • Viktor Belan
    Viktor Belan 10 days ago

    Exterminate Exterminate!

    THE GOVERNOR 10 days ago

    Lol massive traitors to the people and massive goons wow they are sooo useless

  • Mike Thompson
    Mike Thompson 10 days ago +1

    She didn't fail, this is planned, with 'team Junker'

  • Jamie Barnes
    Jamie Barnes 10 days ago +1

    Her throat seems to be damaged after some very long private meetings with Jean Claude junker!

    • Gary Fletcher
      Gary Fletcher 10 days ago

      She had a deal on free movement!
      So the other 27 lined up most of them stayed standing but one or two lay back whilst using a pillow for a backstop!.

  • Kris Keeling
    Kris Keeling 10 days ago +1

    brexshit biggest shitshow on earth from the the most transparent backward. regime that ever was in the u.k w.t.o taking no deal of the table enter general election its a betrayel time for change real change call time on the maygime.

  • I. Shaman
    I. Shaman 10 days ago

    I profoundly feel that England is a part of Europe. Let beside the postcolonial stories.

  • ivyan pan
    ivyan pan 10 days ago

    England can learn from China.One country with two policy.I think that should work for northern ireland...

  • Mindset
    Mindset 10 days ago

    Possessed by winston churchill

  • Saffanah Hussain
    Saffanah Hussain 10 days ago

    Sounds like she’s got an egg stuck down her throat

  • Romano Canevari
    Romano Canevari 10 days ago +1

    What a pathetic country!!!

  • AdoringFan
    AdoringFan 10 days ago +1

    We seriously need a new government, this government is a sinking ship so much divide and a PM who can't realise she's fighting a losing cause. They will drag it out to the last minute either accepting the NO deal or revoking it. I wish people can see that.

    FITZYIS 10 days ago

    no extension is going to change the EU terms and not leaving the EU on the 29th is going to throw the country into a situation the government did not expect . similar to the vote to leave they also didnt expect , dont under estimate the people . the oligarchy are forcing the hand and the dog will bite . no deal and leave . britain will once again rebuild and rule the waves

    • Gary Fletcher
      Gary Fletcher 10 days ago

      Rebuild !!! With what?
      Everything this country once had has been (sold off)or(privatized)
      ' the vultures are waiting to swoop again! Donald trump is one,he's not a president!
      He just another money grabbing business man,
      Everyone who voted LEAVE fell for their proper grander (hook line and sinker)
      Thousands of Job's have already gone and thousands more to come/homelessness/poverty ect,ect,
      Oh! and food banks in the 21'st century in one of what was one of the richest country's I the world, as we can see by tonight's vote (ANOTHER ONE BITE'S THE DUST)!!
      This lot of out of touch toffs have spent millions, wasted millions,
      Pocketed millions ect ect,so what's coming next? Oh! They might just TAX the AIR we BREATH.

  • Sam Bee
    Sam Bee 10 days ago

    Lol, Theresa May's croaky voice!😂 Besides, a no deal brexit is a better option, well done MPs!

  • Zom Bee Nature
    Zom Bee Nature 10 days ago +1

    Oh dear, her robot battery has worn down and left the speech synthesizer faulty. 😭

  • jonny malayil
    jonny malayil 10 days ago +1

    Shame on the British government to have become subservient and Vassal state of EU. Once U.K. ruled the Whole world but cannot rule it's own country and needs to be ruled by MAFIA and unelected bureaucrats of EU

  • jonny malayil
    jonny malayil 10 days ago +1

    European union is MAFIA AND EVIL EMPIRE and responsible for the destruction of European countries by welcoming lions poisonous snakes in the form of MUSLIMS refugees who are nothing more than INVADERS and FREELOADERS and also breeds like rabbits and will over take the European countries very soon

  • mar mar
    mar mar 10 days ago


  • mar mar
    mar mar 10 days ago

    MAY sold out the British..hahahaha...

  • Anon is a beta
    Anon is a beta 10 days ago +2

    bRuH shE sOUnDED LiKe A DALEK from drWhomst deadass

  • Zephnia Mukwa
    Zephnia Mukwa 10 days ago

    Mother of Parliaments FAILING to make decisions on a Democratic VOTE ?? That is the stuff of the THIRD WORLD !!!

  • Richard Mitchell
    Richard Mitchell 10 days ago

    She sound like baron greenback from danger mouse !

  • Spacious Sounds
    Spacious Sounds 10 days ago


  • Star Tsar
    Star Tsar 10 days ago

    Fire them ALL!

  • Sibole Staline
    Sibole Staline 10 days ago

    Do they really think the Great British People are going to allow their will to be robbed by scheming politicians without a fight. Obviously the government is prepared for what it thinks is the worst. With units of the British army on standby besides the police and another force they know there will be violence. I am not privy to the plans of the many militant groups who will initiate the opening salvos in n what may cost Britain much more than its 39 billion severance to the EU. I can foresee civil strife which may end the UK forever. With Scotland declaring after a period of bloody chaos a UDI and the Republic of Eire putting in place a hard border ( how ironic). Yet the very worse thing that can happen is that ( a no deal with us not leaving on the 29th produces no effect at all: then sadly the British people would be seen to have lost forever the Dunkirk spirit something that will be forgotten by the world. A small nation after all.

  • INX
    INX 10 days ago +1

    The fact they aren't trying to help one of the only people trying to get a good deal for us is moronic, why bully her if she only wants the best for the country, she is trying to honour the peoples' vote

  • hypercatjohn
    hypercatjohn 10 days ago

    She has no mandate. Have the good grace to resign.

    Brexit must be stopped. We're not leaving without a deal, that's the bare minimum - we should cancel this rendition of it and return to it in 2 or 3 years time. Holding another referendum with much clearer options. If leave wins, we leave - with whatever version of leave wins, as there's a plethora of leave versions, whereas there's only one version of remain.

  • The real fat kid from shrek

    Are they metal prunes on her neck

  • John Thomas
    John Thomas 10 days ago

    Luke "I am your father".

  • Choccy
    Choccy 10 days ago +1

    Hang this traitor NOW .

  • batfink forever
    batfink forever 10 days ago

    they should read a dictionary at least once in there lifetime, leave,out and exit doesn't mean remain.. or remain with one big toe still in.... so as they stand in parliament they should all have a dictionary at hand and look at the meaning... unless they purposely choose not to look...💂💂💂

  • Baisil Sunny
    Baisil Sunny 10 days ago

    Lol....why r some random unseen guys mocking her...??

  • fridericusnonrex
    fridericusnonrex 10 days ago +1

    I hope and pray that Mrs. May will give the deathblow to the EU, ... and soon!!

  • jingle moss
    jingle moss 10 days ago

    wheres Winston churchill

  • adam scho
    adam scho 10 days ago

    Shut ya trap may n get us out of eu ffs. Brexit means brexit no single market no eu laws no just get on with it ffs n I voted remain am not a cry baby coz I lost to leave

  • Tamudazo
    Tamudazo 10 days ago


  • Marcus Sullivan
    Marcus Sullivan 10 days ago


  • Sandra Fraser
    Sandra Fraser 10 days ago

    I think Article 50 could easily be revoked!!

  • Deborah
    Deborah 10 days ago

    Look: we HAVE to leave without a deal, or take the Norway option. Even the MP's in Parliament, blighted and ignorant as they are, can see the disaster this deal will cause.

    • Thought Police
      Thought Police 10 days ago

      Our traitorous MP's and Mp work for big business. We the normal people need to purge the whole government.

  • Bancree123
    Bancree123 10 days ago

    Britain is....


  • Luckman Hussain
    Luckman Hussain 10 days ago

    People use to complain about Labour party when they was in power when world banks messed up. But theses guys will totally shaft everyone this time from small business to big business.

  • RC castle
    RC castle 10 days ago +1

    No wonder Guy Fawkes wanted to blow up this stupid corrupted conservative government!

    M ZAKRIA 10 days ago

    The will of the people sometimes means the stupidest decisions can be by the dumbest people at one known time , In most countries the people choose Governments to make the decisions for the people , not the other way round ( seems like UK was one big experiment) arguing with stupid people will give anyone a Sore throat and has opened the doors of Discord for decades (disagreement between people.)

    AHELI BISWAS 10 days ago

    I curse that worse things happen to Britain, let them get the taste of their own medicine. Leaving colonial countries in shambles!

  • Mohamed Farah
    Mohamed Farah 10 days ago

    It would have been a lot more decisive and reasonable if the idea of credible polls testing the possibility of a second referendum was entertained!

  • paul brewer
    paul brewer 10 days ago +1

    What about the cowardly Bankers hiding behind the curtains pulling the strings where,s there cowardly faces

  • pp lai
    pp lai 10 days ago +1

    She is another reptilian. Her voice shows it all.

  • Loui Loui
    Loui Loui 10 days ago

    She's changing, golem golem.. Soon the wig will fall and the teeth will protrude.. Look at that hunch..

  • Loui Loui
    Loui Loui 10 days ago

    Polished turds.. Your suits betray your disgusting body's.. Wipe and flush, don't look back..

  • Brussel Sprouts
    Brussel Sprouts 10 days ago

    I'm a lot younger than Theresa May but I find her ever so sexy...

  • Greta Lin
    Greta Lin 10 days ago

    Love that one loud voice in the background going "Yeah yeah yeah"

  • Chaofan Sun
    Chaofan Sun 10 days ago

    Prime Minister May is too tired to dealing with those selfish 'No' voters.

  • Duncan Sands
    Duncan Sands 10 days ago +2

    Brexit is like Brian Clough being England manager, if only we had the guts to give him the job????

    • beppegoals
      beppegoals 9 days ago

      Cloughy used to say that players and managers - the experts in the field - are the ones who should have been commenting on football, not journalists who never really played or managed a day in their life.
      One could argue that the same would apply to a referendum where people were asked to decide on something they can only have limited knowledge of.

  • saro ravi
    saro ravi 10 days ago

    Stop brexit

  • T Dutch
    T Dutch 10 days ago +1

    Owning Trump is Vladimir Putin's best investment ever, Pushing Britain into Brexit with some help of his gophers like Jeremy Corbyn and Nigel Farage must be Putin's second best.

    • Deborah
      Deborah 10 days ago

      Putin did not push Britain into Brexit. People supported leaving long before Putin's "election".

  • Frederick Hewlett
    Frederick Hewlett 10 days ago

    Your getting right in my ear-ole !!!!!!

  • Sam94
    Sam94 10 days ago

    Vote ukip. They care about the people and aren't an embarrassment. Fck the left and the tories complete traitors

    • Deborah
      Deborah 10 days ago +1

      I used to dislike UKIP... Now I see where they are coming from. We have no one who represents us in Parliament.

    • Sam94
      Sam94 10 days ago

      +Duncan Sands watch gerard batten Durham vid its on the ukip channel. He knows what he's talking about. The only politician that speaks sense atm

    • Duncan Sands
      Duncan Sands 10 days ago +1

      Never voted for UKIP i will now....just this once!

  • Y209 AEX
    Y209 AEX 10 days ago

    She sounds like a ghoul

  • Reichsbanner Schwarz-Rot-Gold

    Stupid politicians and stupid people

    • Duncan Sands
      Duncan Sands 10 days ago +1

      Be quite Crowt and get me a beer!!

  • When life gives you lemons make orange juice

    This woman could walk into a charity shop and convince them 2 sell a peice of wood for the same price as Luis Verttion earphones

  • Sim2Go
    Sim2Go 10 days ago

    those who are cheering exit without a deal and expecting boost in better life aspects - good luck

  • Said Ossman
    Said Ossman 10 days ago

    Brexit 29 march 2019 11 pm bye

  • viperstudioshass
    viperstudioshass 10 days ago

    She REALLY NEEDS to go to bed and rest her voice. She sounds terrible, nobody will judge if the priminister take a day or to off to focus on her personal recovery after feeling under the weather

    • AdoringFan
      AdoringFan 10 days ago

      As a PM she can't take a rest, yes the job is stressful but she should be replaced she's a broken corps who's ran out of plans.

  • skiddy619
    skiddy619 10 days ago +1

    She’s spent too much time blowing the devil off to try and sell her brexit deal she’s got a fiery throat, give it a clearing cough woman for god sake