H3H3 Breaks Down Leaving Neverland

  • Published on Mar 10, 2019
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Comments • 18 631

  • PS Dragnea
    PS Dragnea 25 minutes ago

    *HEE HEEE*

  • idk anymore rip
    idk anymore rip Hour ago


  • Gavinator 07
    Gavinator 07 2 hours ago

    That thumbnail is horrifying

  • R.Young
    R.Young 2 hours ago

    Eyebrows be moonwalkin'

  • Sounds Dang
    Sounds Dang 3 hours ago +1

    So this guy manipulated the video to make Michael look like a pedo. We all know that Michael slept on the floor afterwards, but this scum refuses to show you that. Fuck you Ethan. I hope you and your little wifey would be exposed real soon. You are a racist and a fucking useless trash. Just die already you two.

  • mavishill
    mavishill 4 hours ago +2

    Michael was innocent. H3H3 you can eat shit. ieclip.net/video/MsSLGgyY2YI/video.html

  • veggiesaremurder
    veggiesaremurder 4 hours ago +2

    Fuck you guys. Worst video ever. The whole film was slander, and his innocence is very, VERY easy to determine if you do the smallest amount of digging in court documents. But people don't care about facts these days, only outrage and drama. 🖕

  • J Strah
    J Strah 4 hours ago

    I'm so glad that he brought up Abducted in plain sight. It felt creepy similar. The way that these kids were led through the abuse. I just don't understand how anyone can say they, without a doubt, don't believe the abuse happened.

    • Matt Phelan
      Matt Phelan 41 minute ago

      It’s fairly easy when you know the striking similarities between Safechuck’s account of events and a book written by a scum bag back in the 90s claiming to be the diaries of Jordy Chandler. Michael successful sued the author for slander and was awarded $2.7m It’s real shame how so many people are being sucked in by these idiots who are lying through their teeth.

  • Damien Davies
    Damien Davies 5 hours ago +1

    Some one is on the coke

  • Spadez Ynt
    Spadez Ynt 6 hours ago +1


  • Gladiator
    Gladiator 8 hours ago +2

    Go fuck yourself ethan, Michael was innocent and always will be, Wade robson can go to hell

  • Just Go
    Just Go 9 hours ago

    What’s interesting to me is that you mention here that you went on Twitter and didn’t see a lot of people speaking about this topic and basically the comments you did see were quite adversary. Michael Jackson essentially desensitized the world to child molestation. It’s shameful.

    • Matt Phelan
      Matt Phelan 40 minutes ago

      Jackson never molested anyone. If anyone is a victim here it’s people like you who have fallen for this ridiculous bullshit.

  • iglooking
    iglooking 9 hours ago

    Your eyebrows are going crazy today man

  • louloutre
    louloutre 9 hours ago +1

    Whether MJ is innocent or guilty, how is it appropriate to treat such a subject with sound effects and jokes?

  • glorbo jibbins
    glorbo jibbins 9 hours ago

    Crazy eyes 6:55

  • Shawn Liu
    Shawn Liu 9 hours ago

    This guy is good.....He is going to piss off a lot of MJ fans.

  • kim
    kim 11 hours ago +3

    man, this was a high class move by u two. great arguments. i mean bein the voice of reason here is not hard, but emotionally exhausting. proud of ya!

  • Gagan Rehill
    Gagan Rehill 11 hours ago

    Michael never left any kids' behind.

  • kim
    kim 11 hours ago

    hows this for a theory, feldman was a douchebag hero at the time. doesnt make him guilty or even an actual douche himself. but. what if he was on michaels side?

  • bear0balls
    bear0balls 11 hours ago +1


    • Matt Phelan
      Matt Phelan 38 minutes ago

      What’s a pedaedophile?????

  • Shaina Estévez
    Shaina Estévez 12 hours ago

    I watched the documentary because of you. It is hard to watch, had to pause it several times. I kept waiting for evidence and nothing was provided. Can this story be true? It could. Can it be a lie? It also could. MJ was not a "normal" adult, he couldn't possibly be, but that doesn't mean he was a pedophile. Would I leave my children alone with him? no, not with him, not with anyone else, that's irresponsible parenting.

  • ifyoueverfind78
    ifyoueverfind78 14 hours ago +5

    he was guilty, 99 per cent. ...his fans can t handle it, he thinks cause he s mj, he can t lie. there is a huge difference between love of children, and obsession of children. your grade two teacher loves children, but he doesn t bring the home to sleep in his room. his eccentricity and abuse as a child himself, or the talking point that he had no childhood, is not an arguement. you can re live a child like life, and volunteer w kids, you don t have to sleep over in his bed, and be showered w any gift etc...even pics of him and some kids, like james, the pics of them so close, as if lovers, even wearing the same clothes, like lovers....] the pics of mj and james spence, are pictures of lovers, not friends.[ and yes 7 12 , is grooming]

  • cugierkoteczka
    cugierkoteczka 14 hours ago

    touched so many kids ...............

  • Zaviyar
    Zaviyar 14 hours ago +4

    H3 being a dumbass, the kid slept in Michael’s bed, and it didn’t matter cuz if you watch the video, Michael says he slept on the floor.

  • Oneplus 6T
    Oneplus 6T 14 hours ago +2

    Why is h3 guy so popular just asking what does he do?

  • Shayne Sim
    Shayne Sim 14 hours ago +4

    Truth twisting creep taking things way out of context and putting forward his disgusting dirty minded opinion This guy is stuffing for some kind of mental illness look like he just crawled out of swamp after a 3-day cocaine binge racist lying filthy piece of shit. Jealous that Michael is still loved and respected and believed has the unshakable loyalty of millions upon millions of people who know in there hearts that Michael is truly innocent.

  • Desiree Kabwe
    Desiree Kabwe 14 hours ago +3

    24:54 wait are you a pedophile what the fuck are you saying fucking disgusting uneducated autistic ape

  • LastTrump
    LastTrump 15 hours ago +1

    How did the kids fingerprints get ON the porn videos?

  • Inverted - Colors
    Inverted - Colors 15 hours ago

    MJ in that thumbnail looks like that girl from every horror game

  • Midsummer night
    Midsummer night 15 hours ago

    You also have to accept that MJ was asexual, if he was with these kids and not dating women.

    • Midsummer night
      Midsummer night 2 hours ago

      That's what I'm saying. Hardly anyone is asexual. If he wasn't dating women (or men), then that alone makes it more than odd that he spent so much time with kids. His sad childhood story isn't enough, but ppl were fooled.

    • Ben P
      Ben P 3 hours ago

      he wasn't asexual if he was sexually attracted to kids

  • Candy JohnsonCanoli
    Candy JohnsonCanoli 16 hours ago +5

    I love MJ’s music and he was a great entertainer, but during aerobics class this week, one of his songs came on and it sent a chill over me. I wish it weren’t true, but I think he was an abuser.

  • sc2003 a
    sc2003 a 16 hours ago

    Y all tgree are ugly

  • Ash Koala
    Ash Koala 16 hours ago +1

    why the fuck does he keep moving his eyebrows strangely

    • ノラlovewhore
      ノラlovewhore 15 hours ago +1

      Ash Koala he has Tourettes,he talked about it in a video

  • Maya Hutchinson
    Maya Hutchinson 17 hours ago +4

    I had no doubt Micheal was a terrible person, but saying that he groomed the world, it's scary. It's TRUE but God it's scary...

    • Andrija Dreznjak
      Andrija Dreznjak 8 hours ago

      I also was pretty sure that Michael was a paedophile, but now, not so much ( I still have a reserve for that possibility). I recommend you to watch this guy. ieclip.net/video/6pnoQqlygQs/video.html

  • Shayne Sim
    Shayne Sim 17 hours ago +2

    These unscrupulous people attempting to destroy the reputation of a true champion of the people are evil hearted racist people.

    • Shayne Sim
      Shayne Sim 3 hours ago

      +ノラlovewhore A slumber party sleepover situation is not a crime. To falsely accused an innocent man of something he is not guilty of should be a crime. Stop being such a dirty minded Love whore.

    • ノラlovewhore
      ノラlovewhore 15 hours ago +1

      what grown man sleeps with other people’s children

    • Matt Phelan
      Matt Phelan 15 hours ago

      Candy JohnsonCanoli I think you are the one who needs to wake up. You believe all the crap the media lets to see whilst failing to acknowledge the obvious.

    • Candy JohnsonCanoli
      Candy JohnsonCanoli 15 hours ago +1

      Wake up

  • Shayne Sim
    Shayne Sim 17 hours ago

    The crucifixion of one of Gods children a truly innocent man with a pure heart filled with love compassion and empathy for humanity.

    • blackmore4
      blackmore4 4 hours ago

      He certainly had you groomed.

    AIDS_OF SPACE 17 hours ago +2

    He wasn't a pedo. I'm not a fan i don't even listen to him. Those 2 morons from the documentary are just doing this for money.

      AIDS_OF SPACE 9 hours ago

      He just wasn't.

    • Matt Phelan
      Matt Phelan 15 hours ago +1

      Candy JohnsonCanoli Shut the fuck up Candy Ass. You’ve like a stuck record.

    • Candy JohnsonCanoli
      Candy JohnsonCanoli 15 hours ago +1

      Oh so glad you know the truth. How did you get that information that everyone else was searching for? Wake up

  • Narog Silva
    Narog Silva 18 hours ago +1

    people think they know better than the the kids that spend months with the pedo

  • Terry Spencer
    Terry Spencer 18 hours ago +1

    The woman’s voice is irritating beyond irritating..... she sounds like a fucking retard

    • ノラlovewhore
      ノラlovewhore 15 hours ago

      Terry Spencer then dont watch??dont see the point of typing this lol

  • Whynottho
    Whynottho 18 hours ago +9

    I never looked into the “Michael Jackson pedophile story” but after seeing that first video.. I’m already convinced.

    • Whynottho
      Whynottho 2 hours ago

      Lower Echelon yeah I’ve seen it and watched the whole documentary.... still convinced lmao

    • Lower Echelon
      Lower Echelon 3 hours ago

      Go look at the unedited video and see why ur wrong and why CONTEXT matters

  • Frida Trolle
    Frida Trolle 18 hours ago +1

    This is such a weird pair of people. Him with his eyebrows and her sounding like she just had botox in her whole face and can't open her mouth to speak.

    • ノラlovewhore
      ノラlovewhore 15 hours ago

      Frida Trolle he has Tourettes and not too much on hila

  • Veda Earth Alive
    Veda Earth Alive 18 hours ago +2

    I have no doubt MJ was a pedophile, he wasn’t normal it’s so obvious!

    • Judipops13
      Judipops13 10 hours ago

      +Desiree Kabwe and you are a pedo defender - worse than pedos

    • Desiree Kabwe
      Desiree Kabwe 14 hours ago +1

      You're a pedophile by your own logic

  • Info @YVision
    Info @YVision 19 hours ago

    Case closed

  • Johnathan Dwayne
    Johnathan Dwayne 20 hours ago +6

    His subconscious was telling us all along!. THRILLER, BAD, DANGEROUS, SMOOTH CRIMINAL, HIS STORY, OMG!!!

    • D Mikesell
      D Mikesell Hour ago +1

      Johnathan Dwayne welcome to waking up from the cult of MJ. I’m proud of you...
      It’s hard to swallow... not continue down the rabbit hole.. pizzagate is real...
      This goes into politics, and religions.
      Jesus Christ is real and MJ sold his soul to the devil.m and groomed the world as a idol/God. It’s not hard to see once your eyes are opened.
      Help others . The industry and media are trying to normalize pedophillia.. I believe this documentary was released to see where people are still at morally with Mike and his openness about loving to abuse young boys while praised...
      I’m Afraid it is just as bad people will die love MJ and stuck in his cult of worship and “love”

  • MJF1007 !
    MJF1007 ! 20 hours ago

    Wtf is wrong with your eyebrows my man

  • paul dublin
    paul dublin 21 hour ago +3

    Would love to see james and wade beheaded

    • Matt Phelan
      Matt Phelan 10 hours ago

      Judipops13 Whereas I’d just be happy if Judipops13 changed her name to Judipopsherclogs. Here’s to wishful thinking 🤞

    • Judipops13
      Judipops13 10 hours ago

      I'd kinda like to see all pedo defenders beheaded

    • Candy JohnsonCanoli
      Candy JohnsonCanoli 16 hours ago +1

      paul dublin wow, you sound like a trumpturd. Trumpturds are crazy

  • helltopo
    helltopo 21 hour ago +2

    So you believe the ramblings of two desperate for cash losers over the court case that found no evidence of any misconduct by Jackson in 2005?, or a lengthy investigation by the FBI that also found nothing?
    No, you believe Robson & Safechuck because you want to, just like people who wanted to believe all Trump supporters are racist, homophobic thugs believed Jussie Smollett.
    I must admit I'd never even heard of your channel until I came across Matt Mamba's video which really makes you all look pretty stupid.
    How about doing a little bit of research before making judgements?

  • AndyFromCALi
    AndyFromCALi 23 hours ago +2

    H3H3: “And I thought, I should white knight these lying con artists

  • Laserdice
    Laserdice Day ago

    The two victims broke down as they watched their own children grow. I think Michael broke down too when he watched his own children grow. The timing seems to match his drinking problem. He also had a private doctor sedating him, so he could sleep at night. I think he was conflicted about being a dad and a child molester, and couldn't live with himself.

  • Hero
    Hero Day ago +1

    Ethan your eyebrows are doing the moonwalk. Chill bruh.

  • ugh ok
    ugh ok Day ago +4


  • Hazel
    Hazel Day ago +1

    Macaulay Culkin said in an interview that Michael took him to toys R us and spent $60,000 on him.

    • Stephenie Hamilton
      Stephenie Hamilton 2 hours ago

      $60,000 is grooming and making the child not question what was going on? I mean how confusing is this to a child? VERY! It's what they do! Michael did his job well! He knew EXACTLY what he was DOING!

    • Stephenie Hamilton
      Stephenie Hamilton 3 hours ago

      +Matt Phelan People like u will never get it! Keep up with those stupid examples!

    • Matt Phelan
      Matt Phelan 10 hours ago

      ノラlovewhore So if I earn a decent salary and take my 7 year old nephew to a toy store and buy him an X-box and 5 games then I must be a paedophile too then?

    • ノラlovewhore
      ノラlovewhore 15 hours ago +1

      pretty sure thats grooming?

    • Matt Phelan
      Matt Phelan Day ago +3

      So what? When you’re a billionaire $60k is pocket change to spend on a friend.

  • Zach Gardner
    Zach Gardner Day ago

    WTF is up with the eyebrows going in sequence every few seconds.

    • Mêlée Placid
      Mêlée Placid Day ago +2

      Zach Gardner I’ve heard he has Tourette’s...the eyebrow thing is a tic

  • Wetflex
    Wetflex Day ago +4

    Ethan sorry bro but you dont know what your talking about. Research more than watching a documantary fueled by money hungry and fame chasing idiots.

  • cryptoblazer Yo!
    cryptoblazer Yo! Day ago +3

    To everyone that believes the documentary, I put to you to do some extra research and see both sides to a story --- most importantly the US justice department and FBI -- who after everything found the allegations to be completely false --- Maybe try watching this YT clip -- it does a lot of base research for you so you have a starting point --- ieclip.net/video/I724jhZ1Nwo/video.html ---there is always two sides to the story. Don't just follow blindly.

  • Spicoli P
    Spicoli P Day ago +13

    we are constantly being groomed by all the music on the radio, the shows on tv, the movies in the movie theaters for many nefarious reasons. that's why they call it PROGRAMMING.

    • Nell Bond
      Nell Bond Day ago +1

      Spicoli P 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • PrometheusX9
    PrometheusX9 Day ago +1

    dont forget that you can trust Opera W. just as mush as a cardbox delivery from ikea. its all a fucking lie and you huys are going to have to face it.

  • Bab's Uvula Who?
    Bab's Uvula Who? Day ago +2

    u made a lot of good points in this podcast thank u for making this

  • rob
    rob Day ago +4

    MJ is weird because he didn't have a childhood. He didn't touch those kids

    • rob
      rob 22 hours ago +1

      +brew IF it's true those two men knew he was a pedophile and helped him get away with it when they testified in his behalf. I can argue that is worse.

    • brew
      brew Day ago +3

      bruh, you're dumb

  • Kevin Mendoza
    Kevin Mendoza Day ago +2

    h. b. o just hast to find something to make a big deal out of and make some money out of cus game of thrones I's about to end

  • ganesh raja
    ganesh raja Day ago

    24:48 WLAAA

  • gamusinoyo2
    gamusinoyo2 Day ago

    Thanks for this podcast guys, having content like this is really necessary, internet is so full of shit these days

    MJ SPINE Day ago +1

    THE Awful TRUTH about MJ here: FACT by FACT

  • Himuka
    Himuka Day ago

    MJ was murdered along with Prince. MJ clearly acted the way he did trying to expose the massive pedophile ring within the industry. He made it soooo abundantly obvious that there is a pedophile problem, that he was willing to paint himself as a pedophile just hinting at us to look further into it. Nobody did. He grew up as a child celebrity, he would've known better than anyone about what's going on; and we just fucking ignored him until he was murdered.

    • Himuka
      Himuka Day ago

      +Dirty Dan lol fuck you and your community college level IQ. Do your own research sheep. ieclip.net/video/qw_JqyW0Dls/video.html

    • Dirty Dan
      Dirty Dan Day ago +2

      Himuka lol shut up

  • steven s
    steven s Day ago +1

    I love micheal Jackson and I didn't want to believe the alligations. I havent seen never land and don't plan on it but Ethans point swayed me to believing it, I don't want to but there is just so much evidence it's hard to deny

    • bruce lee
      bruce lee Day ago +1

      +steven s What evidences? He was acquitted on all 14 accounts in 2005 where all the evidences and testimonies from the 1993 allegations could be taken into account. After more than 10 years of FBI investigations, multiple raids at his home, hundreds of witnesses who were questioned and millions dollars spent on investigations by the prosecution, they couldn't find a thing. So tell me what evidences exactly are you talking about?

    • steven s
      steven s Day ago

      +bruce lee I can't tell if your being serious or not

    • bruce lee
      bruce lee Day ago +1

      There is absolutely zero evidence!

  • chum bucket
    chum bucket Day ago

    the sound effects were really unnecessary and unfunny

  • Emily Harvey
    Emily Harvey Day ago

    Found it so hard to believe at first and was pretty ignorant not gonna lie but hearing that kid speak “he said if you loved me” grooming 101!

    • Matt Phelan
      Matt Phelan Day ago

      Lol it’s called editing. The mighty power of bullshit!
      What you didn’t hear was MJ say that he always offered the bed to his guests while he slept on the floor. And there’s another video on IEclip with a guy who also stayed in the room with them.

  • RattlesnakeHands
    RattlesnakeHands Day ago +2

    I'll just leave this here for people who care about the truth

  • Coolio 82
    Coolio 82 Day ago +2

    Instead of listening to these jokers , I recommend reading Aphrodite Jones Conspiracy ... listen to the professionals for gods sake

  • Meiying Su
    Meiying Su Day ago

    Leaving Neverland - Class Action Lawsuit?ieclip.net/video/pF3c_aogipY/video.html

  • angel eyes
    angel eyes Day ago +1

    Also Macualay Culkin was the cutest kid. You really think he could resist. I pray God helps him accept the truth and comes forward.

  • angel eyes
    angel eyes Day ago

    If you look at Macualay Culkin now there is no doubt he messed him up to. Plus when Wade moved to America he got replaced by Culkin do you really think he replaced his loved with just a friend boy? No

    • angel eyes
      angel eyes Day ago

      +Matt Phelan I do think the fame and life in general has a huge factor. But the same sighns with all pedophilia are there and I have been a fan of Mac since a kid and he definitely is exzibiting signs that he may still be involved in some way shape or form. I am also a survivor of sexual abuse and rape. So I do have have brain. You are blinded by your fandome of a false idol you never really knew. Alot of these celeberties are about to fall in sex trafficking ring busts. You will be shocked how many pedos are in Hollywood.

    • Matt Phelan
      Matt Phelan Day ago

      So you don’t think having a career and life micromanaged by a fame hungry, abusive father had anything to do with it? Funny, as it has the same impact on MJ. But Culkin also had to deal with being caught in the middle of a custody battle between his parents, not to mention trying to shield his brother from the pitfalls of fame and an unsuccessful marriage at just 17. None of that would have any impact on him, so let’s blame the megastar pop singer who befriended him.
      I can’t decide whether you’re male or female, but I am certain that if you had even half a brain you’d be a danger to society.

    • Matt Phelan
      Matt Phelan Day ago

      Oh just go and buy some bleach and treat yourself to a pint. Prick.

    SAUGA MIKE Day ago

    One of the victims in the end said that he wasn’t abused cause he thought he was in a relationship

    • Maya Hutchinson
      Maya Hutchinson 17 hours ago

      Which is so sad... The amount of manipulation that they had to go through to end up thinking that

  • Maxi Aquí y Ahora!

    hi was dirtier tha a potato in the ground!

    • Matt Phelan
      Matt Phelan Day ago

      And the shit that comes out of your mouth is worse than what comes out of my backside.

  • Labrador Lane
    Labrador Lane Day ago

    So I jus now seen his sister old news clips where she claims her & her mother knew bout MJ molesting boys n his bed & wow this story continues to get bigger n bigger

    • Labrador Lane
      Labrador Lane Day ago

      +Matt Phelan Nobody said I believed or didn't believe! I just said I'm just now seeing these old videos & that it's all crazy. That it's growing bigger n bigger. Reread.

    • Matt Phelan
      Matt Phelan Day ago

      Unfortunately you’ve been duped as Latoya was married to a gold digging assehole at the time, who was coercing her into lying about her brother so he could sell the interviews to the media for a quarter of a million dollars each.

  • Banny Wang
    Banny Wang Day ago +3

    The documentary is already falling apart. As a big account like yours, I strongly suggest you do some research on the material first when you wanna talk about something this serious,. Child molesting is absolutely terrible without any doubt, but these two men in Leaving Neverland are full of lies (you would know if you had done any decent research on this).

  • Sion Roberts
    Sion Roberts Day ago

    Is this woman drugged?

  • Erwin Murry
    Erwin Murry Day ago

    Hey, I found the documentary credible. I don’t agree with Ethan on everything but he is being up front about this and it reminds me why I love him and Hila’s content.

    • Truth Teller
      Truth Teller Day ago +1

      Actually time stamp what they allege.. it's impossible! They've been caught.. done!

  • Pofurg
    Pofurg Day ago

    I don't care what any of you have to say. I'm glad that sick fuck is dead

  • Jim Heije
    Jim Heije Day ago +1

    Who is this idiot ? Is this guy for real?? What is wrong with his eyebrows haha !!

    • viktor
      viktor Day ago

      shut the fuck up he is much better than you I wanna see you talk to him in person pussy

  • Never Broke Again


  • Anthony Chaparro
    Anthony Chaparro Day ago +1

    7:22 Micheal Jackson's lawyer actually said the interviewer spliced the video to make Micheal look bad.

    • Candy JohnsonCanoli
      Candy JohnsonCanoli 15 hours ago

      So none of it is true? Get real.

    • Truth Teller
      Truth Teller Day ago

      The happy birthday clip? Yeah it was filmed 7 months before Wade's bday.. figure that one out

  • KraljHD
    KraljHD Day ago

    Easy to shit on a man thats no longer alive to defend himself?

  • KraljHD
    KraljHD Day ago +3

    H3h3 the dunce talking about things he has no idea.
    MJ was chemically castrated and had no sex drive, he could have slept 100 days with the kid and still do nothing to him.

    • SoggySardineSlapper69 69
      SoggySardineSlapper69 69 Day ago +2

      Do you actually believe that shit? You’re being fucking retarded. I just looked it up and there was about 100 websites all saying it was a hoax
      Edit- plus it’s hard to have 2 kids when you’re castrated

  • Anna Diomis
    Anna Diomis Day ago +1

    who makes u god and juror that he is guilty BASED on a one sided DOCUMENTARY? U GUYS R SERIOUSLY IN NEED OF HELP!!!!

  • Anna Diomis
    Anna Diomis Day ago +2

    I DARE U TO HAVE TAJ JACKSON AND BRANDI JACKSON have on your podcast-why the hell r u both quickly believing these so called accussers AS truth? HE IS INNOCENT.....GET TAJ AND BRANDI ONTO YOUR PODCAST

  • Anna Diomis
    Anna Diomis Day ago +1

    hey guys...firstly go check your facts.... FBI CLEARED HIM AFTER 10 YEARS//////U R LIEING ON EVERYTHING u are just going off the doc which is full of lies.... HE WAS INNOCENT ...u r spreading bullshit AND MJ DID NOT PAY -the insurance company did... he wanted to fight it

  • yuno bro
    yuno bro Day ago

    If you don't believe that he is a child molester you have a very small brain or know nothing about it. I am a MASSIVE fan of Michael Jackson!! When I was 9 I was the star at my schools concert performing as Michael I listened to his music all the time and still do I am now 19. He is a genius that has incredible singing/dancing talent. The combination of his wits towards human interactions he's fame and large amounts of money caused him to pull of child molestation in front of the whole world while picking the right parents not the right kids so they turn a blind eye. The children were manipulated and truly felt loved by Michael it wasn't a case of rape towards children it was manipulation through disgusting affection over many years. You know how some people love certain cereal killers from how they executed there plans perfectly? Well this is the only case of molestation I love and ever will. Michael pulled this off and fooled the fans even after his death and bought out the court cases and played his cards right to the very end. HE IS A TALENTED CREEP and a fantastic artist a true legend of his time. Once again if you deny the truth your an idiot or in denial. I will not respond to hateful comments. I love Michael and always will even though he manipulated children!

    • yuno bro
      yuno bro Day ago

      +Matt Phelan It's so obvious in plain sight watching Michael and his interviews unedited mixed with the undeniable facts that he WAS a child molester makes me laugh at your obnoxious comments over who has the higher intelligence!! There will no longer be any further comments from me x I've waisted far more time then I intended, although i must thank you for the entertainment I do however wonder if it was worth it. Go get some help xx I may be younger but seem more developed

    • yuno bro
      yuno bro Day ago

      +Matt Phelan Your false opinion mixed with your cocky obnoxious comments about you higher intelligence further proves my points

    • yuno bro
      yuno bro Day ago

      +Matt Phelan "blessed with more intelligence" denying the he was a child molester. Your the embarrassment! Have a lovely day were donw here xx

    • Matt Phelan
      Matt Phelan Day ago

      yuno bro Excuse me, it was you who started this shit by saying that anyone who couldn’t see that MJ was a paedophile was stupid. Well, those of us blessed with more intelligence than you (including my cat and the bag of popcorn I have in my kitchen) politely advise you to shut the fuck up and stop embarrassing yourself. There endeth the lesson.

    • Matt Phelan
      Matt Phelan Day ago

      yuno bro I’m Irish, we let people know how we feel. So shut up.

  • Scuba Steve
    Scuba Steve Day ago +1

    I'm shocked to see so many people still listening to and following this hypocritical babbling idiot.

    • Matt Phelan
      Matt Phelan Day ago

      Don’t forget his transvestite wife!

  • Ctrl1u
    Ctrl1u Day ago

    Not only Johnnie Cochran but Mark Geragos also represented MJ.

  • Lydia Youssef
    Lydia Youssef 2 days ago

    Why are there a lot of dislikes? Everything they said is logical... And as someone who was sexually abused by an EXTREMELY close person, I REALLY understand and agree with everything said here. Everything they said in the video is spot on and well worded. Plus... I remember adoring Michael Jackson when I was 12-16 and actually thinking that his love for children was innocent and genuine. But now as a 19 year old, I would NEVER EVER think it's not abnormal for an adult to sleep with such young kids. Michael Jackson would always say he didnt have a good childhood that's why he's so childlike and close to children. BUT having had no decent childhood doesn't give an adult a free pass to intimately hold hands with children or being with them all the time...Anyway, great video and thank you for addressing the whole thing. This isn't only important because of Michael Jackson and his victims (which of course I COMPLETELY do sympathize with and understand. A few years ago I would have never believed those victims and said that was all for money. But as a victim myself and one who can relate, I really do understand the trouble they've had that pushed them to make such a documentary) but because it's raising awareness to the whole pedophilia thing and showing that the most innocent-looking beings can turn out sick and dangerous.

    • Matt Phelan
      Matt Phelan Day ago +1

      I’m really sorry that you endured any kind of abuse, but if you believe a single word of anything these Fuckwits have said then you have been robbed of any common sense. The video they showed was BULLSHIT. It was edited to provoke the maximum damage, and when you’re old enough, as I am, to remember when it was originally broadcast you’d realise that these asseholes have an agenda. Pure and simple.
      Do you ever wonder why this idiot and his transvestite partner can’t get a real job in TV? That Neverland mockumentary was a farce, and it’s such a shame so many people are gullible enough to believe any of it was true. It was laughed out of court, no publisher would touch it, and asking a gay television director to make a one sided mockumentary about it was the last resort.

  • lisagirl1100
    lisagirl1100 2 days ago

    Typical white man thoughts 💭

  • Brownfield Serena Raes


  • Bhaskar Yadav
    Bhaskar Yadav 2 days ago +12

    Whats up with your eyebrows..Are they groomed too

  • Al R
    Al R 2 days ago


  • Truth Teller
    Truth Teller 2 days ago +2

    There is not a single person that believes this that actually comprehends what they claim.. It is literally impossible!

    • Bailey Charlton
      Bailey Charlton 13 hours ago

      +Truth Teller I dont care what this is to you haha

    • Truth Teller
      Truth Teller 13 hours ago

      +Bailey Charlton I'll wait for your response to the lengthy notes I sent you... if you have any questions or actually care to learn the details of allegations, I can probably answer most questions.. I have studied this. It's not just a movie or some news to me..

    • Candy JohnsonCanoli
      Candy JohnsonCanoli 15 hours ago

      You make no sense.

    • Bailey Charlton
      Bailey Charlton 16 hours ago

      +Truth Teller plus you can't act like oh because court gave Michael a pass he is good and simply ignore all the strange disturbing facts that would suggest he did molest kids. Now if it was only two kids who ever came forward to say he did it then that's one thing but you have countless disturbing facts about Michael and the kids and then adding that onto the others that said he molested them it's to much all together to act like it's nothing because he got off it court and because 2 accusers lied. If you act like because these 2 lied they all lied your insane

  • Mickey Villadsen
    Mickey Villadsen 2 days ago

    Thought experiment:
    “Any man In the World (lets say Obama) sleep in a bed every Night for 30 days with a Young boy next to him
    What are the chances of him NOT touching the boy
    Really 0% you dumbass

  • Jeff Slayer
    Jeff Slayer 2 days ago +2

    lol The Rageaholic did a far better job at a breakdown of this low budget film and unlike you, he actually did research and provided evidence instead of cropped out vids, if you watched that first clip in full then you would know Michael slept on the floor, it wasnt some sick grooming technique. I love how people who "watched" that 4 hour crap didn't pick out the fact that Safechuck was a non entity in the trail MJ "threatened" him about or how about his mother dancing that MJ was dead in 2009 yet Safechuck stated he didn't realized he was abused until 2013. There are so many inconsistencies in that film, all it did was just prove that MJ was innocent. However when someone points these things out they are called a "pedo defender", no one likes questioning the victim but when shit is this obvious it needs to be questioned. Do yourselves a favor and look into both sides before you believe this crap.

  • Mickey Villadsen
    Mickey Villadsen 2 days ago +1

    I dont Think you should define what friends do and dont

  • stupid lady
    stupid lady 2 days ago