* The EU's 'SECRET' Brexit Negotiation EXPOSED 🙄

  • Published on Mar 10, 2019
  • Main video: ieclip.net/video/J1Yv24cM2os/video.html

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  • Peter Hruska
    Peter Hruska 7 minutes ago

    fun thing is that the UK had already carved out the best deal of any EU member for themselves, and that wasn't enough.

  • Arab Myself
    Arab Myself 44 minutes ago


  • Jonathan Warner
    Jonathan Warner Hour ago

    A functional analysis of the EU reveals that the "core" of the EU is not actually full membership, but the Single Market. Why? Because by some kind of alchemy, people are smuggled into a free trade agreement as though they are the equivalent of goods, services and capital - i.e. in the concept of "Freedom of Movement," which creates a de facto European Citizenship in any nation that signs up to it, and that includes the EEA / EFTA.

  • Bent Overgaard
    Bent Overgaard Hour ago

    Lack representation not only in parliament, but more important in the Council.

  • Bent Overgaard
    Bent Overgaard Hour ago

    Not free movement of people, but free movement of labour.

  • A i
    A i Hour ago

    Brainwashed education to make us fools...that is the reward for our love, telling us that democracy is a dove?

  • t peg
    t peg 2 hours ago

    uk…. yes but no but yes but no …. Cameron lef,t he knew it couldn’t work but offered it for election purposes a perfect example of party over country ….

  • Airstrip One
    Airstrip One 2 hours ago

    Of course what the EU should do is apply no restrictions or regulations upon the UK and just trade with the UK tariff free. There, easy, I fixed it for you.

  • Oroberus
    Oroberus 3 hours ago +1

    Well, it's even way more simple then that. Uk wants all the benefits of being in the EU without the duties connected to them.
    It's pretty much the same if a citizen of any given states want's to be protected by the laws of the state and also wants to use it's infrastructure, while demanding to be not being directable by said laws and also don't want to pay taxes to upkeep the infrastructure.
    And the UK wants this completely ignoring that they already had a special deal with way less duties. It's the single most baffeling case of r/EntitledPeople combined with r/ThatHappened

  • Joe Sheppard
    Joe Sheppard 3 hours ago

    We could just tell the eu to do one as they did push there luck way too far. We budge and they dont means it is not a negotiation. Both need to stop with the chest puffing and think about the whole of europe. Imo

  • Blood
    Blood 3 hours ago

    This is what happens when the UK votes Brexit but has a Remain government.
    It is also what happens when the EU makes absolutely zero concessions to us.

  • A piece of fucking sliced white bread!

    I do hope people can see that brexit was meant to fall, the fact you got TM doing it at all is retarded.
    These people would rather hurt their own economy and people than actualy put in the effort to make the UK great again.

  • A piece of fucking sliced white bread!

    I support brexit for diffrent reasons than most, the EU needs to change and be less totalitarian, esspecialy in terms of free speech and basic human rights.

  • 최규광
    최규광 5 hours ago

    i need translation...

  • Chisto Prosto
    Chisto Prosto 5 hours ago

    This is by far the clearest explanation of brexit that I've seen so far.

  • secallen
    secallen 7 hours ago

    We could have had a deal at step one -- if only the EU did not insist on free movement of people. Why is this principle so important to the EU?

  • Hunter Knight
    Hunter Knight 10 hours ago

    This just makes me think that being a part of the EU means you give up your own nation's autonomy in every major way to a council of unelected officials who can destroy your economy if you don't do what they say. I think I'd stick with the World Trade Organization.

  • Mark
    Mark 11 hours ago

    The UK is a mess that doesn't know what it wants.

  • Charles Hamilton
    Charles Hamilton 11 hours ago

    T-minus 10 days. Bercow has told May to fuck off. May, rebuffed, wants up to two more (squandered) years to get her shit together. Meanwhile, the EU be like, “Hold my beer.”

  • IfReborn
    IfReborn 11 hours ago

    wHY CAnt they have their own orbit. Why do they need to be put in a box.

  • Manannan anam
    Manannan anam 12 hours ago

    Or.. the EU can make a deal (new orbit) with the UK specific to the UK.. like the EU did with switzerland and Turkey... but heeeeey, that's putting some of the onus on the EU and we can't have that.

  • Inquisitive Precursor
    Inquisitive Precursor 13 hours ago

    Who's afraid of the WTO?!

  • Pana po’o
    Pana po’o 13 hours ago

    Next time Germany starts a war and invades France, Italy (all of Europe) the UK will stay out of it.

    • Simon Phönix
      Simon Phönix 3 hours ago

      wtf i would never fight or kill another human sry bro. No fucking Goverment on this Planet can forced me to do that. Greetings from Germany

  • KDH
    KDH 13 hours ago

    "Vice versa" not "visa versa"

  • Nemo Says
    Nemo Says 13 hours ago

    You realise the UK people want to leave but the political elites refuse to.

  • SeriouslyBroke
    SeriouslyBroke 13 hours ago

    "To brexit" actually means in german now "saying that you leave but u don't"
    U don't have to guys, just sayin

  • Cal97g
    Cal97g 14 hours ago

    Yes we want no deal

  • neil e
    neil e 14 hours ago

    500 MPs are the problem.... wanting to remain and not representing their constituents! Watch this space when they want to be re-elected … my vote is going to someone who will represent the constituents...

  • neil e
    neil e 14 hours ago

    Hallelujah! Can you see the light?

  • JJvH
    JJvH 14 hours ago

    Funny how people keep talking about trade, whilst that is not the reason people voted Brexit. They voted because other things are broken and will not be fixed by the EU. To think the UK is the bad guy for wanting brexit.
    The EUs media, immigration policy and warmongering has been out of control for years. Which has led to terror attacks, grooming gangs, unjust wars, unjust censoring and propaganda.
    Its not like one country can change that for the better on their own. Therefore the only option left is to leave the EU entirely.

    EU should be remade with better rules imo.

  • Cillit Bang
    Cillit Bang 15 hours ago +2

    You're wrong that the UK wants a relationship. The UK is not a singular entity. It's not a woman in a Union Flag skirt wearing a crown, sipping tea. The majority of UK citizens voted to Leave, which means leave completely. The MPs however are attempting to thwart democracy by forcing us to be still in the EU but with no say in the politics (not that we really had any, but they used to politely pretend we had, while favouring Germany, and France to a lesser extent than Germany).

    • telemasca
      telemasca 8 hours ago +1

      Cillit Bang Well I remember you had a lot to say since UK was literally bombarding every reform and consolidation effort and shouting about leaving EU since 70s. Just go already.

  • Cillit Bang
    Cillit Bang 15 hours ago +1

    Are the EU and UK lesbians? You said they are having a break-up and portray the UK as a queen sipping tea, & the EU as a tutting woman arms-folded. (Quite accurate)

  • IratePirate
    IratePirate 15 hours ago

    More nonsensical bullshit. The EU is famous for its ability to compromise and flexibility to be able to create new bullshit half way houses.

  • Ser Davos
    Ser Davos 15 hours ago

    0:53 the UK's dress flag is upside down, come on CGP Grey I know you just flipped it!

  • Cid Sapient
    Cid Sapient 16 hours ago

    the problem is ppl are confusing speculations with facts which is creating misinformation
    both sides are lying to get what they want and thats why it seems like the UK doesnt know what it wants
    the UK ppl that are most affected by EU laws know exactly what they want
    and the majority of them are leave voters

  • Oid Hipson
    Oid Hipson 16 hours ago

    It's still weird that loads of politicians in the UK are yelling that they can't come back on the referendum outcome.
    If no one every had the chance to reconcider choices we all had a huge problem. But apparently that's the way the UK rolls...
    No more selling items, divorces, abortions, etc etc you are stuck with your choices ;)

  • SuicidelG
    SuicidelG 16 hours ago

    Its sad that the UK got the right idea in that the EU is bad but for the wrong reasons. The EU is essentially just Industrial colonialism run by German industrialists.

  • George Szweden
    George Szweden 16 hours ago

    Did Brexit really happen?
    UK: Wel yes but actually no.

  • Carl shadbolt
    Carl shadbolt 16 hours ago

    the UK citizens never wanted to stay attached to the EU !! the Establishment and the EU have conspired from day one to stop brexit !!! and that is factually !! the people we asked leave the EU or stay !! we voted leave the EU !! the establishment are the ones killing democracy within the UK !! by wanting us to stay !! the EU needs our money so needs us to stay !! and also they know if we leave then others will follow !! French people Irish people Danish people Dutch people all voted NO against the EU and were told vote again you got it wrong !! and vote till you get yes !! well if that is democracy then fk you !!

  • scott turner
    scott turner 17 hours ago

    No deal... best result we can get now as a nation.

  • Henry Kissinger
    Henry Kissinger 17 hours ago

    Information presented in this chart isn't accurate.

  • Mr Mark
    Mr Mark 18 hours ago

    Very informative.

  • mikecar52
    mikecar52 18 hours ago

    Thank you

  • Tom Bayley
    Tom Bayley 19 hours ago

    You missed out the last column before 'no-deal', the one with the check mark under it. So you are entirely misrepresenting the intent of this infographic. This I think is 'Canada Plus', and something that looks like South Korea. 'Canada Plus' is what a number of brexiteers have been after, but the government won't have it.

    • Tom Bayley
      Tom Bayley 11 minutes ago

      +Karl Bassett And of course the whole media/political agenda has been to suggest that this is not acceptable. Hence we now have a disingenuous farce, which everyone likes to blame the brexiteers for, even though the EU and the brexiteers are on the same page!

    • Karl Bassett
      Karl Bassett 23 minutes ago +1

      +Tom Bayley I agree. The maker of this video took a slide that shows the bleedin obvious and tries to argue that there is no possible deal that the UK can get, ignoring that the slide clearly shows the type of deal that is possible. The slide even had a big tick in a box next to that deal!

    • Tom Bayley
      Tom Bayley 3 hours ago

      +Karl Bassett I agree, this was the way forward. But the fact that even this video completely misses it is just a little more evidence of the political/media diversion that has taken place.

    • Karl Bassett
      Karl Bassett 10 hours ago +1

      +Tom Bayley Andrew Neil is saying what I have been saying, the Canada Plus deal meant leaving NI witin the EU Customs Union and would create a goods border between NI and the rest of the UK, which is why Theresa May vetoed it. JRM thinks otherwise. I'd have to assume May knows why she vetoed the deal but I'd also assume JRM has studied it in depth, so who knows? Maybe May got legal advice saying one thing while JRM has a different interpretation? The Canada PLus deal would have been perfect, so maybe working from that and trying to fix the NI problem might have been better than going for Chequers and trying to solve the backstop problem? One possibility is for the whole of Ireland to be open to the UK with free movement for people AND goods, with Eire having goods checks between it and mainland EU. Since Eire isn't in Schengen that is essentially where they are with people right now, so if border checks are acceptable for people why not accept them for goods? As JRM says in that video, these days the vast majority of goods checks are done by computer with a few spot checks here and there. If Eire want the border to stay open with NI, and it is Eire who really what that, then maybe accepting such a deal would be in their best interest? That would be up to them. Checking goods is politically far less sensitive than stopping citizens and demanding passports, which they already do.
      A hard Brexit would leave them very isolated, with the mainland EU a significant ship journey away and a hard border to NI, which is currently a huge trade route for them, both in local trade and as a trucking route to the mainland EU via England.

    • Tom Bayley
      Tom Bayley 12 hours ago

      Karl Bassett what do you make of this (8 minutes in)? ieclip.net/video/K5CEvdpQmRs/video.html

  • Craigx71
    Craigx71 19 hours ago

    So, the eu is a mess and the uk is trying to find normality!

  • Rakkhot
    Rakkhot 19 hours ago

    yep switzerland is pretty much fucked since we're an island inside the EU, I'm just waiting until we get annexed :(

  • Cris py
    Cris py 20 hours ago

    Canada style trade deal - simple. Can’t have it both ways, trade is good everything else is giving up sovereignty

  • Attilla The Brit
    Attilla The Brit 20 hours ago

    the remain establishment appointed a remainer PM who appointed a europhilic remainer civil servant to not negotiate but to accept any surrender terms the EU could think of.

  • Jack Jensen
    Jack Jensen 20 hours ago

    The graph is clearly saying that the Canadian orbital is the only workable one before "no deal" is the only option, though Canada's relationship to the EU wasn't discussed in this video

  • Damian Moody
    Damian Moody 21 hour ago +1

    Explained precisely- that was why they took Canada of the table. May doesn't want to leave or she would have just gone for Canada right away.

    • Karl Bassett
      Karl Bassett 16 hours ago

      The EU offered a Canada Plus deal last year but Theresa May rejected it because the EU would only agree it if Northern Ireland stayed inside the EU Customs Union, and a border for goods was created between NI and the rest of the UK. That would be breaking up the UK so she rejected it. Even before she had to work with the DUP it was a red line. Theresa May is technically the head of "The Conservative And Unionist Party" after all. Kicking NI out into a second class citizen status was not going to happen, just as the EU don't want Ireland to be treated differently to the rest of the EU. (Though technically it is already since Eire isn't in Schengen, but that was their choice)

    • Attilla The Brit
      Attilla The Brit 20 hours ago

      barnier offered canada may refused it

  • BFG Barry
    BFG Barry 21 hour ago

    can tell half of these banger's ain't in the uk!!!!

  • James
    James 21 hour ago

    Calling a country, "she" is wrong in English. It's "it". Learn English. The 'she' comes from the Romance languages.

  • TFAric
    TFAric 22 hours ago

    Well It is not that strange, the UK voted to leave but there scummy politicans do all they can to stop It.

  • Barbara pemb
    Barbara pemb 22 hours ago

    We don't want a deal we want out now!

  • spacebum
    spacebum 22 hours ago

    You're just going to ignore the bit with Korea and Canada then? Hmmmm?

  • Jan Mardi
    Jan Mardi 22 hours ago

    Please can we stay longer, we still do not know what we want

  • xivstriker
    xivstriker 23 hours ago

    The best part of all this is watching a bunch of people grumble in the house of commons.

  • Not Herrk
    Not Herrk Day ago +1

    Sounds like my ex lmao

  • BigGlockTV
    BigGlockTV Day ago +1

    you just have to look at the most liked comments and you can see the intelligence level of the liberal left....🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • MMAFather Dating MGTOW, anti-Marriage/Divorce-Rape

    Brexit is like Divorce. The best thing to do was never join / get married because then you're legally screwed when you try to leave, but hindsight is 20/20.

  • valicourt
    valicourt Day ago

    The U.K. is like the Vicky Pollard of the world. Yeah but no but yeah but...

  • xSkitZx
    xSkitZx Day ago

    Brexit is such an embarrassment - _-

  • Me Innit
    Me Innit Day ago

    We want the fook out and that means no deal.....Are you deliberatly being deaf and stupid....EU Yes

  • Luis Daniel Mesa Velasquez

    Europol is not Interpol, also the EU is not a country...

  • Frederick Hewlett

    Exposure is a locking up job !!!!

  • Jake Colley
    Jake Colley Day ago +1

    Uhmm, the deal would have a majority if it were not for the Irish backstop issue.... should that be resolved then we would leave and negotiate a FTA. What the hell is so complicated, inconsistent or confused about that?

  • The Shamanarchist

    EU is going down baby. We are going to smash your lefty libtard commie jew collectivist fantasy into smithereens. Millions of YOU BASTARDS (non indegenous) are going to get snuffed out.
    Let's do this. You're going down.

  • Adolf Göbbels
    Adolf Göbbels Day ago

    Fuck the (((EU))) go No Deal

  • YAFU2
    YAFU2 Day ago

    how often is this re moaner crap going to be broadcast

    this is BS propoganda.,

    so Seceret, it was made a youtube video months ago and is just being regurgitated here, under a bullshit different title


    So many suckers on the internet

  • Eliz Donovan
    Eliz Donovan Day ago

    Best explanation I have seen to date. Well done and thank you. 🌲🌝☘️

  • Ulrna
    Ulrna Day ago

    Fuck the EU

    PiCABLESKY Day ago

    eu = zssr = crime against humanity

  • Xiao Luwan
    Xiao Luwan Day ago

    Can somebody pls arrange that this video is going to be broadcasted in the whole EU and UK during prime time on all tv stations simultaneously.

  • Lapin Logic
    Lapin Logic Day ago +2

    We can't soften the major red lines of ECJ (their laws are a pox), Free movement (the EU hands passports to anyone who takes a Dinghy 1 mile off the coast of Syria, free movement would then see them move legally to the UK in a loophole of our laws).
    This means most of the orbits are incompatible with the spirit of Brexit, we either find a third way or leave on WTO because no other country, for example the USA would allow unlimited migrants from a country just because they exported goods there.

    • donmab
      donmab 16 hours ago

      EU law allows you to deport any EU passport holder back to their home country if they cannot support themselves.
      Blame UK politicians for not enforcing that.

  • Anarhistul
    Anarhistul Day ago

    Bombard the EU

    • Anarhistul
      Anarhistul Day ago

      +Karsten Topp I prefer old style artillery installations for digging holes.

    • Karsten Topp
      Karsten Topp Day ago

      We still got our Nucular Force. Make good use of it!

  • Rollos Internet
    Rollos Internet Day ago

    The UK needs a lot more time as they wasted all they had in little party games and the realisation that lies don't go far in practice. If the extension goes over EU elections, there cannot be British MEPs, quite obviously. No way anybody would allow a mole to take part in future decisions when they are leaving. The UK is not a friend of the EU, it cannot have a voice whilst preparing its exit. During this time it will effectively be treated like Norway, then like a distant third country if it still demands the same red lines as that is its choice. Just to be clear, it is not reasonable to demand a special treatment that goes against the core of the EU, it is not going to happen. If we want out, out it is, with all the consequences. Our choice and our own fault when unicorns finally die of starvation and we are not allowed back.

  • john o neill
    john o neill Day ago +3

    Its very clear the people voted to leave. Here ill give you a clue" ballot box!

  • Chris Slade
    Chris Slade Day ago +1

    The British people voted to leave the corrupt EU, and leave in its entirety ....NO deals / NO compromise / NO part in Part out JUST OUT OUT OUT, Take back OUR country ........it's the corrupt British government that have screwed this up !!!

  • genome616
    genome616 Day ago

    So where does the Japan relationship fit here or the Canada, seems they have managed to secure a position similar to that which the UK wants, you even show Canada in the chart yet fail to mention it and is where Japan would sit too, I get that Japan deal was post the publication of this hence its missing.

  • ualuuanie
    ualuuanie Day ago

    I wonder is the Queen for or against Brexit?

  • Andrew Amidala
    Andrew Amidala Day ago

    I want us to crash out hard and then negotiate our own trade with individual countries across the world.....................so exciting!!!!!

    • Karsten Topp
      Karsten Topp Day ago

      I do not want to have to adhere to stupid WTO rules like the "most favoured nation" rule. I want to have total freedom to decide who I deal with and under what conditions. We shall leave not only the EU, but the WTO, too!

  • Steffen Scheibler
    Steffen Scheibler Day ago +2

    What you fail to mention:
    For the UK to become a member of EFTA/EEA the other countries have to approve. Norway has signaled in the past that it would approve however more recent talks, numerous talks, have revealed that it would not actually like this as the size of the UK economy would render Norway and Iceland ineffective members so they would, in principle, actually oppose this. The UK would have to accept concessions and the EEA/EFTA charter would need changing to allow for this. So Brexit on March 29th into EFTA/EEA would be impossible.
    The EU has stated flatly that a Switzerland-style deal is not on the table under any circumstances.
    The big topic is the UKs land borders with EU countries. Ireland is the big topic, but Cyprus is also a topic.
    The Irish border must remain open (no barriers of any kind) due to the Good Friday Agreement (GFA). If the UK leaves the EU without a deal, then the UK violates the GFA. The UK has no recourse here and has no adequate mechanism to repeal this treaty, so it would put the UK in violation of the Vienna Convention on international treaties and the UK would find itself in front of the ICJ tribunal for this and lose.
    The UK must at least remain in a Customs Union with the EU OR split as a country and have an actual hard border inside itself so that Northern Ireland and Ireland can have the open border whilst trade between the UK and its region of Northern Ireland now becomes effectively 'international trade'. That won't be popular.
    The Cyprus situation is worse in some ways even if very little media attention has been paid to it. But the UK territory dissects the country and as Cyprus is now also in the EU since 2004 the border would have to close. But there is a treaty in place between the UK and Cyprus which stipulates the borders must be open.
    So logically the same legal situation exists there.
    Despite what some (pro-Brexit, many Trump supporters in the USA) may think, If the UK violates those treaties the UK can be sanctions and actually face the prospect of actually NOT being able to trade under WTO terms either. No one wants to sign deals with a country that willingly violates it's treaties. It is not as if some calamity has befallen the UK that was beyond it's control...the UK has elected to do this willingly and against the advice (for lack of a better word) of the global community at large.
    So the only realistic option, when politicians in the UK are faced with the reality of how the negotiations for a deal have failed, given the lack of time left to do anything, is to actually stop Brexit. At least stop it for now.

    • Attilla The Brit
      Attilla The Brit 20 hours ago

      are the norweigians forced in against their will and still refusing to go further

      does against the peoples will ring any bells

  • kpsnnf
    kpsnnf Day ago +1

    Almost 3 years of wishy washy negotiations, we're gona end up with a deal that is not unlike what we already have with the EU... only be "out" formally.
    The economic impact will not be reversed.
    Brexit has been a con from the very beginning, they never planned to take us out, they did not plan for leave to win, so they tried their best to wreck the outcome and make damn sure the country changed its mind.
    Democracy? shambles.

  • HenryMeriso
    HenryMeriso Day ago

    So .. what’s the secret deal?.. we will see what happens next ..

  • Beadybonce
    Beadybonce Day ago

    Sorry but your infant school diagram is just that.

  • Whoami691
    Whoami691 Day ago +5

    The people want out, the politicians and the idealistic uni bubble students want in.
    This is the result. This is what happens when parliament care more about their own retirement future than that of their countries.

  • thejcjmguyreturns
    thejcjmguyreturns Day ago +1

    This is of course only one perspective - the EU's perspective. Moving from one "off the shelf" arrangement to the next. The UK Government is trying to forge a new relationship, not replicate an existing one.
    Disappointed you didn't emphasise this more clearly in the video.

  • Paul Pithers
    Paul Pithers Day ago

    It would be quite simple if the political class didn't want to stay in . Britain voted to leave and were told by the prime minister who spent 9 million pounds of tax payers money to send every home a leaflet telling us it's was a once in a life time vote and we would leave completely . We voted and the answer dispite all the liberal media and 80% of the political class and a lot of rich celebrity like the smelly Bob geldoff trying to brain wash us was to leave . Leave means leave . So the problem now stands that the political class are trying to stay but the laws won't allow them and the people want to leave . So they are doing their best to tie us into the failing EU so they can keep there fat pensions .

  • Major REX
    Major REX Day ago +1

    Very Good presentation.
    Why the heck did UK join the EU to begin with I wonder.
    On the other hand I'm not a fan of the idea of central power either.

    • TFAric
      TFAric 21 hour ago

      People do mistakes, EU was not always this monster, even if there always were morons who planned it all along.

  • littlecatholicman
    littlecatholicman Day ago +4

    So basically the UK wants all the economic benefits of being in the EU and none of the responsibility, oversight, or bill.

    • littlecatholicman
      littlecatholicman 16 hours ago

      +PiCABLESKY free trade is a huge benefit, please mention what disadvantages outweigh this fact?

      PiCABLESKY Day ago


  • Tim Dobertson
    Tim Dobertson Day ago

    You didn't even mention Canada and Japan. Weird

  • Nargrakhan
    Nargrakhan Day ago +2

    UK wants all the benefits of the EU but without the responsibilities and sacrifices.
    How was this remotely considered reasonable and fair?

  • Alex Ye
    Alex Ye Day ago

    So May wants Britain to have it's metaphorical cake and eat it too.

  • Natural Oddity
    Natural Oddity Day ago

    Why are they even leaving again?

  • igor
    igor Day ago

    The whole matter is purely cultural rather than technical . This is why it's hard to understand that there's really nothing to understand .
    The UK regards itself , as it always has , as a world power . While it was "in" the EU , it always thought of itself as its natural and accepted leader within what it interpreted as a loose deal of temporary convenience . Once it finally ( and suddenly) dawned on the British public that not only they were not the hegemonic power within the EU but that they were actually subjects of its laws , which they only partly contributed to producing , they were simply and understandably shocked .
    In other words , this is all the result of a rather gross misunderstanding , based on sheer crass ignorance , which lasted decades but only surfaced when the European (and global)economy started to go sour and as usual , a scapegoat had to be found .
    Until that moment , ignorance had been bliss .
    I know this sounds absurdly stupid ....but whomever is even mildly familiar with the Brits and their flawlessly collective mindset (brilliantly portrayed by the crowned head holding a cup of tea ) and their way of doing things and interpreting the world , should have no trouble grasping all these apparently incoherent events .
    It's not a joke ....Britain is utterly convinced that it rules the seas and that it is the navel of the world . Such delusion of grandeur and utter collective leave of reality I find remarkably reminiscent of Nazi Germany , just as the persona , demeanor and language of the demagogue Farage cannot but evoque another demagogue .
    Like Nazi Germany at the time , Britain is also a political dwarf armed to the teeth and very trigger happy ...with few , yet powerful , faithful and just as crazed allies .
    I can see a Washington /London/ Tel Aviv axis developing .
    If Britain drops out with no deal , somber days await us all ....and not for economic reasons .

    • Brez6645
      Brez6645 Day ago

      ​+igor : If you think so poorly of us, why are you getting into such a tizz about us leaving?

    • igor
      igor Day ago

      brexit is enough of a gigantic self- imposed waste of time , money and energy for all the continent including Britain as to rightfully feel disgusted with anything British for centuries to come . But why would I expect you to undertand that . You people are an authentic plague , a scourge for the continent . Always have been , always will .
      Correction , mind you , since you complain about generaization ....all that applies to half your population ....unfortunately , that's a hell of a lot of harmful people

    • Brez6645
      Brez6645 Day ago

      +igor : Typical of what Igor? You make sweeping generalizations and seem to display an overt dislike of anything British. Perhaps it relates to some misfortune in your past.

    • igor
      igor Day ago

      What a typically stupid question . You must be British

    • Brez6645
      Brez6645 Day ago

      Nazi Germany? So you were there were you?

  • Babbleplay
    Babbleplay Day ago

    So, was not wearing my glasses when I sat down, and this video was top of recommended front page, but blurry vision made the curious title
    The Elf's secret Brexit Negotiation EXPOSED .

  • Chris Bishop
    Chris Bishop Day ago +1

    I found this too?

  • phil mill
    phil mill Day ago

    It's not our fault in the uk. Eu wants money and power, people want to leave, so won't do a deal that does not enable uk to leave, theresa May and junker the drunker don't care for democracy and the keep slagging off brexiteers. Attacking the the people won't get you anywhere, italy, poland, Hungary and a few other countries are not happy with the European union but are not allowed a vote to leave. Countries don't even know if it is even possible to leave.

  • Mark Gable
    Mark Gable Day ago

    Think of it as a divorce. One side is trying to punish the other because they have another partner.

  • *insert funny name*

    Turkey just trying to get more into the EU😂