Joe Rogan on Leaving Neverland

  • Published on Mar 5, 2019
  • Taken from MMA Show #58 w/Brendan Schuab:

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  • Frank Kick
    Frank Kick 22 hours ago

    So dumb assholes.

  • gaatje niksaan
    gaatje niksaan 23 hours ago

    3:33 till 4:09 funny af XD

  • Nella Livnam
    Nella Livnam Day ago

  • Jani Harmse
    Jani Harmse Day ago +2

    They keep saying there are no “hard evidence” but the circumstantial evidence is overwhelming. I can’t understand how people are still not accepting that MJ is a creep

    • sIvA G
      sIvA G 22 hours ago

      Yup you are a freak!

  • Real Tech
    Real Tech Day ago

    Swear by me

  • LY
    LY Day ago

    Joe I have so much respect for u but this made me cringe. Pls watch the documentary before airing yr opinion about it.

  • north5943
    north5943 Day ago

    Smoke stack lightning

  • shaggydoorz 138
    shaggydoorz 138 Day ago

    mike ill kick you out of this ome if yo dont cut phthat hair

  • Diana Riverjackson

    Dude in green sounding like a combination between Batman with lung cancer and a parrot with Alzheimer’s.
    I still love him tho ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • erickramos432
    erickramos432 Day ago

    Guy in the green shirt voice doesnt usually sound like this 😆

  • Cole Ballantyne
    Cole Ballantyne Day ago

    im batman

  • glasgow blue boxing fan

    Not being funny but I had a shity child hood but I'm not pretending to be Peter fucking pan the guy is a peado no doubt

    • glasgow blue boxing fan
      glasgow blue boxing fan Day ago

      +Truth Teller so he didn't cohers kids to sleep in his bed .

    • Truth Teller
      Truth Teller Day ago

      you don't read.. it's already been proven they lied! if you actually read up on the details of what they accuse him of, the timeline is impossible... 100%

  • Maxi Aquí y Ahora!

    castratos can have a bonner too!

  • FaithHope21
    FaithHope21 Day ago +1

    How is a grown ass man acting like a 9 year old child in any way shape or form, normal? If you studied developmental psychology then you would believe James and Wade. Hurt people, hurt people. Michael Jackson grew up in an abusive fucked up household and people think he's just going to come out normal on the other side? Jesus you all are blinded by his fame and name. If he was not Michael Jackson and just some regular dude named Mike acting the way he did you all would believe the boys and call Mike a fucked up nasty ass pedophile. Stop being blinded by your own biases. Fuck.

    • Truth Teller
      Truth Teller 17 hours ago

      +FaithHope21 I answered your question, why not answer my questions? didn't think so..

      don't pray for anyone near me.. I would not want your spirit anywhere near my children.. A person willing to defend proven extortionists spitting in the faces of actual victims.. Keep your prayers!

    • FaithHope21
      FaithHope21 Day ago

      +Truth Teller so then...yes, you would let your son sleep in Michael Jacksons bed. That's fucked up. I'll pray for your kids.

    • Truth Teller
      Truth Teller Day ago

      +FaithHope21 It's no ones position to judge odd behavior.. odd and illegal behavior is two different things..
      He was not a pedophile, and what Wade & James claim are 100% lies and can be proven in minutes.. what else is there to say?

    • FaithHope21
      FaithHope21 Day ago

      +Truth Teller it really is a simple yes or no answer.

  • Ingrid Dubbel
    Ingrid Dubbel Day ago

    If you don't watch a film then you don't have the credibity to talk about it.

    • Truth Teller
      Truth Teller Day ago

      um, if you don't read the legal files you don't have credibility.. lol! you base your opinion off of a movie 7 years in the making? haha ok.. and that speaks directly to your credibility. If you actually knew what they accuse him of, you would know their timelines make their stories literally impossible!!!!!

  • Ultan Finlay
    Ultan Finlay Day ago

    Coming in the distant future: Leaving the JRE featuring Jessie.

  • Jill Kealling
    Jill Kealling Day ago

    Just so everyone knows chemical castration is not permanent. Surgical castration is permanent, but chemical castration is largely reversible with the exception of a few things such as bone density loss. Even if he was chemically castrated as a child, when that was removed in adulthood, he would have gained sexual feelings.

    • Jill Kealling
      Jill Kealling Day ago

      +Truth Teller I am a tower of ignorance, I have no idea what did or did not happen between michael jackson and those guys when they were kids. However, the idea, they are telling their large audience, that Michael Jackson could not have sexual feelings towards these boys or ejaculate because he had been castrated as a child is untrue. That's the only thing I am discrediting.

    • Truth Teller
      Truth Teller Day ago

      What does that have to do with the fact wade and James are lying? Castrated or not, it does not change that time travel is not possible.. they lied!


    I agree Joe!

  • Socally
    Socally Day ago

    What the fuck is wrong with Brendan shaubs voice?

  • ace nofrontz
    ace nofrontz Day ago

    Guilty or innocent Michael Jackson made himself a easy mark for con men the parents were definitely looking for a Payday

  • ace nofrontz
    ace nofrontz Day ago

    When I was young I learned that a criminal wears a target on his back so what I'm saying is if I Rob houses and I break into a house that has a dead man in it I'm no longer a thief I'm now a murderer I think Mr. Jackson might have been a easy scapegoat acting inappropriate and they multiplied his crimes ten-fold basically I think he was a peeping tom off centered recluse the parents took full advantage

  • Sweaty Neckbeard

    Joe Rogan is a moron.

  • Sydney black
    Sydney black 2 days ago +1

    Forced Chemical castration ....fuck

  • Aziz Omer
    Aziz Omer 2 days ago

    The fathers killed because they lied and they couldn’t live with what they did. Jeez you guys

  • Sydney black
    Sydney black 2 days ago +1

    Poor Michael Jackson such a broken person....he's a fucking freak have you seen some of the pictures of him

  • Aziz Omer
    Aziz Omer 2 days ago

    What the F$&&. You guys gossip like little B$&&. Are you guys are all in on it? Who is playing you? Fake news. Check the facts. I lost respect for you guys.

  • Sweet Tanner
    Sweet Tanner 2 days ago

    Lol the way Joe Rogan said,” I don’t want to watch that Michael Jackson thing.”

  • Jeremy Santos
    Jeremy Santos 2 days ago

    Maybe he did like bitches lol

  • J Denino
    J Denino 2 days ago

    When did Conrad Murray say that MJ had been castrated because in the autopsy for MJ it said that MJ was producing sperm. I watched the Conrad Murray interview afterwards. MJ is GUILTY, his own sister said so.

    • Truth Teller
      Truth Teller Day ago

      I sent recall his autopsy speaking about his sperm count.. but to believe wade and James is to believe in time travel
      You've clearly not looked into the details of what they claim.. they are 100% lying and has been proven.

  • Stray Dog
    Stray Dog 2 days ago +4

    Damn, they got cookie monster to voice his opinion about MJ.

  • William Jordan
    William Jordan 2 days ago

    Micheal Jackson molested children, and so have a whole lot of other people in entertainment and politics. More than you know, it will all come out, and these people will not be able to walk down the street anymore. They should all be thrown in prison. Stop equivocating.

    • Truth Teller
      Truth Teller 18 hours ago

      +William Jordan are you referring to my statement or the actual abuse being invalid?

    • William Jordan
      William Jordan Day ago

      +Truth Teller ab abusu ad usum non valet consequentia

    • Truth Teller
      Truth Teller Day ago

      To believe wade and James to to believe the impossible. Clearly you are not familiar with what they are actually alleging.

  • Bernie McKinley
    Bernie McKinley 2 days ago +9

    Come on Joe, men have so much trouble coming forward. And Im sure if this were women/girls they would be far more easily believed and supported.
    Please watch it, please talk about it.

    ZOLTAR 2 days ago

    James' 'evidence' constitutes him paraphrasing from his pedo FRIEND's book...his friend in NAMBLA!
    'Lover"..."honeymoon"..."wedding ring"...
    Man Boy _LOVE_ Association .
    This is a smear campaign of an innocent man...OBVIOUSLY.
    BTW MJ supposedly castrated etc

  • Sin City Quinn
    Sin City Quinn 2 days ago

    Half of the shit they said in here was bullshit.

  • Carolina River
    Carolina River 2 days ago +2

    I wish this guys had dondd some research about this liars.

  • ShAum Clear
    ShAum Clear 2 days ago

  • Truth Teller
    Truth Teller 2 days ago +3

    There is not ONE person that believes Michael Jackson is guilty that actually knows the details of what Wade and James are claiming.. Don't forget there has been 2 legal cases, 7 amended complaints, 2 different legal teams within 7 years to make this story.. Their stories literally would need time travel to be true! The story didn't start with the documentary nor did it end!! It's about the $$$$$$ 100%.. the legal proceedings prove the intent!

  • M.y S.t o r y
    M.y S.t o r y 2 days ago

    denial !!!! watch the documentary then decide ...

    • Truth Teller
      Truth Teller Day ago

      And what would watching a movie with the script written over 7 years do? They lied and has been proven.. done, over.. fact!

  • Louisa Thomas
    Louisa Thomas 2 days ago

    @jo Rogan this is a bit of fun. My friend now passed and a victim herself. Confirms the castration theory. Please watch,let’s keep Tasha Hollywood’s spirit alive ❤️
    Part 1

  • Theresa Hayes-Kemp
    Theresa Hayes-Kemp 2 days ago

    and he did have sex with women.

  • Theresa Hayes-Kemp
    Theresa Hayes-Kemp 2 days ago

    He Did have a deep voice tho

  • bigmack2016
    bigmack2016 2 days ago

    besides, even if the allegations are true, you should be so honored to have the King of Pop choose your tight little asshole over the thousands he could've had... let it go already...

  • dn08Hf1xK0q1
    dn08Hf1xK0q1 2 days ago

    I don't believe any of these gold diggers accusations without any proof other than media ratings

  • vitradesk
    vitradesk 2 days ago

    Joe “is it semen or sperm” Rogan

  • aztek
    aztek 2 days ago

    What the fuck is wrong with dudes voice all the time? Every video. Give the dumbass a throat lozenge.

  • Mike Dragotta
    Mike Dragotta 2 days ago

    The man is not here to defend himself, so he's fare game for these guys.
    They should have confronted him while he was still alive so his side could be told also.
    I look at both sides, and I know the "Michael loved all children" mantra all to well, but how come he never seemed to love female children as much?
    It was always a male child cancer patient that he befriended, or a male child actor that he reached out to.
    He was always surrounded by male children. Where were all the little girls in his circle of friends or at his sleepovers?
    People will say I'm twisted to suggest a grown man having sleepovers with little girls, but it somehow makes sense for a grown man to have sleepovers with little boys?
    Didn't he love all children? And it's all innocent, so why not?
    We'll never know for sure, but he was never convicted of anything in a court of law, and they didn't confront him while he was alive, so just let the man rest.
    These guys aren't being courageous by coming forward, even if they are telling the truth, but it certainly would have been courageous and far more credible, if they'd done so while he was still here to defend himself.

  • Bob Dole
    Bob Dole 2 days ago

    Society still beefing with a dead man.

    • Jani Harmse
      Jani Harmse Day ago

      Bob Dole dead men who molested children and got away with it.

  • Kasun Liyanage
    Kasun Liyanage 2 days ago

    According to what I've heard plus my opinion about the situation is this. As everyone knows, Micheal became insanely famous in his preteen. This took away his childhood. Thus he never grew up mentally, and he was grown up to be a man-child. As an adult he didn't really knew how to act like an adult. Billions of $s and the immense pressure of famedom drew him to escape from reality by acting crazy and childlike. Even his voice is of a kid. Those pedophile stuff, no one knows if they are true, they are just rumors as Joe said. Maybe he enjoyed the company of kids cuz he also was not really an adult. Around of the time of his murder, he became like a man in house arrest. His "controllers" made sure that he act as to their bidding, making him super depressed in later years. He poped like 30 Xanax pills everynight just to sleep. So, I don't consider MJ as an "evil" man. Fame and wealth took it's toll on him, and he was a victim of all these. All I have is pity on his soul.

  • zak_ or_zach
    zak_ or_zach 2 days ago

    Just watch it first, dudes, and then discuss it!!!

    • Lenny Mice
      Lenny Mice 2 days ago

      It's really not worth their time.

  • Sarah Li
    Sarah Li 2 days ago

    I tell you what you all watch it and then ale up your minds because what these men have said is truly horrific he was a fucking monster who groomed the entire family to get to the children and all these excuses he didn't have a childhood ok he didn't apparently but millions of kids go through horrendous times in their childhood ,he was a fucking monster and he's best off dead and gone .

  • Joel Kelly
    Joel Kelly 2 days ago +4

    Joe "Sometimes people tell the truth, and sometimes they don't" Rogan

  • Damaris Sanchez
    Damaris Sanchez 2 days ago

    I agree with the guy in green. I think Michael Jackson was mentally ill. He never had a childhood and identified more with children then he did adults. He wasnt like other adults therefore couldn't form normal relationships with other adults. He was weird and it was sad. He was also an easy target because of it. And he is dead..he can't defend himself. Tearing down Michael Jacksons legacy based on the word of two men who previously defended MJ as adults is bullshit. Its complete and utter bullshit and without definitive proof i dont believe a word of it. I didnt then and i dont now. Sorry but as a mother of two boys, my sons not hanging out with a grown man, and in the event that my son was molested, you can pay us but trust and believe im not sleeping until whoever did it is in prison! So yea, the parents in these cases are assholes, who saw dollar signs and if anyone are the ones who exploited their children in order to get paid.

  • Psychologic
    Psychologic 2 days ago

    I think people really underestimate how fucked mental and psychological problems can be as to why these two guys came out way into their adulthood. It’s no joke

  • Sizzle King
    Sizzle King 3 days ago

    "My takeaway was you never want to be that famous." Seriously- thats their takeaway?

  • Geo
    Geo 3 days ago


  • Paul tar
    Paul tar 3 days ago

    Take a sip

  • It's lighting
    It's lighting 3 days ago

    That guy is a pro he can talk perfectly while choking on a dick

  • Trolluranium
    Trolluranium 3 days ago

    I thought he was going to say Michael was on DMT

  • Barry Goldwater
    Barry Goldwater 3 days ago +1

    MJ was never castrated. Those close to him said he stuffed box on the regular. There's even pics of his dick submitted to evidence in 1993 for the Chandler accusations.

  • Barry Goldwater
    Barry Goldwater 3 days ago

    Yep all of these facts coming from off camera are just lies perpetuated from the rags.

  • Michelle Quinn
    Michelle Quinn 3 days ago

    And yes!!! Thank you for bringing it up that one of the guys lied in his testimony. He should be in jail. Thank you for this.

  • Michelle Quinn
    Michelle Quinn 3 days ago

    I’m so glad to hear someone say that, one, NO evidence in that documentary and 2 he was found innocent in a court. At this point, this shit only hurts his kids. They do not deserve it. Let it go already. They had their shot to prove it and put him away if it happened. They failed. Enough is enough. The guy is dead.

  • Mister McGoo
    Mister McGoo 3 days ago

    Man,did you guys burn one or two before tape rolled? Cotton throat's?? Frog voices!! Drink a damn Beer dudes! I do agree with Joe,he's not here to defend himself,and his dad was Weird to all of them, for MONEY!!

  • Noah Pimm
    Noah Pimm 3 days ago

    I know I’m late on this video but wtf is up with this guy’s voice. Seriously.

  • Darth Javo
    Darth Javo 3 days ago


  • LeJone Ehran
    LeJone Ehran 3 days ago

    MJ owned HALF of Sony. Half of Sony published music.

  • LeJone Ehran
    LeJone Ehran 3 days ago

    I totally agree and respect your decision. I agree he was weird and did weird things but I don't want to believe he was an abuser.

  • Paddy The Good Pedophile

    Quit being a pansy and watch the documentary dudebro! It's an epic tale of forbidden love! 🧡 Paddy

  • Steffen Carp fishing UK

    He was a nonce, americans accept that

  • Shooka A.
    Shooka A. 3 days ago +3

    Joe Rogan: I don't want to talk about the truth, because the guy is dead.
    Me: Omg Joe, you're so stupid!

  • Shooka A.
    Shooka A. 3 days ago

    Joe"The guy is dead, have some respect" Rogan

    CUATRO VEINTE 3 days ago

    guy in the green sounds like he's doing smr

  • Me Good boy
    Me Good boy 3 days ago

    Disabled batman

  • Horseteeth Gaming
    Horseteeth Gaming 3 days ago

    what in the world is wrong with that guy's voice

  • nikolas novitsky
    nikolas novitsky 3 days ago

    “He’s not alive to defend himself.” That sentence does have a place but don’t give child rapists that pass...

  • Christopher Quinones

    why Tf does Joe still think MJ was chemically castrated by the fucking doctor who murdered him. Seriously Joe is a fucking moron for still peddling this dumbass conspiracy and every video he talks about MJ he bring up the castration. His brothers also had very high voices, thats not evidence you idiot. Axel Rose, and Freddy Merucry were also falsettos, were they chemically castrated as well? SMFH

  • Anglo-Chaldean Israelite

    Brendan is such a fuckin mamzer mentality. Plebe ass dude.

  • mixcolor mj
    mixcolor mj 3 days ago +1

    trying so hard to destroy Michael jackson's image. he was a very good human being.

  • William
    William 3 days ago +1

    hello smoothskinn

  • C Pope
    C Pope 3 days ago +2

    I live for hearing Joe singing human nature 😂😂 SING IT JOE!!

  • Nicholas Ortega
    Nicholas Ortega 3 days ago

    Speculation about what a dead guy Might have done. What a waste of a podcast.

  • tdv wx
    tdv wx 3 days ago

    This is why nobody takes Rogan seriously anymore. He's just another misinformed megaphone. His opinions seem to change depending on whoever he's talking to as well.

  • V TK
    V TK 3 days ago

    this is dumb, they haven't even seen it

  • TheManOnTheStreetOMG

    Didn't want to believe it but after watching it I'm 100% sure he fucked kids.

    • Barry Goldwater
      Barry Goldwater 3 days ago

      Provide evidence he did, and not just another shitty doc that tries to appeal to emotion. Being eccentric isn't evidence either.

    • Lenny Mice
      Lenny Mice 3 days ago +1

      Because two people told a story? You're easily convinced.

  • David
    David 3 days ago

    Look, this is just my opinion... Michael Jackson was 100% deprived of a childhood. He had some off things in his mind... I think he just never grew up because his childhood stopped at age 6-7 unless there's proof I can't believe that Michael Jackson ever molested anybody. He might have been weird, but that's it.. in my unfactual opinion.

    • Barry Goldwater
      Barry Goldwater 3 days ago

      Yeah he got stuck in a loop where he wanted to relive what he thought childhood should be since he never got to experience it. He's the ultimate child star in that he never stopped being in the spotlight, unlike others. No one comes out on the end of that existence acting normal. Regardless, no evidence has ever been found linking him to the claims against him.

  • Truth Teller
    Truth Teller 3 days ago +2

    No one would be able to explain the timeline they claim.. It's IMPOSSIBLE for the stories to be true.. Simply time stamp their claims! SMH

  • MR_manwich {}
    MR_manwich {} 3 days ago

    The whole not alive thing I don't agree with but it's a giant grey area

  • Ryan Hill
    Ryan Hill 3 days ago

    How many out of court settlements oh ok no he didnt do anything.

    • Lenny Mice
      Lenny Mice 2 days ago

      @Ryan Hill
      Searching comment for rebuttals....
      ...0 results found...
      ...would you like to search again?

    • Ryan Hill
      Ryan Hill 3 days ago

      +Lenny Mice no I didnt look Micheal jackson is a childmolester

    • Lenny Mice
      Lenny Mice 3 days ago

      +Ryan Hill
      You lost the luxury of calling him a child molesterer the moment you actively chose to avoid rebutting a single thing in my comment. Your choice not to is your acknowledgement that you can't. Thanks for playing.

    • Ryan Hill
      Ryan Hill 3 days ago

      +Lenny Mice omg you typed pages about a child molester on a youtube comment section lmfao hahahaahah

    • Lenny Mice
      Lenny Mice 3 days ago

      One out of court settlement. They filed to postpone the civil trial until after the criminal trial was done. That request was denied. So they filed again. And again. And again. And again. And again. Then and only then did they settle. So they chose to fight it 6 consecutive times and settling was their 7th choice. But wait, it gets better. The criminal case was still open and allowed to be fought in spite of the civil trial being settled. And a motion was filed to nullify the evidence that had been gathered for the civil trial. That motion was denied. So the prosecution at the criminal trial would have had carte blanche to use any and all evidence from the civil trial in the criminal trial. And yet they chose not to continue with the criminal charges after having settled the civil case. But wait, it gets better still. There was a statement attached to the civil settlement that said that no wrongdoing was done on Michael's part. So by taking the money offered as a settlement, they acknowledged no wrongdoing on Michael's part. So let's recap. Michael's attorneys tried to fight and begrudgingly settled. Jordan's parents accepted despite a statement of no wrongdoing being entered as part of the settlement deal. They then decided not to go ahead with the criminal case despite still having the right to do so and retaining the right to carry all evidence from the civil trial over into the criminal one. Yeah, really seems like Jordan's parents weren't just after money. James' mum said it best in Leaving Neverland. How much money would it take for it to be ok for your child to be abused? And not just ok, but SO ok that you no longer considered anything wrong to have taken place and had no desire to pursue the matter any further.

  • KingSmithie
    KingSmithie 3 days ago

    Im not impressed on this man's impression of vin diesel

  • Joe Roberts
    Joe Roberts 3 days ago +1

    John Legend's like "duuuuude!"

  • Jim Jones
    Jim Jones 3 days ago

    Michael Jackson did not own happy birthday, The owner of the song is Gene Simmons from kiss.

  • PR_GMR
    PR_GMR 3 days ago

    'Maybe he liked bitches? Who knows?' hahahahahaha!

    • Barry Goldwater
      Barry Goldwater 3 days ago

      Yeah word around friends and family was he stuffed hot slatch daily.

    • Truth Teller
      Truth Teller 3 days ago +1

      according to his family, security guards, women that have been with him.. he was!

  • Mike Anderton
    Mike Anderton 3 days ago

    oh and btw..who the f is that guy next to you ? Is that the level of "guests" you now have in your show? He can't even ?

  • Mike Anderton
    Mike Anderton 3 days ago

    Joe, you are stupid as fuck by saying that he might not have done it. He was a f child abuser. Why would so many poor kids come out now and say it? Why would his employee finally have the guts to talk ? Use your common sense Joe. I thought more of you.

    • Mike Anderton
      Mike Anderton Day ago

      How do you know those are false claims?+Barry Goldwater

    • Lenny Mice
      Lenny Mice 2 days ago

      Nope. Not an MJ fan. I couldn't care less about him. He was a freak. I was briefly into his music as a kid but I don't think I've voluntarily listened to one of his songs since the mid-90's. I'm a heavy metal and punk kind of guy. Motown and most pop doesn't do it for me.
      I'm starting to wonder if the hyperbole is intentional at this point. First you said "so many" when referring to two people (Wade and James). And now you re saying "so many other boys and parents" to refer to two more (Jordan and his parents and Gavin and his parents).
      Are you aware of the circumstances of Jordan and Gavin? Their claims were laughable. As are Wade's and James'. Do you have any good reason to suspect that any of them were abused by Michael? Just one of those people (take your pick)and just one good reason. And no, "because they said so" isn't a good reason. And it wouldn't be anyway, but even less so when the evidence of them being just after money is taken into account.
      And you didn't answer my question. You talked about an employee. Was it Blanca Francia that you were referring to?

    • Barry Goldwater
      Barry Goldwater 3 days ago

      +Mike Anderton Not an MJ fan, I like a few songs tops, but he didn't do it regardless. There's no evidence of wrong doing, just false claims made by money seekers who ironically are using their children to exploit a man who was also exploited by his family.
      Post some evidence of MJ being a child abuser and we'll talk.

    • Mike Anderton
      Mike Anderton 3 days ago

      I tend to feel that you are a MJ fan and it obviously hurts to see those clips+Lenny Mice However there are so many other boys and parents that have raised same concerns. No smoke without fire. It went on too long.

    • Lenny Mice
      Lenny Mice 3 days ago

      Two people is "so many"? And it's pretty damn obvious why they did it. Money. First with the attempted book deal, then with the attempted 1.5 billion dollar suing of the Michael Jackson estate and now with the donations that he's collecting that are set at $250 minimum per donation.
      What employee are you talking about? The maid Blanca Francia who got paid $20,000 to tell her story to Hard Copy but then when she was asked to tell her story under oath in the 2005 trial, she suddenly changed her story and said she didn't see him with a kid in the shower?
      Anyone that thinks he was a child molesterer is either very ignorant or very gullible. Or both.

  • Sum Ting Wong
    Sum Ting Wong 3 days ago

    "Did he still bust nuts?" LOLLLLL 1:04

  • Oleg A
    Oleg A 3 days ago

    You should have watched it and then discuss it, you would have no doubts about Michael’s relationships with those boys, that sick fucker!

    • Truth Teller
      Truth Teller 3 days ago

      if you think basing an opinion on a person off of a movie built to make you believe what they say.. 7 years in the making you are fooling yourself. Many lies from the doc can be proven in minutes.. Their timelines are literally impossible dude! lol

  • Chung Simon
    Chung Simon 3 days ago

    chemical castration is reversible when treatment is discontinued.

  • Serennekin
    Serennekin 3 days ago +12

    Don’t ever let this green shirt guy back on your podcast. Sounds like I’m listening to someone using a plunger on a clogged toilet

  • Raul Mont
    Raul Mont 3 days ago

    Parents want money, and kids are groomed. So weak, don’t want to critique cause he can’t defend himself? Wtf

  • Jesse Garcia
    Jesse Garcia 3 days ago +1

    That dude sound sick he should have took the day off. I didn’t understand a word he said