BEZZIES with Mane and Keita | Sadio's hair cut makes me late

  • Published on Mar 14, 2019
  • Sadio Mane and Naby Keita are next in the Bezzies' hot seat, to see if their friendship is all they make it out to be.
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  • Liverpool FC
    Liverpool FC  5 days ago +245

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    • MS7
      MS7 3 days ago


    • Djean Lovern
      Djean Lovern 5 days ago

      Best team ever

    • Luca Stef
      Luca Stef 5 days ago +1

      Liverpool FC Done ✅🇷🇴

  • Sean K
    Sean K 39 minutes ago

    liverpool fan, but too much forehead in one video

  • Ale Tive
    Ale Tive 2 hours ago

    Damn Keita talks better English than Harry Kane

  • ChapZ 14
    ChapZ 14 3 hours ago

    Mane hairline so far back it’s 62 points behind in the relegation zone

  • nouha faty
    nouha faty 3 hours ago

    Mon équipe préféré,i like Liverpool forever

  • HeHe XD
    HeHe XD 5 hours ago

    What's wrong with mane's head?

  • Slamet Ristiyono
    Slamet Ristiyono 9 hours ago


  • Norman Fernèe
    Norman Fernèe 12 hours ago

    Keitas laugh is so good

  • zadka Lil wavy
    zadka Lil wavy 12 hours ago +1

    Finally : nomore talk
    But they have alwyz big RESPECT.......... #WHTLEGENDS Of The ALLTIME... 😍👬

  • My Suck Dick
    My Suck Dick 13 hours ago +1

    Guinée 🇬🇳 + Senegal 🇸🇳🧠🧠🧠

  • birame ndao
    birame ndao 13 hours ago

    Vous etes incroiyable

  • Melih Er
    Melih Er 15 hours ago

    TAA - VVD - Koulibaly - Robertson
    Wijnaldum - Fabinho - Keita
    Salah - Bobby - Mané
    Joe Gomez
    Diogo Jota

  • DankManTobias
    DankManTobias 15 hours ago

    Mane’s so fast that he missed the barbers

  • Ansou junior Koulibaly
    Ansou junior Koulibaly 15 hours ago

    oh mane mane 💪💪💪🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳

  • Alassane Banne
    Alassane Banne 16 hours ago

    Bonne continuation c’est l’Afrique qui gagne 🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳✅🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳vive 😍😍😍😍

  • Luke Hutchinson
    Luke Hutchinson 17 hours ago

    Sadio just seems like a real down to earth guy. Good friend and honest.

  • Matar Dia
    Matar Dia 17 hours ago


  • Khun sha
    Khun sha 18 hours ago

    Bezzies with Dejan & Mo please !😊

  • Bin der Jeff !!!!!!!!!
    Bin der Jeff !!!!!!!!! 18 hours ago

    Please Mane dont Leave us for Real! !!

  • Kevin Owens
    Kevin Owens 20 hours ago

    Leroy sane is better than mane 1000 times

  • LFC Patriot
    LFC Patriot 21 hour ago

    He always do with me and de Origi😍😍

  • Robin Sterk
    Robin Sterk 21 hour ago

    Whats wrong wit Mane's big ass forehead man?😂 amazing player btw

  • Goank MAHDI
    Goank MAHDI 22 hours ago

    Sadio just go bald bro smh

  • Jacques Smith
    Jacques Smith 22 hours ago

    Keita will become a legend. Give him some time.

  • Ibrahima Diallo
    Ibrahima Diallo Day ago

    Ça c'est beau pour le Sénégal et la Guinée Conakry c'est l'Afrique qui gagne Naby Keita Sadio Mane

    TheXXBDRGN Day ago


  • Suspect 9
    Suspect 9 Day ago

    This is why I respect Liverpool football club.

  • TheYarro
    TheYarro Day ago

    Big up to moms!

  • Leon Johnson
    Leon Johnson Day ago

    Firmino + Salah + Mane = still haven’t won Liverpool a trophy 😂😂

  • Hadj Diallo
    Hadj Diallo Day ago

    Oui oui c'est l'Afrique qui gagne Le Sénégal es là guinéen yup 🤜🤛 wontanara

  • TV 9 Eri Eritrea. Insgesamt

    Mane mane, over 100000ü say mane, if love mane say ja, ich

  • loi hoffman
    loi hoffman Day ago


  • Ibrahim Diallo
    Ibrahim Diallo Day ago

    You must show this relationship in the pitch better my warriors

  • Thierno Bah
    Thierno Bah Day ago


  • Joseph Markey
    Joseph Markey Day ago

    When Naby said "Ah, yes" i felt the smoothest feeling in the world

  • PL4stik1991
    PL4stik1991 Day ago

    Sadio is so cute!

  • Zugzwang Sàvànt

    Mane looking to see if anyone saw him hug Keita is everything

  • silent but deadly
    silent but deadly Day ago +1

    Nabby keita score your fist goal man

  • I just sing
    I just sing Day ago

    Cmon liverpool

  • Maguette Dieng
    Maguette Dieng Day ago

    King mané end king keïta

  • K D
    K D Day ago +1

    What does mane do to his hair that makes him take 45 mins

  • Liam O'Hare
    Liam O'Hare Day ago +1

    Need this to come through on the pitch now

  • craig immelman
    craig immelman Day ago

    How dare one black amn be a best friend with another black man? Where's the diversity?

  • Yousouf Jamrock
    Yousouf Jamrock Day ago

    Proud of Africa.... And Liverpool.

  • Mahad Mahamoud
    Mahad Mahamoud Day ago

    Sadio and Naby assalamu aleikum brothers africa is proud of you both
    U never Walk alone viva liverpool ❤️😍🇸🇴

  • abdourahmane niang

    Fierté africaine

  • Mrtahir7
    Mrtahir7 Day ago

    I really hope Naby hits the form that we all know he is capable of. Love the respect and friendship they share.

  • Grizzleface
    Grizzleface Day ago

    Aww they love their mums

  • ousa diop
    ousa diop Day ago

    I’m proud of you lion Sadio Manè and Naby 🇸🇳 🇬🇳

  • ThunderFart
    ThunderFart 2 days ago

    Mane one of the best forwards in PL and Keita who is still adaptating to english football but has great potential to be one of the best midfielder in PL, great to see such honest and true friendship
    from a Chelsea fan

  • Badara Diop
    Badara Diop 2 days ago

    The two africans of Liverpool. One love bros keep it up it's very nice

  • Monika Naholo
    Monika Naholo 2 days ago +1

    So Naby's first international goal was against my country, corruption of the highest order hahahaa

    • nflow babs
      nflow babs Day ago +1

      haha don ' t Worry miss.your country made him famous .now you must proud To let him score

  • Mike Ndoye
    Mike Ndoye 2 days ago


  • Goumba Toure
    Goumba Toure 2 days ago


  • Jay Seth
    Jay Seth 2 days ago

    The way Naby looked at Sadio's hair before answering the question 😂

  • Holy Holeass
    Holy Holeass 2 days ago

  • staylit buddy
    staylit buddy 2 days ago +1

    Probably the best two African players right now🙌

  • Ayoub DZ
    Ayoub DZ 2 days ago +2

    Salah mane fermenio 💣💣💣🌪🌪🌪🔥🔥🔥

  • 딩동
    딩동 2 days ago

    한글자막이라니♥ 케이타도 마네처럼 폼 끌어올려서 리그우승하자 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  • Jerseyboy
    Jerseyboy 2 days ago

    origi and sturridge bezzies next

  • Hamzah Hussain
    Hamzah Hussain 2 days ago

    Absolutely Beautiful, As Well A Inspiring ❤️Mashallah Lads🤲🏼❤️🧡

  • Christian Nogueira Harper

    Next season Naby will be a sensation!

  • Nathan Moffat
    Nathan Moffat 2 days ago +1

    BEZZIES with Firmino and Alison

  • Cem
    Cem 2 days ago

    How can Keita not speak any english ? He got signed for Liverpool last year.... Cant belive he didnt invest in some english lessons.

  • Steven Bucknall
    Steven Bucknall 2 days ago

    je ne savais pas que keita parle français....

  • StellarX
    StellarX 2 days ago

    Great video. Clearly two very close friends. Here's to Naby staking a claim for a first team berth next season and hopefully they can demonstrate that mutual understanding on the pitch. :-)

  • Eamonnd1
    Eamonnd1 2 days ago

    What a great videos. I love the bond that these guys have. Mane is playing some amazing football right now.
    Oh mane mane

  • damientournai
    damientournai 2 days ago

    was naby not suppose to be learing english a year before he arrived in liverpool????????????

  • 10,000 subscribers without a video challenge

    I am a man city fan, but seeing this vid I subscribed to see more of these two bezzies.

  • Belagouane Barry
    Belagouane Barry 2 days ago

    Force a vous mes frère

  • Karimoh 10
    Karimoh 10 2 days ago

    Tell Salah to pass the ball to Sadio please

  • Vic HN
    Vic HN 2 days ago

    learn english naby. the world won' t wait for you forever. look at and learn from big bro Mane. people love him not only for his talent, but also his top efforts

  • Daouda Sadio
    Daouda Sadio 2 days ago


  • SOSA llr
    SOSA llr 2 days ago +1


  • Ben Real Man
    Ben Real Man 2 days ago

    Courage les frères on compte sur vous

  • Endeavor 16
    Endeavor 16 3 days ago

    The most touching bezzies...i almost cry at the end😥

  • Ali Deniz
    Ali Deniz 3 days ago

    Cool vid

  • tony tone
    tony tone 3 days ago

    Milner next

  • Danwskii
    Danwskii 3 days ago

    Great song choice at 3:59, editor. #WhosNailinPalin

  • Sal S
    Sal S 3 days ago

    Sadio making his way to Ronaldinho status in terms of just can’t being hated

  • Sonny O'NeillMB
    Sonny O'NeillMB 3 days ago

    Man City are gonna win the prem

  • Escoba fuckboss
    Escoba fuckboss 3 days ago

    c'est l'Afrique qui gagne force à vous les pro

  • to ri
    to ri 3 days ago

    African brotherhood

  • Camara Kabina
    Camara Kabina 3 days ago +1

    Super vidéo 💪💪❤

  • Aleksandr Vlaku
    Aleksandr Vlaku 3 days ago +1

    Am I the only one who noticed that Naby`s speech sounds like rap on 6:10-6:19 ? Especially that moment - 6:12 :D

  • Govella Fuego
    Govella Fuego 3 days ago

    Naby having a year at German knowing he's coming to England should have taken some English course to help him communicate better with his team mates at Liverpool, he knew in advance that he'll be a Liverpool player in a year to come. He lack of better communication with his team mates hinders his progress at Liverpool a bit, IMO. He will be a regular next season though, hopefully.

  • Le Gambien
    Le Gambien 3 days ago

    Mandinka warriors 🇬🇳🇸🇳💪🏿💪🏿

  • Govella Fuego
    Govella Fuego 3 days ago

    Naby is like the youngest of all Sadio's younger brothers, Naby himself knows that too.

  • abcfitness
    abcfitness 3 days ago

    Keita knew he was going to be a Liverpool player for a year and refused to learn English, incredible

  • azedsteam !
    azedsteam ! 3 days ago

    That was so real and emotional, Big ups Sadio and Naby 👏👏🔥🔥

  • Broly's Buns
    Broly's Buns 3 days ago

    God i love them 😭

  • Avish Nalla
    Avish Nalla 3 days ago

    Great Friendship but i find it annoying that Naby does not speak a bit of english at least.

  • LL Cool Ray
    LL Cool Ray 3 days ago

    They talk to their mom 20 times a week!? Wow!! I live real close to my mom and maybe see her every two weeks 😂😭

  • Mamady Konate
    Mamady Konate 3 days ago


  • Brian Oleary
    Brian Oleary 3 days ago

    Kieta will unleash BEAST MODE 🔥on defenders next season. This year is a settling period💪

  • Ibrahima Diene
    Ibrahima Diene 3 days ago

    Mané the best , we love Keita

  • yaya muse
    yaya muse 3 days ago

    Mane african hero 😍somalia🦁

  • BlinkO
    BlinkO 3 days ago +1

    Naby's next season is going to be massive

  • Abdurazak Jama
    Abdurazak Jama 3 days ago

    WOW! Nearly shed tear there. 6:05

  • Irfan dragneel
    Irfan dragneel 3 days ago

    please give Indonesian subtitles as soon as possible 🙏