Evil Corporate Advertising - Foil Arms and Hog

  • Published on Mar 14, 2019
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 199

  • Rozlyn Waridi
    Rozlyn Waridi 19 hours ago

    You guys are amazing 😂😂😂

  • Sean Hayes
    Sean Hayes Day ago

    Absolutely feckin brilliant lads, hit the nail on the lad and so well constructed and scripted. Totally agree on the best doomdah so far!

  • Ashley Lightheart

    But turns out they want to be paid

  • Sophie Shen
    Sophie Shen 2 days ago

    would be wonderful if you guys could come to the US for your show:)

  • Kairos
    Kairos 2 days ago

    you guys are lit but everytime i see your thumbnail i confuse that logo with chinese and most of the times dont watch them...so yeah just wanted to say that love you guys though.

  • Amelie Briggs
    Amelie Briggs 2 days ago

    Omg I’m so excited, I’m coming to see you guys in Glasgow tonight 😊

  • PavarottiAardvark
    PavarottiAardvark 3 days ago

    Used to work in the Oil Industry.
    This is too accurate.

  • Castle Road Official

    "7 year olds in Bangladesh" was too fuckin real lolol

    KNIGHTMaRe PLaYS 3 days ago

    In 2 hours time I’ll be watching you in Manchester the Apollo

  • Dave Barlow
    Dave Barlow 4 days ago

    Not sure if this is comedy or a documentary...

  • Kevin Waters
    Kevin Waters 4 days ago

    Come to America

  • Valerie Mulcahy
    Valerie Mulcahy 4 days ago


  • Morven Spandern
    Morven Spandern 4 days ago

    Come to hamburg

  • James Trotman
    James Trotman 4 days ago

    Just saw your logo at Gravity Climbing Centre down in Inchicore, down for a bit of bouldering on Paddy's day lads?😂

    • James Trotman
      James Trotman 4 days ago

      +Foil Arms and Hog read this as jiggling in Glasgow, can't make it but thanks for the laugh boys

    • Foil Arms and Hog
      Foil Arms and Hog  4 days ago

      If we weren't gigging in Glasgow, yes

  • Cheeky Monkey
    Cheeky Monkey 5 days ago

    That was BRILLIANT !!!! THANK YOU! Yes coming to Australia! Yay!!!!!

  • UnknownPersonality
    UnknownPersonality 5 days ago

    Come to Canada!!

  • chickengirl93
    chickengirl93 5 days ago +2

    So true 💯 Thanks for making a sad truth fun. In a way. Still sad though.

  • S A
    S A 5 days ago

    You boys look tired hope they aren’t working you into the ground! Much love

  • Echo Knight
    Echo Knight 5 days ago +2

    Hilarious stuff guys. Keep up the great work!

  • Scott Liverpool
    Scott Liverpool 5 days ago


  • TheAussieNinja8
    TheAussieNinja8 5 days ago

    slight rant here
    do people even know there is TWO sides to Australia no one ever comes to PERTH WESTERN AUSTRALIA I for one feel left out that not many acts come to WA

    • Grace Valente
      Grace Valente 4 days ago

      They tried to come to Perth but it wasn't possible this tour. I'm sure they will come over when they can

  • ACarnivalOfSorts
    ACarnivalOfSorts 5 days ago +1

    There is no ethical consumption under capitalism.

  • Izzi Harris
    Izzi Harris 5 days ago

    you guys pull no punches. I love it.

  • Tracy Crouthamel
    Tracy Crouthamel 5 days ago

    Check your Google Analytics! Do you have enough USA subscribers to do a show here?

    • Foil Arms and Hog
      Foil Arms and Hog  5 days ago

      We haven't checked but we're going to do some anyway. Just trying to agree dates for October or November. Hopefully be announced soon!

  • Alexander G
    Alexander G 5 days ago

    Well deserved dig at Dyson there. Love it!

  • Gabelous
    Gabelous 5 days ago

    As a American I can attest this is more true than it should be.

  • eil Smile
    eil Smile 5 days ago

    You totally forgot Carlisle...... come on lads get a grip!

  • Ross Malone
    Ross Malone 5 days ago

    Hmm, almost like capitalism is awful.

  • Lana Amos
    Lana Amos 5 days ago +1

    Another dose of wit from you, lads 😉 Got myself a very shitty spot in the Birmingham hippodrome, but I don't care even if the view is limited..I need to at least hear you!! 😍 #sacrifice

  • Somali & Me
    Somali & Me 5 days ago

    Brilliant as always guys! Came to see you in Notts earlier - Will :)

  • scarlett bazah
    scarlett bazah 5 days ago

    "They help you sleep at night"
    Oh God

  • Angelica Hodgson
    Angelica Hodgson 5 days ago

    So excited to watch tomorrow night in Bournemouth!!

  • StevenToast
    StevenToast 5 days ago +1

    Do ye tour 365 days of the year?

  • Bat Taz
    Bat Taz 5 days ago

    One of your better vids!
    P. S. R. I. P. Pat Mustard. The greatest milkman on Craggy Island.

  • Darren Bates
    Darren Bates 5 days ago

    The pills at the end. My jaysus 😂

  • TheMissgaol
    TheMissgaol 5 days ago +3

    Have you guys ever been mad at each other? Like for real?

  • James Milner
    James Milner 5 days ago

    Cough cough EA....

  • Simon SNB
    Simon SNB 5 days ago +12

    This is real comedy. Not blind swearing but making something funny out of something dark. Very well done lads

  • Danny Boy
    Danny Boy 5 days ago

    When’s your North America tour... mainly Toronto, Canada?

  • Laylla's Locker
    Laylla's Locker 5 days ago

    Damn, this is funny and sad at the same time.

  • happy chatty world
    happy chatty world 5 days ago

    There is more to Australia than just Melbourne and Sydney guy's, why would you come all this way and not do other capitals??????? 😥😥😥

  • 10k Subs with 0 videos
    10k Subs with 0 videos 5 days ago +1

    Another good one for the bois

  • Jooneefin
    Jooneefin 5 days ago +1



  • Totster
    Totster 5 days ago

    I need you guys to come to the US!

  • Isabelle Kummli
    Isabelle Kummli 5 days ago

    Just brilliant.

  • SkyBlueDesign1
    SkyBlueDesign1 5 days ago

    "Eco Evil Industries" :-D :-D :-D

  • Natalie C.
    Natalie C. 5 days ago

    Hilarious but also too real 😂😭

  • Shane Coyle
    Shane Coyle 5 days ago +1

    Next week do a vid on LC irish orals. They are next week and some laughs would help deal with the depressing thoughs during it cheers

    • Shane Coyle
      Shane Coyle 5 days ago

      +Frostyblade 88 yeah it isnt fun. Word of advise fear the mocks. You will most lightly go down. And if someone tells u they aint studyong dont belive them. Im doing OL irish its pretty nice. One more thing if possible keep HL maths the 25 points makes a massive diffrence.

    • Frostyblade 88
      Frostyblade 88 5 days ago +1

      I have that shit next year not looking forward to it thank God ik doing ordinary Irish

  • Not a Dog
    Not a Dog 5 days ago +4

    hey this is like *insert name of company here*

  • Dolce and Lallana
    Dolce and Lallana 5 days ago


  • day dreamer
    day dreamer 5 days ago

    so choice. well done!

    LOVE OF PLANTS 🌻 5 days ago +1

    This brings to mind the Chevron adverts in National Geographic Magazine.

  • Mark723
    Mark723 5 days ago

    Lads, when are you coming to the US? We practically speak the same language and there is such a huge potential dangerous-liberal fan base in the Northeast and West Coast, with small serviceable pockets in the Midwest - hang on Minnesota and Illinois, 2020 is not that far away! I even volunteer to put you up in my modest home and warm up cans of Beefaroni for breakfast to help offset the cost of such an immensely expensive undertaking. For lunch, it'll be Rice-a-roni (yes, there's a pattern developing here), that truly delicious San Francisco treat. For dinner: well, you'll be working so you won't actually need dinner, will you. How about it?! Sold out shows in every American city with a high Irish-American population! So, that's at least two cities then, but make sure you come in the summer as these cities tend to be covered in ice during the winter.

  • Snowy Owl
    Snowy Owl 5 days ago +1

    Great sketch lads, see you tonight!

  • Thomas Kemper
    Thomas Kemper 5 days ago

    Pure comedic gold, as always

  • Jos Koevoet
    Jos Koevoet 5 days ago

    Love the pills joke!

  • Lorraine Hopkins
    Lorraine Hopkins 5 days ago +1

    NYC fan here

  • Watsie
    Watsie 5 days ago

    Hello there

  • Seth Laffey
    Seth Laffey 5 days ago


  • 面我吃
    面我吃 5 days ago +4

    It's thanks to Foil Arms and Hog that I know it's Thursday. Thank you for being my calendar

  • Phoebe Mills
    Phoebe Mills 5 days ago +4

    My mum choked on her tea laughing at the ‘7 year olds in Bangladesh.’ 😂😂 x

  • Vegard Løknes
    Vegard Løknes 5 days ago

    That's so Equinor

  • rachael k
    rachael k 5 days ago

    SO good.

  • FinnMacCuhl
    FinnMacCuhl 5 days ago +3

    Hardest working lads in showbiz. Best payoff line.

  • Alison Morrisroe
    Alison Morrisroe 6 days ago +1

    how about we stick a shamrock on all the packaging!!

  • NZT
    NZT 6 days ago +4

    While you're at sydney swing over to Singapore. Please?!?!?!!

    • Devon Lawton
      Devon Lawton 5 days ago +2

      Well, they've got to. They just moved their headquarters there

  • Alin Alin
    Alin Alin 6 days ago

    They're genius

  • kieran5014
    kieran5014 6 days ago

    I really cannot wait to watch you guys live tonight in Nottingham.

  • Aimiliya
    Aimiliya 6 days ago +4

    Thanks for the captions, all the best from Poland!

  • Мари Поддубная

    Seems I'm learning English just to be able to understand you. thank you for being so amazing!

  • PageNeo
    PageNeo 6 days ago +2

    Hello from Singapore! Its true our government offers low taxes to foreign corporations.

  • Clara Byrne
    Clara Byrne 6 days ago

    Best doom dah and best video so far!

  • BigBossIncarnate
    BigBossIncarnate 6 days ago

    Another fantastic Thursday video guys wooooooo

  • monkyhire 5
    monkyhire 5 6 days ago

    Jeez lads this is how I in vision every fucking corporate meeting

  • Eve H
    Eve H 6 days ago

    Two dislikes - one must be Monsanto :D

  • Lauren E
    Lauren E 6 days ago

    You should do a sketch about Disney owning literally everything in the world like that one prick in monopoly who insists everyone keep playing even though they've already fucking won!

  • jarred van kampen
    jarred van kampen 6 days ago

    Did you say SYDNEY!! Where do I go, how much do I pay and what do I have to DO! to get to your show!! 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

  • Mikemenn
    Mikemenn 6 days ago

    I've forgotten ... which one is the smart one and the evil one? I already know who the good looking one is. Thx.

  • Margaret Murphy
    Margaret Murphy 6 days ago +6

    Saving the best for last, see you in Cork lads. Tickets already bought!

  • Steve Collins
    Steve Collins 6 days ago

    Perfect :>)

  • Joel Crow
    Joel Crow 6 days ago

    Love the humor even though... I bet you saw this coming from an American... it's crazy to think that patriotism means paying any more than you absolutely have to in taxes. Anyways, keep it up!

  • AlexandraSmile
    AlexandraSmile 6 days ago

    Love you, guys!

  • ThatDarnKitteh
    ThatDarnKitteh 6 days ago

    Wow THREE notes up!?

  • ThatDarnKitteh
    ThatDarnKitteh 6 days ago

    So deep and so funny 😄

  • Andrea Griffiths
    Andrea Griffiths 6 days ago

    It’s getting so close to seeing you! I’m super excited!

  • anonymous
    anonymous 6 days ago +1

    Who's the one motherfucker who disliked it? I just wanna talk
    (ง •̀_•́)ง

  • magic reborn
    magic reborn 6 days ago

    Hey guys if you could remind me the video where you sue author. I think it was like a book about famous people. A guy quits his job in the beginning. I can't seem to find that video again. Thank you

    • magic reborn
      magic reborn 4 days ago

      +Grace Valente thanks for the advice

    • magic reborn
      magic reborn 4 days ago +1

      +ChristineTheRavenclaw thanks

    • Grace Valente
      Grace Valente 5 days ago +1

      +ChristineTheRavenclaw that's the one!

    • ChristineTheRavenclaw
      ChristineTheRavenclaw 5 days ago

      I think you might mean "15 Habits of the Mega Rich"? :)

    • Grace Valente
      Grace Valente 6 days ago

      Wasn't it called something like bad advice? With a really dodgy self help book. Have flick through their IEclip channel, they're all on there. :-)

  • zact lee
    zact lee 6 days ago +29

    I was just about to comment "how do you sleep at night?". Turns out its with those.

  • ChristineTheRavenclaw

    Only you guys could make a serious topic like this one so funny and entertaining to watch 🎉 very sharp witted bit :) love it!

  • Laura Russell
    Laura Russell 6 days ago +4

    Amazing video perfectly timed because today is my birthday :)

  • Ze Rubenator
    Ze Rubenator 6 days ago +86

    This is incredibly well timed. A couple of years ago Statoil ("Norwegian State Oil") changed their name to Equinor for this exact reason. They're still awful, but at least now they sound like they care.
    Even better. Literally two days ago, NSB ("Norwegian State Railroad"), which has existed with that name since 1883, announced that they're changing their name to Vy, for no reason anyone can fathom. They've decided to spend €25m on a total rebranding, repainting all the trains, making new uniforms for the employees and so on. Oh, and that particular day that they announced this? I was stuck on a platform for 45 minutes with no trains departing, even though they were supposed to depart every 10 minutes. It was total chaos, there was almost no information, and the little information there was was usually wrong. Nobody knew anything. But I guess getting their shit together isn't important, the money is better spent n repainting the trains because reasons.
    I hate it. I actually hate it, and I don't usually say that.

    • James Trotman
      James Trotman 4 days ago +1

      Wow turns out even Norway has their version of Bus Eireann

    • Cazy243
      Cazy243 4 days ago

      Åi faen, nordmenn som kommenterer på en FAaH video!

    • Jaxson
      Jaxson 5 days ago

      I must say, your English sounds more American than British. It's appreciated though, because I AM American

    • Elias Birkeland
      Elias Birkeland 5 days ago

      Ze Rubenator Helt enig, trodde bare det var noe mer bak det... Hadde litt vanskelig for å tro at regjeringen bruker så mye bare på noe sånt, selv den vi har nå.

  • Dark O-man
    Dark O-man 6 days ago +94

    when you cross that ever present line between Satire and hit home with a cold splash of a reality.....now where do you get those pills?

  • Zometh
    Zometh 6 days ago

    The main idea of the company I worn in is:"be nice to customers (because if you're nice, they'll buy more stuff) and talk with them (because then you can sell them more stuff)".

  • Sport und Anderes
    Sport und Anderes 6 days ago +9

    That is so depressingly acurate, nearly not even parody, more like a documentary.....

  • Isabelle Roy
    Isabelle Roy 6 days ago

    Excellent! As always! And I received the FAH t-shirt yesterday! ! I'm so looking forward to your show in Edinburgh, lots of love from France

  • melvin duncan
    melvin duncan 6 days ago +54

    Funny sketch in one hand, 😂
    Sad reality in the other 😫

    • Kasarii
      Kasarii 5 days ago

      I was going back and forth between "ha" and "oh, right" throughout the sketch.

  • Michael Westen
    Michael Westen 6 days ago

    straight up from EA

  • Marie Libby Ryan
    Marie Libby Ryan 6 days ago

    Trust Arms to say that at the end!!

  • Hossam K
    Hossam K 6 days ago

    New Zealand guys please

  • Mary Mew
    Mary Mew 6 days ago

    Can’t wait to see you guys in Manchester.