Inside A $7 Million NYC Kid’s Dream Home With A Zipline And Slide | Dream Digs

  • Published on Mar 7, 2019
  • INSIDER tours a $7 million New York City dream apartment that has a zipline, spiral slide, climbing wall, monkey bars, and more. It’s a kid’s dream home in the middle of Manhattan! Aly Weisman goes to the SoHo loft to get a tour of the most unique apartment in the city.
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    Inside A $7 Million NYC Kid’s Dream Home With A Zipline And Slide | Dream Digs
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Comments • 6 435

  • Llamacorn
    Llamacorn Hour ago

    I need this woman’s job.

    SIS THIS AINT IT Hour ago

    All the kids in the block be jelly of these kids

  • CinnamonToasties Gacha

    Damn mm mm mm props to host climbing in heels!

  • K & N Gaming
    K & N Gaming Hour ago

    No husband????

  • It’s Cat
    It’s Cat Hour ago

    I’m glad there not brats

  • Ninja
    Ninja Hour ago +1

    White rich kids be like

  • Potato Pups
    Potato Pups 2 hours ago +1

    I can imagine somebody having an important convo on the couch in the playroom and then the 4 kids eavesdropping while hiding in the slide

  • Daisy Pastrana
    Daisy Pastrana 3 hours ago

    they are soooooo luky i wish i were them

  • coolcats 6060
    coolcats 6060 3 hours ago

    5:05 Goodbye Phone

  • Zephyrz
    Zephyrz 4 hours ago

    This makes me feel so poor😢

  • stephanie peralta
    stephanie peralta 4 hours ago

    Me:mom can u buy me thissssss???
    Mom:how much is it?
    Me: $12.00
    Mom: omg!
    Mom:how expensive i wish it was just 5 dollars
    Me:really -_-

  • Rebecca ann Christopher

    I want to live there you are so lucky

  • ツツSnazzy
    ツツSnazzy 4 hours ago

    I wish i was her kid owo

  • furriesand flurries
    furriesand flurries 5 hours ago

    they are so lucky

  • PinkCat Playz
    PinkCat Playz 6 hours ago

    I wanna live here so badly!!!

  • Dorsa
    Dorsa 6 hours ago

    This is all done by a single mom? Hats off 👏🏼

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 7 hours ago


  • Gracie LIGITDOGE
    Gracie LIGITDOGE 7 hours ago

    Man… imagine being these kids

  • Nonce_ _Gacha
    Nonce_ _Gacha 7 hours ago

    Imagine when they have friends round

  • Fox12 Animates
    Fox12 Animates 8 hours ago

    Them: slide, zip line, rock wall
    Me: *giant nest with lamp and blankets*

  • devil girl
    devil girl 8 hours ago

    Umm can I buy that house but have my house at the same t I me I'm jealous :(

  • rainbow sprinkles
    rainbow sprinkles 8 hours ago

    Can I live here?

  • blank black
    blank black 8 hours ago

    It's so fun. But I am an adult.........

  • King Sappy
    King Sappy 9 hours ago

    The comments should be disabled

  • Mimi.icons AJ
    Mimi.icons AJ 9 hours ago

    5:06 she dropped her phone

  • icec man
    icec man 9 hours ago +1

    Money can't buy you happines


  • Pelin Gundogan
    Pelin Gundogan 9 hours ago +1

    Kids would wanna get grounded everyday

  • Hype Queen
    Hype Queen 9 hours ago

    I’m 23 and wanna live here

  • Jonas Jerabek
    Jonas Jerabek 9 hours ago

    Who else thinks that this house would be a great place to film a horror movie? Like the tunnels and stuff would be so cool

  • Amiray b
    Amiray b 9 hours ago

    My mom gave me a bed and a blanket

  • Arrow
    Arrow 10 hours ago

    So many safety hazards... potential broken necks, knee into unexpected person simply walking out of a room.... broken toes, black eyes, fractures, split skulls from hard corners.. uhgg

  • NarutoNass Soccer
    NarutoNass Soccer 10 hours ago +1

    The lady with the rainbow shirt is so talented she could do so much things with her high heels

  • Nellie Rutten
    Nellie Rutten 11 hours ago +1

    Pediatrician has four kids under fourteen and married a Goldman Sachs banker?

  • i daho
    i daho 11 hours ago +1

    I can just see alex jerking off in his room and then his siblings lay on that hammock thing and then they see him...

  • Watermelon
    Watermelon 11 hours ago +1

    can we just stop and say that the mom is a great mom cuz her kids are not spoiled at all they were very nice and kind

  • Naz Aslan
    Naz Aslan 11 hours ago

    Can they adopt me? 🤣

  • Chip S
    Chip S 11 hours ago

    Feels cramped with loft style ..

  • Henry Noonan
    Henry Noonan 11 hours ago

    We’re the older girl room at 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😂

  • Familie Van der Sman
    Familie Van der Sman 12 hours ago

    They are literally the kids from Narnia though

  • Robert Moran
    Robert Moran 12 hours ago

    Imagine just crawling through the tunnel and shouting “HELLLLLLLOO” and just crawling back!

  • Blue Star
    Blue Star 12 hours ago

    Happiness is relative: I’m pretty sure I was happier than that just playing ball in the house with my brother when Mum wasn’t home

  • Scarlet O'Hara
    Scarlet O'Hara 12 hours ago

    5:21 can we appreciate how beautiful the dog is?

  • Mathieu Pare
    Mathieu Pare 12 hours ago

    -I have a climbing wall
    -I have a zip line
    -I have a slide

    -I like maps🙃

  • Ruchi Ratna
    Ruchi Ratna 13 hours ago

    She jumped on to her mums bed and said “so fun” even tho she has a whole play ground

  • Nicolo Playz
    Nicolo Playz 13 hours ago

    Best house ever I wish I had that house but my parents don’t like each other and they dont like spending money so it’ll never happen ;(

  • TheDeadMeme
    TheDeadMeme 13 hours ago

    $7M house and has a clear plastic chair in the office lmao

  • B1SQ1T
    B1SQ1T 15 hours ago +2

    Nothing is off limits 🤔
    “Mom I want a Lamborghini aventador in my room”

  • Jashandeep Sandhu - Walnut Grove PS (1416)

    I would rather an normal bedroom but only a zip liner from outside

  • Jessica Lopes
    Jessica Lopes 15 hours ago

    The thing I Love is that they aren't spoiled

  • Clara Neufeld
    Clara Neufeld 15 hours ago +1

    I'm just surprised that there not spoiled

  • Slimey The Sleepy Slime

    I have a small feeling they are spoiled but idk

  • shristi Gurung
    shristi Gurung 16 hours ago

    5:05 her phone

  • AymenBoy
    AymenBoy 17 hours ago

    Big time rush

  • Nash Gujjalu
    Nash Gujjalu 18 hours ago

    Well, the zipline and slide are not making a huge difference into the house's price. Just saying

  • Lorena Buergi
    Lorena Buergi 18 hours ago

    At least these kids don't act spoiled and still have manners

  • Slytherin Pure
    Slytherin Pure 18 hours ago

    I have a zip line at my house it is so much fun

  • Elina Avetisyan
    Elina Avetisyan 18 hours ago


  • LIRR Enthusiast
    LIRR Enthusiast 19 hours ago +2

    My aunt is a maid and she took me to a apartment in the city and it was amazing, it was on the 17th floor and I had a great view of the Empire State Building. I would die if I lived there!

  • Ciyas Inwood
    Ciyas Inwood 19 hours ago

    God dam the great room is like the size of my house

  • LIRR Enthusiast
    LIRR Enthusiast 19 hours ago +1

    *kids watching this video has left the chat

  • Dominika Miś
    Dominika Miś 19 hours ago


  • FoxyGaming
    FoxyGaming 19 hours ago

    Just imagine the money wasted when they get older and they don't use it

  • Ben Anglim
    Ben Anglim 19 hours ago

    IM so jealous

  • aj lopez傷心的男孩

    I would rather sleep on a playground.

  • sanjana jampala
    sanjana jampala 19 hours ago


  • Pola Voices
    Pola Voices 19 hours ago

    Wth mom

  • Lucas McLean
    Lucas McLean 20 hours ago +1

    Where’s the dad ?

  • Khai Lol
    Khai Lol 20 hours ago +1

    Climbing a ladder with heels......

  • Dacat is cool
    Dacat is cool 20 hours ago

    I’m a teen and I want to play in this house.

    Am I weird?

  • muneeb malik vlogs
    muneeb malik vlogs 20 hours ago

    I feel poor

  • Bob Thebuilderpro
    Bob Thebuilderpro 20 hours ago +1

    2:34 the woman on the right is like
    “WTF is happening”

  • Turtlelochy
    Turtlelochy 20 hours ago

    Ive got a... umm... toybox? *cries*

  • Turtlelochy
    Turtlelochy 20 hours ago

    Ive got a... umm... toybox? *cries*

  • Moment Games
    Moment Games 21 hour ago

    Lucky kids

  • ItzBlades
    ItzBlades 22 hours ago

    5:10 Alex gay

  • Sarathesimmer Sarathesimmer

    " And not hear anyone else "
    lmfaooo her kids gonna be fuckin' someone and she won't know. they too spoiled

  • Wõlfÿ Røšê
    Wõlfÿ Røšê Day ago +1

    This doesn’t look like an apartment 😭

  • TheDerpyUincorn
    TheDerpyUincorn Day ago +2

    Man I wish I cam make my own rooms awwww who’s else want a house like this

  • Raw Peep
    Raw Peep Day ago

    They should’ve bought a home

  • Daboojiboo
    Daboojiboo Day ago

    So it's Farkle's house?

  • A K
    A K Day ago +9

    Wait, weren’t there four kids? Is one just unloved

  • A K
    A K Day ago

    Lol I don’t think a pediatrician makes that much money sooo...,,

  • Mr. Suicidal Wolf

    Just wait for them to end up getting bored of it💀

  • Katelyn Boone
    Katelyn Boone Day ago

    What this place called

  • Noodle Danks
    Noodle Danks Day ago +9

    All I see is a single mom with a butt load of money and 4 kids. Cool house tho :P

  • Palapaz Maximum_xD
    Palapaz Maximum_xD Day ago +1

    5:05 Her phone fell from her pocket.

  • [ONE:1]Koenigsegg
    [ONE:1]Koenigsegg Day ago +1

    How to make kids be kids 101

  • Benji Agility training

    There is no privacy in this house at all

  • Dat_MLG _monkey
    Dat_MLG _monkey Day ago

    The kitchen too thingo is bigger than my room 😭😭😂

  • Rosa Williams
    Rosa Williams Day ago +2

    One of thems gonna fall from the climbing wall or slide and crack there head open

  • littl3 d3vil gachagamer

    I wanna live here

  • YaBoi Elliot
    YaBoi Elliot Day ago +1

    What room would u want?

    • Jacob Greene
      Jacob Greene Day ago

      The one with the rock wall
      And If I could do anything with my room I would make the whole floor a trampoline

  • dunker 655
    dunker 655 Day ago +1

    Damn she made bank from that divorce

  • dunker 655
    dunker 655 Day ago +1

    They could have at least made the kitchen with marble

  • Ayla Flanzer
    Ayla Flanzer Day ago

    I AM SO JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ryder J.
    Ryder J. Day ago +1

    AirPod Users be like smh

  • Mia Terfler
    Mia Terfler Day ago

    Heels..... why did I wear this

  • Fuzzybucket
    Fuzzybucket Day ago

    the most spoiled kids in the country lol

  • DailyDoseOfCringe
    DailyDoseOfCringe Day ago +2

    Kids: Welcome to our apartment
    Anyone living in a apartment: Welcome to our mansion sized apartment wow

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