The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

  • Published on Mar 14, 2019
  • A detailed look at the disappearance of 3-year-old Madeleine McCann, who vanished while on holiday with her family. The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann. Only on Netflix March 15th.
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    The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
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Comments • 2 993

  • Maddie
    Maddie 4 hours ago

    netflix, you can't add subtitles for the deaf viewers to your trailer? please do that.

  • Neil Mcintosh
    Neil Mcintosh 5 hours ago

    They say you can't get away with murder but I know 2 people that mccann.

  • Neil Mcintosh
    Neil Mcintosh 5 hours ago

    One day the truth will finally surface about Madeleine. And when it does I'd put my life on it that Madeleine's parents know exactly what happened.

  • Arthur A
    Arthur A 6 hours ago +1

    Parents killed her clearly and many evidence pointing at them it is too long to write then all. Theories about pedophiles like Freud etc are all bullshit and suggestions. It is funny that they always keep repeating one phrase when they are being asked to do something 'how this will help to find her'? When police asked her 42 questions she answered none and she didnt have a clue that this might help to find her beloved daughter by helping police with any evidence and clues. But no they always square faced and lying. I think - perhaps she saw her dead in bed after giving too many sleeping pills she didnt have time to hide body so she wrapped her in clothes and moved in their car in a rush and hid in the trunk where she left her as well as she opened window in house to set scene up thats why dogs sniffed dead body on childs clothes. After some time they got rid of body because police would not search their trunk asap. Crazy but possible. They killed her anyway.

  • peachy.
    peachy. 6 hours ago

    i remember seeing this on instagram now i wanna know moree

  • Arthur Wacker
    Arthur Wacker 6 hours ago +1

    Even if the parents didn't do it, the fact they left their three children in a Bedroom as they went to a Tapas Bar, was irresponsible enough. If they hadn't of done that, the incident would of never happened.
    End Of.

  • stefan vaa
    stefan vaa 6 hours ago

    1.000.000 . EURO

  • Crystal Davies
    Crystal Davies 7 hours ago

    Started watching, turned it off when it said the Smith family who thought they saw jerry holding Madeline walking past them have now said they think it might have been someone else, THE SMITH FAMILY HAVE NEVER CHANGED THEIR STORY SO WHY ARE YOU LYING NETFLIX

  • stefan vaa
    stefan vaa 7 hours ago

    YOU will never know ! SOLD ! Fuck u people , u do not understa nd , ! Lot of money ! And then Berlin ! What ? Whay ?

  • stefan vaa
    stefan vaa 7 hours ago

    Whi Porugal ?

  • stefan vaa
    stefan vaa 7 hours ago

    Where the fuck is the MOTHER with her little child in her arms . She was allwais allone

  • stefan vaa
    stefan vaa 7 hours ago

    I did not seen any pictures of the (mom ) with the little angel , in her arms . NEVER

  • Triumph OnTour
    Triumph OnTour 8 hours ago

    If you’ve watched the documentary, you must ask yourself... how many policemen and detectives did that blonde Portuguese trash reporter fuck to get her info ?

  • Tiago
    Tiago 8 hours ago

    It is hilarious the image of Portugal this documentary shows. Dumb police, pedos everywhere, child porn, weirdos breaking into your house... I almost forgot we're the 4th safest country in the world...
    Why did this show focus so much on Murat and the other russian guy even though they did NOTHING and didnt bring up the fact that the McCanns refused the polygraph? Or those statement analysts saying they were lying? The contradictions in Kate's claims about the room's door /window...? So much to talk about, and yet such a soft image of the McCann's... Are you afraind of getting sued?

  • Cora Loves unicorns
    Cora Loves unicorns 9 hours ago

    I don’t think she’s dead. I think she’s alive and I think thousands of people have walked past her without realising who she is. I think somebody abducted her, and sold her off to somebody else and I think that person is raising her as their own. I hope that they find Madeline because her parents and family don’t deserve this even though they were really selfish to leave the children alone. The creepy thing also is somebody would have been watching them to know that Madeline was alone. I really hope they can get her home safely however long it takes ❤️

  • Mark Jennings
    Mark Jennings 9 hours ago

    Amazing the absolute number of thickos on this thread who still believe the McCanns had something to do with it. The forensic 'evidence' was a big steaming crock of shit.

  • Marta Coelho
    Marta Coelho 9 hours ago

    After the multimillionaire british started helping The McCann the investigation changed completely ....

  • Mike M
    Mike M 10 hours ago

    I don't get , if British think we so bad , why they come here ...

  • Nimsy
    Nimsy 10 hours ago

    The people who kidannap madlien mcann they wanted her for money

  • D Valla
    D Valla 11 hours ago

    Ask her parents. Ask the “friends”. Stop covering for them. Stop shaming other countries, other people for you own crimes. Shame on you, McCanns, and all of you who helped them hide this hideous crime.

  • Steven Burns
    Steven Burns 11 hours ago

    Dont leave your kid ALONE....SIMPLE

  • LANA X
    LANA X 11 hours ago

    Well it was focking one of yas

  • Bruce Tull
    Bruce Tull 11 hours ago

    Has everyone forgotten the fact they were both doctors on good salaries and all they had to do was hire a nanny.

  • Z Numman
    Z Numman 11 hours ago

    This has always been dodgy AF from the start. The parents never seem genuine in any interview I’ve seen and nothing seems to sit right with their story. Theres way too many unanswered questions and discrepancies that point to them being her killers. Makes me think how can they continue with this charade?
    I guess its all about the benjamins... 💰 💰 💰

  • Super Dood
    Super Dood 12 hours ago

    Gerry lost a case of beer. Always losing his McCanns

  • Tasha Boden
    Tasha Boden 13 hours ago

    this should not be on netflix or the tv its just giving the family more of a celebrity that they wanted

  • Lily Rose
    Lily Rose 13 hours ago +1

    Someone in the world knows what happened to Madeline McCann.

  • Cristela Almeida
    Cristela Almeida 14 hours ago

    I'm from Portugal. This case was a disgrace. It was obvious the parents were the responsible, there were so many proof, but the Portuguese police could never arrest them because the British police interfered. A Portuguese detective that worked the case was fired and and had to pay an indemnity for telling the truth.

  • G C
    G C 14 hours ago


  • ixsicness
    ixsicness 15 hours ago

    One thing i have learned from this documentary is that the portugese police are incredibly incompetent and portugese journalists are more interested in protecting the tourist industry than factual reporting.

    • Luka Jack
      Luka Jack 10 hours ago

      +ixsicness First Flame incompetent to a country without evidence.
      Then you calls stupid to a person without knowing it.
      Congratulations on being so insightful and polite.
      Whoever does nothing, has nothing to fear
      You do not have to answer because I will not even read it.

    • ixsicness
      ixsicness 10 hours ago

      Luka Jack why would they submit themselves to an extremely questionable "science"?
      You dont come across as too bright

    • Luka Jack
      Luka Jack 11 hours ago

      +ixsicness You know how to solve this impasse.
      It was the Mccan's who did the lie detector test.
      But they do not want to.
      It is as unfair to accuse the Mccan as the Portuguese police and Portugal, without evidence.

    • ixsicness
      ixsicness 11 hours ago

      Luka Jack well strange enough the portugese lead investigator has a history of accusing the parents of missing children of keeping their bodies in fridges when his incompetence fails to produce evidence. He was also accused of beating the mother of a missing girl into a confession not pong before Maddies disapearance.
      All the portugese authorities were interested in was protecting their tourist industry

    • Luka Jack
      Luka Jack 11 hours ago

      Also the English police are incomplete,
      Because he worked with the Portuguese police, until it came to the conclusion that the parents could be involved

  • Azul Cervantes
    Azul Cervantes 15 hours ago

    Don’t you find it odd that the parents didn’t wanna take part in the documentary???

  • Inhaler Grandma
    Inhaler Grandma 16 hours ago +1

    in every single video i see of kate, she looks extremely uncomfortable like she has done something wrong, like murdering maddy. So what is the truth?

  • Basic Person
    Basic Person 16 hours ago

    My frind had a theory that the parents gave their kids sleeping pills so that they wouldn’t be disturbed during their meal but overdosed maddie, and hid her. but honestly im not sure

  • Deidre Samuels
    Deidre Samuels 18 hours ago

    the mother often injected her kids in order to get them to sleep she was in depression I wonder if she had given Maddie an overdose and got rid of the body before anyone noticed there are sick people in this world capable of killing their oven kids police need to keep investigating her parents

  • xX90sWereTheDaysxX
    xX90sWereTheDaysxX 18 hours ago

    So many people are kidnapped yet this one case they just go on about it.
    If the parents weren't rich white people nobody would be talking about this.

  • Mila Mad
    Mila Mad 18 hours ago

    What if you were a detective and have a missing case... a case where there is a man with no solid alibi for at least 30 minutes and his wife is the only key eye witness? A wife who randomly accuses people (hotel employee and Robert Murat)... A wife who did not see a face because of the distance, yet can see a flower pattern peejay in the dark from that distance... An entire case was build around the statement of Jane Tanner... But what if she is the one that has something to hide...?

  • Rebekka Hay
    Rebekka Hay 18 hours ago

    She's dead in the ocean and has been all this time.

  • Sassie xo
    Sassie xo 18 hours ago

    Love how the parents didn’t even cry once in this trailer just shows how insensitive they are. If they are capable of not crying to their very own daughters loss what makes you think they aren’t capable of killing her?

  • Tiago Da Silva
    Tiago Da Silva 19 hours ago

    it was all a disastrous sequence of events. Which resulted in the greatest disappearance. in 2019 the Portuguese police would not be able to find Maddie. The Portuguese police operate on the basis of pressure and confession.

  • jingle moss
    jingle moss 19 hours ago

    i still think looking at their lieing faces.. that they are guilty and should be legally reprimanded to take a lie detector test.. i think theres enough evidence from the portraguise police... why are these people getting away with it. the evidence is there right under our noses.... isnt it... bring them to the portraguise justice system and let them get what thay deserve

  • Yusuf Sadiq
    Yusuf Sadiq 19 hours ago +1

    My thoughts: they planned it all to get money, than she's gonna show up, person who abducted her is gonna get a pay cut

  • flashback mary
    flashback mary 20 hours ago

    You can say what you want, even if they didn’t have anything to do with her murder, they are still responsible for neglect and should’ve definitely atleast been arrested for that.

  • Bárbara Ferreira
    Bárbara Ferreira 20 hours ago

    As a Portuguese citizen, my point of view is that the parents accidentally killed her by giving her drugs (overdose) and then hid her on the church that was under construction at the time. It doesn't make sense ask the priest for the church keys to pray at night but everyone has their beliefs.
    At the end of the day, I just hope Madeleine is in peace, wherever she may be

  • Sally Griffies
    Sally Griffies 21 hour ago

    Her parents no .where she is .she doesn't just disappear poor little buger after all .

  • Sally Griffies
    Sally Griffies 21 hour ago

    They fucking now where's she is .the bastards they are

  • Spencer Hastings
    Spencer Hastings 21 hour ago

    The trailer was so much more interesting than the actually show

  • MrsMammaG
    MrsMammaG 22 hours ago

    Parents are guilty. They made up a story Portuguese police never could confirm
    Tbh I hope Madeline died calmly in her sleep and wasn’t taken and abused :(

  • lilchopcone666
    lilchopcone666 22 hours ago +1

    Fuck all the people saying it was 100% the parents, Don’t be so certain because you don’t know shit, keep an open mind.

    • Luka Jack
      Luka Jack 11 hours ago

      I do not know what happened.
      But parents do not want to take the polygraph test or lie detector.
      Makes me suspicious.

  • lilchopcone666
    lilchopcone666 22 hours ago +1

    This documentary shows how much of a scumbag many reporters and photographers can be shoving their mics and cameras in the poor families faces constantly, don’t tell me it’s their job I know it is.. that doesn’t mean it’s alright

  • Elsa Alves
    Elsa Alves 22 hours ago +1

    Of course somebody knows - ask the parents!

  • nicoleX Xelocin
    nicoleX Xelocin Day ago

    Apparently a resort is the safest place ever

  • Alice Grondin
    Alice Grondin Day ago +2

    Looking forward for the parent to do a Ted talk about « how to get away with murder »

  • Association of Free People

    The parents didn’t do it. Watch the show.

  • Association of Free People

    They really skirted over and around the sketch of the Podesta Brothers. Spent plenty of time telling us where other composites came from, not those two and they’ve continued to be central to the investigation.

  • Pearl Ford
    Pearl Ford Day ago

    Dogs dont lie. McCanns do. What a pair of no goods.Hope in time they get whats coming to them.

  • Andrea
    Andrea Day ago

    Anyone that still believes in the system of justice? Look at the facts of this case and explain the law to me again.

  • Everl y
    Everl y Day ago

    To find out about whether the parents actually killed her, just give them a lie detector test

    • Everl y
      Everl y 9 hours ago

      +Amazonian Cannibal Ok thank you

    • Everl y
      Everl y 11 hours ago

      +Amazonian Cannibal Really? That just makes them seem more guilty, they should force them too

  • Margaret Andersen

    Watched the series and just cannot get over why they left those three kids sleeping alone every-night! 🤦🏾‍♀️ could easily afford the babysitters ffs. To me they are guilty because they left these kids alone regardless of what happened to this beautiful little girl

  • King Spud
    King Spud Day ago

    I've watched this & sorry but it all points to the parents. I'd believe those 2 springers over the McCann's anyday... those dogs are well trained.
    Millions has been spent on this child, top private investigators, numerous police forces and yet theres no trace?
    Kids go missing everyday. A young boy in my area vanished before Christmas. Today he was found dead in woods not far from where he was last seen.
    Its been 4 months and if there had been more resources used, he could have been safe.
    I'm not saying they shouldn't help find maddie, but that they should remember she is not the only missing child in this world. I dont see why she is more important than any other kid.

    • King Spud
      King Spud 22 hours ago

      Dogs are more reliable than humans. They dont lie.

    • Association of Free People
      Association of Free People Day ago

      You’re insane if you believe those dogs justify convicting those people.

  • pasta.pixie
    pasta.pixie Day ago

    I was 7 when I was in the UK.. there were posters of her face everywhere I went.. I'm still sad they couldn't find her..

  • samanta smith
    samanta smith Day ago

    Spoiler. The portuges tactic is to thraten, manipulate and drive you out insted of dealing with the problem and solving

  • 3sides2everystory

    they left there child on her own. obviously not good parents

  • Angie M. H.
    Angie M. H. Day ago

    Why would you leave your small children unattended in your home yet along in another country? A lot I mean a lot can happen in seconds. Call me paranoid but this is exactly the situation I fear. If I can’t take my kids or get a family member to babysit I ain’t going no where ! NO WHERE. I don’t trust any person or day care or child centers why would I trust foreign countries?! I feel she was sold by her own parents or someone they knew this so so sad it makes me angry to think she can be out there being exploited in any way. !CHILD TRAFFICKING

  • TravasFeneley
    TravasFeneley Day ago +14

    What if Madeline McCann is watching the series without knowing the she herself is Madeline McCann

  • slippyg
    slippyg Day ago

    My theory - they sleep drugged the kids to have their peaceful night out, OD'd Maddie accidently which gave her Respiratory/Cardiac Arrest and they disposed of the body. But I could be wrong....

  • Zahrel
    Zahrel Day ago +1

    They say you can’t get away with murder but I know who McCaN

  • Roblox Girl
    Roblox Girl Day ago

    I feel like it’s there parents because the parents didn’t even cry they just acted suspicious and normal. It’s obvious

  • Lars Anderson
    Lars Anderson Day ago

    Watch Richard D Hall documentary for the truth. He nails it.

    • Lars Anderson
      Lars Anderson 9 hours ago

      +Amazonian Cannibal James Bogart's is more credible. I think it would have been better planned if she had died earlier in the holiday.

    IDeNCHI Day ago +1

    Funny how Kate said 99% of people are backing them yet when you ask around or even just look at peoples opinions its 99% the other way round!

    IDeNCHI Day ago

    So many things wrong with this documentary.... Who made this, the McCannes???

  • T.M.I
    T.M.I Day ago

    They're wasting time and money on something the public already know! The parents murdered the poor child and are VERY good at hiding it! If she was alive, there would've been some sighting! Her parents show NO remorse. If it's been over 10 years of your child being missing then you wouldn't sit still and talk normally through interviews. It's a shame that money isn't being spent on investigating them because I'm sure they'd be arresting on spot!

  • Blue Gem
    Blue Gem Day ago

    Basically it’s the parents

  • Werner Boehm
    Werner Boehm Day ago

    PARENTS GUILTY. cant believe they go never in jail

  • Nathan Sumpter
    Nathan Sumpter Day ago

    Such a bullshit documentary. You could wrap this entire investigation up in an hour or two. Typical Netflix dragging out on evidence/information which is already public.

  • Adam
    Adam Day ago

    The parents killed her end off

  • S M
    S M Day ago +1

    You people saying it was the parents need to shut the fuck up

  • Ariana Grande Edits

    It’s weird to think that somebody does know what’s happened to Madeleine McCann

  • Noor Noor
    Noor Noor Day ago

    In away its more of a punishment they didn't go to jail because had they have confessed and gone to jail, this case would have been forgotten in the mists of time by now. Can you imagine the stress of keeping this lie going for 13 years and knowing you could be arrested at any moment and you know, you have to keep the lie going in the years to come . Not to mention knowing that no one actually believes your lies anyway . Something I would like to know is, the twins now would be 13 now, what do they know or believe about their missing big sister ? would be so apt if it was one of them that dished the dirt at some point.

  • The YouTuber
    The YouTuber Day ago

    Where the fuck is she?

  • Ella Stewart
    Ella Stewart Day ago

    Wait I’m like super confused. Could someone explain the whole story pls?

  • Cam Mac
    Cam Mac Day ago

    Every year,how many children in America goes missing? They disappear from their bedrooms,gardens,from grandmas house,from playgrounds....they disappear from every possible place. But,when a child disappears in Portugal from a hotel, it can't be possible?? it must be the parents who killed her?? 'cause in Portugal a child can't disappear,it is just not possible.

  • Honey
    Honey Day ago +1

    So y’all spent millions on this girl who’s been missing since she was three (probably like 15 now??) but y’all spend a week looking for missing brown girls? Okay 🤔

  • António de Oliveira Salazar

    As a portuguese i defend the thesis that IT WAS THE FUCKING PARENTS

  • Hugo
    Hugo Day ago


  • Fernando Dias
    Fernando Dias Day ago

    The simple fact that the dogs (luckily British dogs, if they were Portuguese they would have been considered chicken detectors) detected cadaver odor (and blood) in the apartment, the car (in the middle of other cars) and coincidentally in Kate´s clothes (in the middle of other clothes) is enough for me to question why the British Police is so keen to avoid consider the possibility that the McCanns could be involved? The longer they do it the more I suspect a cover up.

  • Fernando Dias
    Fernando Dias Day ago

    I saw this Netflix series. Very nice and dandy. Two conclusions can be drawn from it: - One is that the Portuguese Police (and Amaral in particular) is incompetent and a bunch of torturers in opposition to the awesome, spectacular, proficient and out-of-this-earth British Scotland Yard. The other one is that the McCanns are absolutely innocent no matter what, it is clear, they saw Kate cry, you feel in your heart that they could have done nothing, it is ludicrous (love the word) and ridiculous to even consider such a possibility in the course of the investigation.
    The fact that there is no evidence of any abduction counts for nothing . The fact the dogs, the very same that were used to solve other cases, detected cadaver and blood in the apartment and car mean nothing. The fact that the blood found has 15 out of the minimum of 20 markers (to prosecute) of the DNA of Madeleine counts for nothing. The fact that testimonies provided by the group of friends (the Tapas 7) were not only full of inconsistencies but improved in detail as time went by mean nothing. No, in accordance with the program, none of it is reliable. All it is reliable are the statements of the couple (one needs to remember that the abduction theory was triggered by Kate - didn't even consider the possibility that her daughter might just have gone for a walk in search of them) and anybody (Brits of course) that saw this man, and the other one, and the other one, and another "behaving strangely", and the drawings of an artist.
    On top of that , you have the experts come in. The Spanish Agency with a fancy private investigator that drives a fancy car, that will solve the case, fill the gaps of the incompetent Portuguese investigation, a show of self glorification that ends up in nothing except giving the police the inwards of a pedophile ring. Then you have the American Agency with former FBI, CIA, MI6, blá, blá, blá, agents and state-of-the-art technology that will do the impossible. A gigantic flop!
    Then you have the British police. This cop guy that talks half of the program, that is so good at showing how bad the Portuguese Police was, he is the man, the real thing. All talk, no results. Finally you have the British Police launched in Operation Grange. How grandiose! Finally the case is going to bust open. It will be a show to the world how good they are, finally we have true experts and professionals dealing with the case. Millions pour in. Nothing, zilch, niente, nada, rien.
    Finally a word about the philanthrope that decided, from "the good of his heart", to help the McCanns in whatever he could. One can enjoy watching this amateur, that believes that he is smarter than anyone else, trash everybody together with the idiot he calls a son. The good Samaritan knew from the moment he met the McCanns that they were innocent. Good for you! At the end you spent millions for...nothing. Who is the idiot now? Not even the stupid of that son of yours understood that you were throwing money away from his inheritance.
    There is a moment that I found to be the greatest proof of how biased this series is. Amaral writes a book...for the money, they accuse. Kate writes a keep public awareness. OK! Enough said.

  • Molly Willcox
    Molly Willcox Day ago +3

    So many disrespectful comments about this, its so sickening to see. Regardless what you think, a child went missing and has never been found and thats fact. It's a tragedy, please can people just respect that?

    • Molly Willcox
      Molly Willcox 11 hours ago

      +Amazonian Cannibal ofcourse she deserves justice, its just seeing such a jokey tone to all the comments is just very strange because there is nothing funny about the situation.

    • Jane Gatenby
      Jane Gatenby 12 hours ago

      Well said totally agree.👍

  • Fair Play
    Fair Play Day ago +2

    The parent's are NOT INVOLVED. A child went missing not long before the McCann child just 5 miles away and the lead cop in the McCann investigation and who has told countless lies, him and his team beat up the Mother of the missing child in his custody to gain a false confession. He's a liar and a criminal.
    Portuguese society as a whole is corrupt from top to bottom, but especially in regards to child sexual abuse and when even police and politicians were involved paedophile rings and who all looked out for each other.
    As for the dogs this is also bullshit. Sniffer dogs should not be used inside properties because they been known to pick up the scent of long ago deceased.
    But most importantly the menstruation that females have monthly, gives off the same chemicals as a rotting corpse hence the dogs barked at a well-used cupboard and the car.
    The abductor is connected to the hotel complex in some manner, as some-one knew that the children were alone in the apartment as the parents had dined out a few nights before.
    Btw I am not a fan of Gerry Mc Cann or his wife because they left the children alone, however this doesn't mean that they harmed their child and got away with it.
    The Portuguese police are known for being corrupt and the so-called lies that the McCann's told was lost in translation between an African immigrant interpreter and themselves and the Portuguese police. This whole affair is abhorrent for the family of the missing child and really unfair.
    Still I am confident that the truth will prevail and either the child will be found alive or the abductor will be captured. Life has a habit of coming up with the real truth and the real truth is that the parents were not involved and are the real victims here in more ways than one.
    For the haters out there and the gullible please get a life ffs!

  • Ângela Sousa
    Ângela Sousa Day ago

    Okay, but is it good? Because I’m thinking about watching it

    • Dinarte Lusitano
      Dinarte Lusitano 21 hour ago

      É perca de tempo.
      Acrescenta 0 ao que ja foi dito há 15 anos.
      A verdade foi dita pelos cães no documentário "A verdade da mentira"

  • Danny Hannah
    Danny Hannah Day ago

    Brian Kennedy's son turning out to be some sort of supercop,and there is some amount of hand signals in this documentary, it smells something rotten.Just who is Brian Kennedy's son .Poor little rich kid.

  • Thomas Shelby
    Thomas Shelby Day ago

    One or two days later the so called mother is more interested in her make up and hair , cosmetics is the last thing a real distraught mother would be thinking of , like watching the beginning of casualty, she’s in it !

  • G.O.A.T
    G.O.A.T Day ago

    Watched about 5 mins of this and lost interest.. guilty as fuck parents and they continue to pump money into this case.. how about all the other kids who go missing nothing about them... nuff said.

  • Joanna Almeida
    Joanna Almeida Day ago

    It's just like the arushi talvar case......that one is still a mystery

  • C F
    C F Day ago

    Dogs detected odors on the corpse in the bedroom, in the trunk of the car, in the clothes Kate wore that night, and traces of blood that indicate the presence of a corpse behind a sofa in the room, and in the trunk of the car which was rented only 22 days after the disappearance...Seems quite obvious, no?!

  • Kieron Brunwin
    Kieron Brunwin Day ago

    Did she have a friend with her???

  • Zak Quinn
    Zak Quinn Day ago +1

    Slimy parents were defo behind it

  • Alan Valschi
    Alan Valschi Day ago

    I went from a vocaloid song to this

  • Noel Melo
    Noel Melo Day ago +1

    My theory: alien abduction.

  • Veronica Kövesdy
    Veronica Kövesdy Day ago +2

    poor little angel.
    there are no words to describe just to think that her parents may have done this to her actually and all this theatre all along.

  • Eck22
    Eck22 Day ago

    I believe this documentary is WAAAaaaaaayyy too long to just focus on this one case, they could have mentioned other cases to educate people about the the victims of kidnapping in Europe since there are thousands of more cases. They didn't even mentioned what happened to that other kid that disappeared days after her and whose face was found on a pedophile website 😪😪😪😪. I'm just saying 8 episodes dedicated only to this case is a bit wasteful. Summary 1: A kid disappeared in a strange way (parents and friends were always changing their version of what happened) 2: The case had LOTS of coverage from the media and speculations about wether if the Portugal police was doing a good job or not 3: Dogs found blood in their apartment 4: Parents were suspects 5: She was never found and parents no longer investigated. The End..... could have used all those resources to help with other cases too.....🤷🏻‍♀️