Arsenal 2-0 Man United | Aubameyang Brought Banter FC Back Again! (Troopz)

  • Published on Mar 10, 2019
  • Arsenal 2-0 Man United | Aubameyang Brought Banter FC Back Again! (Troopz)
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  • 2k Twokay
    2k Twokay 3 days ago

    No one:
    Arsenal fans:We beat Man Utd!!! Best team in England!!!

    EESAA RASHID 5 days ago

    Talk proper English you fool. They way u talk makes you look so stupid

  • Kyle Fonzo
    Kyle Fonzo 5 days ago we can get the money for Emery just help the cause :)

  • mogau mosibudi
    mogau mosibudi 5 days ago

    I'm from South Africa and I can see this

  • Vickish Parbhu
    Vickish Parbhu 6 days ago

  • Waqar Jilani
    Waqar Jilani 7 days ago

    I've saved this video. Listen to it whenever I'm down. Long live AFTV!

  • Mensah Mbro
    Mensah Mbro 7 days ago +4

    This was one of his greatest intro interview. Love the intro so so much...big up troops and robbie

  • Andrew Shone
    Andrew Shone 7 days ago

    What a clown this person is, he is a grown man ffs!

  • Benedict Wong
    Benedict Wong 8 days ago

    This kind of fans is a joke. Criticizing other clubs LOL fucked up. Fans are what made football toxic

  • Amelia Salgado
    Amelia Salgado 9 days ago

    Let's play at our home Bernabeu. Zidane vs Emery. We'd love for that to happen. Come on guys.

  • It’s Zayd
    It’s Zayd 9 days ago +2

    Who’s watching when arsenal won Rennes and in the quarter finals

  • Mohamed Arsath
    Mohamed Arsath 9 days ago +1

    Auba-me-blood-clatt-young 😂😂😂

  • Coach Technique
    Coach Technique 9 days ago

    my parody of if Troopz was a Ronaldo fan

  • Van Bonita Bo
    Van Bonita Bo 9 days ago +1

    I love Ozil

  • Daniel Jermaine
    Daniel Jermaine 9 days ago

    Troopz reppin COYG

  • Aizeey Shakur
    Aizeey Shakur 9 days ago

    Haha Love this Slang so much Form Austria

  • Snackkerss
    Snackkerss 9 days ago

    JD in back there

  • Harry Kane
    Harry Kane 9 days ago

    Top 4 loooooool

  • Sean Playz
    Sean Playz 9 days ago

    Told us we out out of the europa let’s see what happens today

    • Franny Ogo
      Franny Ogo 7 days ago

      You won bruv CMON DA ARSENAL go and win it now and knock chavski banter club out on the way to final..And get a top 3/4 spot but buzzing you shut the mank plastic gloryhunterrs up though.That was better than us liverpool beating bayern the other day..Seriously COYA/COYR

  • Black Angel
    Black Angel 10 days ago +1

    I love the two Korean or Chinese guys in the back dancing ,jumping and singing , we are Arsenal.

  • Giles Taylor
    Giles Taylor 10 days ago

    This is a historic interview already

  • jabba dan
    jabba dan 10 days ago

    Tottenham suck out your mudda lol haha

  • James R
    James R 10 days ago

    We'll see what happens at the end of the season you bums wasters man

    • 7th Orisha
      7th Orisha 10 days ago

      If I were you, I would direct the comment to United fans. You lot started it all so, enjoy the Karma. This is just the beginning.

  • showertime2008
    showertime2008 10 days ago

    Mans cuttin promos jeeeeezeee

  • nila ronda
    nila ronda 10 days ago

    u forgot the piano guy.. lolx..

  • Kenneth Addoh
    Kenneth Addoh 10 days ago


  • Lance Nation
    Lance Nation 10 days ago

    Check this out.

  • Stephen Adeniran
    Stephen Adeniran 10 days ago

    Troopz is Arsenal through and through

  • John smith
    John smith 10 days ago

    Arsenal were 12 points clear. We knocked them out of the FA cup at Emirates, caught them and over took them. They happened to win a game at home and now all this hype? Open top bus parade and over the top celebrations. I can’t wait for them to get knocked out of Europa on Thursday, so I can watch AFTV lol

    • John smith
      John smith 10 days ago

      7th Orisha bollocks that’s your level now lol

    • 7th Orisha
      7th Orisha 10 days ago

      In case you haven't realized. We gave up on Europa agrs ago. So, enjoy the karma

  • John smith
    John smith 10 days ago

    This was like a World Cup final win for Arsenal listen to them. You’d never think it was only 3 points smh

  • Micheal Duffy
    Micheal Duffy 10 days ago

    leave baby face's team alone. Allez on the wheel

  • Darren Luff
    Darren Luff 10 days ago

    Arsenal fans are a joke, saying Man U we’re lucky against PSG with our goals against them and then these goals they scored weren’t? And now we’re shit and they are the best? Not saying Man U are world beaters but c’mon mate

  • GTA Glitches Inc
    GTA Glitches Inc 10 days ago

    pagan boys arsenal u took ur chances we didn’t take our chances use aren’t gonna take fourth place we’re avin

  • shakeel1984
    shakeel1984 10 days ago

    Troopz charged up!

  • Nerrick Rose
    Nerrick Rose 11 days ago


  • B123
    B123 11 days ago

    2 pts ahead.. celebrate like you’ve won the league

  • Wayne Marshall
    Wayne Marshall 11 days ago +1

    Arsenal fans getting excited about potentially coming 4th....Sigh... From an Arsenal fan

  • Johnny Jaymeey
    Johnny Jaymeey 11 days ago

    Lacabluuudcazette 😀😀

  • fu fu
    fu fu 11 days ago

    man said skittles pending lool

  • felix boxx elba
    felix boxx elba 11 days ago

    Man United:
    “That night in Barcelona”

    “That night in Istanbul

    “That night in Munich”

    “That night in London where we beat Man United 2-0 at home and acted like it was a cup final.”

    Grumpy Troopz so loud come here next week he will be back at his best rant rant rant

  • n
    n 11 days ago

    wheres the dog shager

  • Chris Kay
    Chris Kay 11 days ago

    Clean blud clot sweep ya

  • Bandit Cavvi
    Bandit Cavvi 11 days ago

    bare paigon dislikes

  • Stepz97 •
    Stepz97 • 11 days ago

    Who says blud anymore?

  • Shaun Darmanin
    Shaun Darmanin 11 days ago +3

    These guys are class to watch 😂👌🏽 respect from a cardiff fan 👊🏽

  • A M
    A M 11 days ago

    white ppl love laughing at black people because of idiots like troopz so embarassing

  • Nikhil Bagwe
    Nikhil Bagwe 11 days ago

    Lukaku being Lukaku, sloppy passing in the final third
    No shots on target from Arsenal other than the Xhaka goal
    United kicked this same team out of the FA Cup which was Arsenal's only realistic chance of silverware this season
    Top 4 battle, certainly harsh on United but the top 4 is no trophy in itself
    So chill out Arsenal fans, well played, but it wasn't a dominating performance

  • Joe Naj
    Joe Naj 11 days ago

    Dead win for arse and holes

  • Dawit Alemayehu
    Dawit Alemayehu 11 days ago

    Arsenal never sleep 4 ya Man utd . Much talk before the match as Man utd will win,but the result is reversed. shishhhiiissssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhiii utd & their followers don't talk much before the match also don't talk much after the result You are so noisy . Don't forget as we are Arsenal FC & fans we were great ,and also we become great at that time you can't survive that is your fear. Arsenal FC forever ! Ars VS Man utd 22222222222-00000000000

  • Tom H
    Tom H 12 days ago

    Arsenal are shit

  • Kevin Paige Jr
    Kevin Paige Jr 12 days ago

    Aubamayang has got heart. Goal or no goal. He’s got my love.

  • germaine firmin
    germaine firmin 12 days ago

    Troopz waaaay too reactionary ffss.

    We gave u lot a headstart at the start of the season, ruled out of making top 4, now look at us.

  • Omar Said
    Omar Said 12 days ago

    #team +254 Arsenal till I die....

  • Biswadev Majhi
    Biswadev Majhi 12 days ago

    😂 😂

  • slashthe2nd
    slashthe2nd 12 days ago +1

    Did arsenal win the league????? Never seen such an over reaction.

  • Christopher Palmer
    Christopher Palmer 12 days ago

    Wicked man ting

  • HDsjej Dheusj
    HDsjej Dheusj 12 days ago

    Am dead

  • Tejas Mohite
    Tejas Mohite 12 days ago

    Deluded Arsenal fans , celebrating as if they have won champions league 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Joseph Ofori
    Joseph Ofori 12 days ago

    Oba penalty was trash. I knew he was going down the middle. That’s the easiest penalty play. And your first goal . Zhaka will never score a goal like that again . And you guys are celebrating like you won a championship. Kool down guys

  • Joseph Ofori
    Joseph Ofori 12 days ago

    Arsenal didn’t create any chance after the first 20min. Man united could ve easily score 3 goals . And played better than arsenal until floppy lacazette flopped like a bitch. Enjoy your top four today. It won’t last

  • Steven Perry
    Steven Perry 12 days ago

    Man Utd fans getting personal saying Arsenal will be knocked out the Europa league, Tottenham will finish above us and UTD will. I don't think so Arsenal will finish above Tottenham and Utd, and by the way Utd will finish this season empty hended They won't win the league, the FA cup and the champions league. City will probably do it.

  • Looseefer 666666
    Looseefer 666666 12 days ago

    the fat lady hasn't left the building yet. we will see who will have the last laugh

    • 7th Orisha
      7th Orisha 10 days ago

      We will. You guys have been mocking us for years. So, it's our time. Karma is real! Enjoy the pain for the next many decades

  • Curtius Technologies
    Curtius Technologies 12 days ago +2

    Good win for arsenal :) they beat half man united. Arsenal fans should very proud: :).

  • Mia Khalifa
    Mia Khalifa 12 days ago

    Some great saves from your keeper Leno

  • Fredo416
    Fredo416 12 days ago

    The Gabonese Jamie Vardy

  • Awsedrfyhujol Wwsedrftgyjujikol

    Pre ejaculation

  • up top
    up top 12 days ago

    Bumboclatt 🇯🇲

  • fizzojones
    fizzojones 12 days ago

    What is he saying?

  • M/M
    M/M 12 days ago

    shows how far ole has brought utd with the way arsenal are celebrating

  • TheOnlyTB _
    TheOnlyTB _ 12 days ago

    Rants is a cocky shit he knew what was coming his way that’s why he left the country🤣🤣🇵🇹

  • VanDutch10
    VanDutch10 12 days ago

    How old is this guy...

  • Bexo Sean
    Bexo Sean 12 days ago

    It's the best win in Arsenal's existence I guess

  • No.1player
    No.1player 12 days ago

    great win but if manu finished there chances we would of got beat

  • joseph charnock
    joseph charnock 12 days ago

    Rantz lives rent free in your head brudda 😘😂

  • Desu no sutoraiki
    Desu no sutoraiki 12 days ago

    Still feels good TBH but how was Rennes? We had a lovely time in France. 😁

  • 24hoursonline1
    24hoursonline1 12 days ago

    I support Liverpool, but boy oh boy, arsenal fans deserve some happiness....

  • Gospel Pan
    Gospel Pan 12 days ago

    PROPHET Troopsie ......BACK AGAIN!!! 😂😂😂

  • snorewak
    snorewak 12 days ago

    *game* everytime troopz pokes robby take a drink

  • Big H
    Big H 12 days ago

    troopz when arsenal lost 3-1 in the fa cup did you do a united stand interview as well? or only when arsenal win hypocrite

  • Darragh Mathews
    Darragh Mathews 12 days ago

    How can u not like this guy

  • Ellis Clarke
    Ellis Clarke 12 days ago

    Who’s knocked them out the game cup ? Acting like they finished 4th and celebrating like they won the league , joke of a club 😂

    • 7th Orisha
      7th Orisha 10 days ago

      We've won the cup more than anyone else so we dont care! Get to our level.

  • Arvind Sidhu
    Arvind Sidhu 12 days ago

    Doctors fear Troopz. He cures colds now

  • Brian Goodwin
    Brian Goodwin 12 days ago


  • Earth Changing Extremities

    I've watched this so many times since yesterday 😎 I cannot wait to buy shares in Lord Robbie's empire 💲💲💲💲

  • Wing Man
    Wing Man 12 days ago +18

    I am a Manchester united fan but this video is gold 😂😂😂😂 I love it😂😂 #ggmu

  • Blaa Lad
    Blaa Lad 12 days ago

    Banter FC ? Your whole club has been Banter FC for the last decade you idiots haha Celebrating beating united like you won the league says more about how far United have come in the past 2 months then you lot have in the past 2 years! Arsenal - Forever a joke of a club

  • B KS
    B KS 12 days ago

    Obama who? .... Obama what? ....
    One of my favorite AFTV moments ever

  • Christians9955
    Christians9955 12 days ago

    Lol did arsenal win the epl title or CL, cause it feels like it

  • ManniesGirl
    ManniesGirl 12 days ago

    Your actually hilarious you are an actual blood clot deadly hilarious ... they've lost one game in 15 you lot have lost about 7.
    .🤣🤣🤣🤣 you was just lucky the wind was in your favour

  • Diego Entertainment
    Diego Entertainment 12 days ago

    The fact his asking the question if they 4th means he is a shit supporter and talking crap bout goldbrige and flex keep it football related dont diss the people he has no class

  • hendra setyo nugroho
    hendra setyo nugroho 12 days ago

    MU done and next rennes COYG

  • Rafael-Mathéus Weißhäupt

    It's gonna be so funny when they're all ranting again. Arsenal are like Brighton , small shit team that will take points from top teams every now and then, then lose to a Fulham or something.

  • Jack Lawlor
    Jack Lawlor 12 days ago

    Great video love Robbie and troopz

  • The Real Captain
    The Real Captain 12 days ago +1

    Tottenham suck out 🖕🏽🤣🤣🤣

  • Alex Simpson
    Alex Simpson 12 days ago


    • Jamster946
      Jamster946 11 days ago

      Yes he is indeed, are you?

  • jjhuti146
    jjhuti146 12 days ago

    Leno man of the match by a country mile

  • Jeevan Sian
    Jeevan Sian 12 days ago

    Absolutely love it common you gunners

  • Babyface Assassin
    Babyface Assassin 12 days ago

    Aguero is the best striker in Premier league you can put Aubameyang after Aguero, only reason kane won any golden boot is because Aguero had injuries in previous seasons and now aubameyang is here to put kane his place

  • Chris Dean
    Chris Dean 12 days ago

    I swear that's Joe Rogan behind troopz

  • Meeemes Ywens
    Meeemes Ywens 12 days ago +1

    Sounds like big shaq